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  1. I put a 300 in my B61... and tried to use the original clutch... I quickly found out it wouldn't work... Would drive right thru it with weight or when accelerating in higher gears at lower speeds... I had a button disc clutch made for it and it has worked fine ever since.. Be sure your using a double counter trans or you'll pound the front input shaft bearing with heavier loads...
  2. Great looking Mack Wrecker.... Very nice..
  3. Name: Mack Wrecker Date Added: Owner: hpgtowing hpgtowing
  4. No I don't think he does, not yet unless he has seen it here already.... He's a good man I've known him a long time... I haven't really put it out anywhere else.... and have only posted it here....
  5. I have my 1956 Mack B61T Wrecker listed in the "Trucks for Sale" Forum... I would be possibly interested in a trade for a Dozer, Excavator or 4X4 Extend a hoe Backhoe.... My bottom line on my truck is $40,000.00 firm.... So trades would have to be close in value... you can go to the "Trucks for Sale " forum for a complete description and pictures of my truck... it's listed under " Considering Selling y 1956 Mack B61T Wrecker" Thanks.. Be safe and be well... Steve (201) 921-4390 or gas69@aol.com
  6. Looks like an old Garwood Military unit, I owned several of those over the years... Extreamly under rated units ..... Would love to see that one completed.... Very nice....
  7. Moreno out of CT. bought most of Gerosa's trucks... I know they have the Big B-Mack and M series Macks and one of the Autocar's
  8. Al the way it was explained to me, Antique vehicles fall into the RV catagory, no CDL required, not required to stop at DOT weigh stations... and you are correct they must not be for hire....Be safe and take care Al...
  9. Thank you all... I have sold my Towing operation and most recently just sold the last of our garages... I have purchased a Farm in Northern, NJ and the Mack don't fit in the Barn. I am planning to build a bigger barn, but I figure it will be a year or more before I get everything in place to begin construction, I really don't want to see it outside in the weather that long and get weather beaten and rusted. So I figure if it could go to someone who will continue to use and show it as have it will be fitting to it's name on the front "The Legend Lives On" .... I'm not as young as I use to be and it's but a matter of time maybe I might not even be able to drive it anymore, I figure maybe it's best I find it a good home while I can..... Thanks.... Steve
  10. I am Considering selling my Mack B61T Wrecker... Serial No. B61T8408 This truck was purchased New by the Houston Lumber & Hardware Company of Houston, Tex. We are the second owner and have owned it since October of 1961... Originally powered by a 673, P Series Thermodyne and a Duplex Transmission... It is now powered by an ENDT676 300 HP Turbo Maxidyne... Gears are changed via a 15 Speed Spicer Brownlipe Brownie... with a Custom made Ceramic Clutch... Rear end housing was installed in 1980 with a New Factory Housing with a Double Reduction Chunk with 4:62 Ratio... All Virgin Radial 1100 X 22.5 Radials... Air dryer and Alcohol Bottle... All Spin on type Oil Filters... Truck Chassis is Doubled and straight with Zero rust or spreading.... Chassis is also Fish Plated from the Front Rear Spring Hangers back to the end.... Wrecker body is all home built... Boom Arches were Cold Rolled so not to loose any Strength, and then were Reinforced for additional strength... The Garwood 60,000 Lb. Mechanical Winch is operated of a Power Tower with 5 Gear selections in either direction... The Winch is wound with 300 Feet of 3/4 Inch Wire Rope Cable... Tow Bar is an Extra Heavy Duty Ortiz Tow Bar.... Tow Chains are 5/8 Holmes Alloy Recovery Chains... The tailgate is set up to except Holmes Heavy Duty Scotch Blocks for Extra Heavy Duty Winching Situations.... The Truck also has a Class 5, 2 1/2 Inch Reciever Hitch with Multiple size Trailer Light plugs... with Heavy Duty Safety Chain D-Rings... The truck is plumbed with Service/Emergency Air Lines and Air Service Air Lines to the Tailgate, with Air Lines to reach Towed Truck and Tractor Trailer Combinations... Other options include... 2 Way Radio with Exterior PA Speaker... All Working Emergency and Spot/Work Lights... Heated Mirrors... Hi Output Heater.. Factory Bench Seat... Rare and Working Bendix Adjustable Front Brake Limiter... Very Rare Bone Colored Large Circle Steering Wheel for Ease of Turning at Stopped or Low Speeds... Excellent Original Replacement Floor Mat,Fire Wall and Cab Back is Carpeted... Custom Made Black (Copy or Original) Headliner in perfect condition... Seats are all also in perfect condition... 12 Volt Negative Ground System... Lease Neville Alternator... Dual Chrome Exhaust.. Tons or Chrome and Polished Diamond Plate everywhere... Front Wheel nuts and Clamps are also Chromed... Drive this truck absolutely anywhere in complete confidence... I have driven this truck myself since I was 17 years old.... I am now 60 Years old...I have been all over the Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Toronto, Quebec and as far West as Wisconsin, and this truck never ever let me down or left me anywhere! It will tow Loaded Tri Axles, Rolloffs, Packers and Dumpers... And Once setup on the Scotch Blocks and the lines have been doubled or tripled via Snatch Blocks... Just Sit Back and Watch it Work... It will leave you stunned.... This old dog will get it done.. This truck has been in Continuous Service since 1961, the Only down time was during Motor Changes or Rebuilds... I made a 300 mile trip with it 2 weeks ago to tow home trailer I purchased.... I have won awards at Tow Shows and Car and Truck Shows all over New Jersey, New York, Delaware and New England and including Florida.... I have Won Every Class Winner and Show Award it was entered in at the Diesel Nationals in Englishtown, NJ.... It has been in Towing and Truck Publications throughout the US and Abroad... Truck has been garaged since 1961.... Sorry for the Long Description... Thank you for your consideration... Steven Avella.. I can be reached at (201) 921-4390
  11. Truck still available? I can not open pics... Can you send me pics hpgtowing@aoll.com Thanks be safe.. Steve
  12. Looking to purchase a Mack B-Model hydraulic rollback flatbed, single or tandem axle.... Thanks my cell is (201) 921-4390 email hpgtowing@aol.com .... Be safe.... Steve
  13. I have a brand new B-model Center link...I don't remember if it was for a B81 or a B-61.. But it's new.... you can email me... gas69@aol.com...
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