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  1. On my way! Looking forward to meeting a lot of you guys here's a pic of the back of my shirt. Don't be shy...say hi!
  2. I called him twice and left a message and haven't heard back either.
  3. I went and looked at this truck a year ago. The truck was located in heartville OH. That post is from 14 and he has since sold the truck. Nice guy and it was his Grandfathers truck and it was a peach of a truck. I think it's now in a museum in Ohio.
  4. I called about the truck nice guy, used to be a Tri-axle they shortened it to 227" rebuilt engine switched to 18sp. New hood original cab all new interior new trunion and the list goes on. He and a friend rebuilt the truck. Has all documentation on the rebuild. He's emailing me more pics.
  5. We have had several E7-427 ch's all,were good trucks. We hauled coal with them and worked them hard.
  6. Is there someone in this forum that I can pay to go look at a R model I am considering buying? If not can someone recommend a company in that area? I have tried a couple I have used in the past and they have no one in the area plus I want a truck guy that knows what he's looking at. Any and all help is very appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Thanks All! I'm going to get it cleaned up and respray the red and hang it and light it at my office.
  8. I was happier that Ralphie getting a BB gun for Christmas.
  9. By no means did I want to start anything. The one guy was trying to clarify that the truck sold for 50 and I posted where I stopped and what it sold for. At one time I thought I was going to end up with it for 40 then it took off again. Some may feel that was too much but I had already made up my mind to run it 50 and my last bid was 47,500 and the new owner bid and bought it at 50k. Congratulations to you! If your on this forum, I' m sure you will enjoy it. Talks cheap but building trucks and cars is expensive I have plenty of self experience in that arena to know what I'm talking about. I have a building full of them. If I had really wanted it...it would be in my garage and I wouldn't care what anybody thought because I would be spending my money. Mrs Mack And Rusty I appreciate the comments Maddog that truck had 8 miles on it and was yellow and single axle. I talked to the guy he bought 2 at the same time and never ran the one. He operated a rag factory and had a big price on it. All, have a great day!
  10. I was the back up bidder at 47,500 I was on the phone. It sold for 50k.
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