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  1. If it is the main driving lights. The part number for the seal beam plus the bucket is 2MO46P3. If seal beam is only needed I think the industry number is 6015.
  2. I have an END673, 170HP. I used 62GB2383 for the rod bearings and 215SB36CP1 for the main bearings. Mack PDC has the rods but not the mains.
  3. If 207SH32 is the correct part number, Mack PDC has stock. Price should be about 28 us dollars.
  4. Its sad that those days are over. Dad always said that he enjoyed the Maxidyne/Maxitorque because he had driven so many twin stick 5x4's and could relax when put in 5th gear. I've seen a lot changes over the past 35 years since I joined dad full time here at Tulsa Mack. I'm glad I have my 59 B61 in the showroom. It brings back simpler times in trucking and dealing with the changes at the corporate level at Mack Trucks, Inc. RIP Maxidyne.
  5. You don't even have to buy the knob. Just cut the tit off the selector.
  6. Its funny, if he had only gave his vin number at the start of this thread I would have had an answer in less than 5 minutes for him. Keep you vin number in your wallet. LoL!!!!
  7. I grew up with the Mack parts system. The tools we have today to look up parts is so superior than what we had in the 70's, 80's. But, the new Volvo world part numbers are hard because there is no reference like the Mack system. MD for air intake, AX's for bolts, nuts and washers, KD for transmission parts etc., etc. You used to be able to go to the area and get what you wanted, but not with the Volvo system. You might have a 3/8 washer part right next to a tie rod end. These new parts people should look at a B model parts book. They would be lost right at the beginning.
  8. All gauges for R, RD models are still available from Macks PDC. The R has not been built since 1990 and RD was cancelled in 2001. That is over 14 years. We stock some but not all. I don't like obsolete inventory.
  9. The plastic piece might have a part number stamped on it. It will start with a 5MD????? part number.
  10. I used a 1985 model. RW613-1515 that I sold in 1985. Send me a personal message that way Ill be able to pick it up sooner and give me the complete model and vin and Ill look it up for you.
  11. That part number is good and Mack PDC has stock.
  12. I have this sign for sale. One sided. LED. I had to put new sign up.
  13. I looked it up for a RW613 and for that truck you can get the plastic piece that mounts to the radiator from any Mack dealer. Just depends on your vin #. Should cost around 150.00
  14. not enough gears to keep it pulling in the sweet spot
  15. I don't think you will like a 7sp. You'll either be lugging in 7th or gear bound in 6th.
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