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  1. they were a fracking company,they said on the new each truck and frack trailer cost about 1 million each.I know its sucks down here in Oklahoma with the price of oil.Maybe they went to the last Richie brother auction in FT Worth TX,seen what they were bring at the auction,and had a little problem?
  2. It was moved from Ponca City,OK to the port of Catoosa OK.Thats EJ Davies old Autocar out of Astora NY,1982,Cummins KT-450,Allison auto with a 4 spd aux.I will be going down in a few weeks to see it and get some pics,I will post them when I get back. Al
  3. Hi Mike Let me know if you find that inside door cover for my 49 EQ. Thanks AL
  4. I called OOIDA,they told me if you run local,less than 100 miles you will not need a EOBR.I don't know if they know whats going on.I run a 250 mile radius,home ever day,I need 10 more years.I run a 1985 Superliner,E-9,I guess I can park it and get into my newer truck,a 1980 KW with a 400 Cummins.I will not buy a newer truck,I guess I can go to Mexico,cross the border,don't say a word and get the gov handouts.
  5. looks like Mike Church's old truck
  6. We bought a place in Kentucky,no moving right away but I want to cut down on some trucks. Al
  7. last one,1963 Autocar,everything has been done on this truck,the motor has been rebuilt,its a Cummins 290,transmission is a 5 mail and 4 sp aux.It has a 32,000lbs rear end.The cab has been rebuild,it was taken down to the frame and went from there.All new brakes,drums,u-joints,the list goes on,right down to the cab rubbers.All new rims and tires,over $4,000 in tires and rims.The boom is a 10 ton that rotates,and has 3 stages,all new lines,i have new fenders,hood,grill,glass,radiator,I have a box with over $ 25,000 spent on parts.I have everything for this truck plus extra parts,gauges,glass,seals etc. Asking $ 5,500 OBO Al Tocci 918-671-4959
  8. I have two nice cabs,the blue one came out of AZ,rust free,$1,000 The green cab came out of west Texas,would lie to sell it rolling,all on budd wheels and round fuel tanks,$1,300 complete Al Tocci 918-671-4959
  9. 1982 R 738,only 38 built,only 132,500 miles.No rust or dents,no holes in the dash.it has a Cummins Formual-270,9 spd with deep reduction,double frame, that is like new.18,500lbs front axle,Hendrickson walking beam.All new Michelin tires,not caps,all new brakes on every axle.This truck still has the Original Mack rubber floor mats in it.The body dumps and has 2 compartments in it,you can fill the front with say sand and the rear with say corn and it will not mix,you can dump together or one at a time.The body is 11' long,there is 178" from the back of the cab to the rear of the frame.asking$15,000 Al Tocci 918-671-4959 .
  10. A few more that need to go before we move.1958 B-61LT,Mack 673,motor has been done,new radiator core,all new drums ,brakes,u-joints,new Bridgestone tires.I have all the sheet metal,doors,hood,fenders,all glass,gauges everthing you need.Asking $3,250. Inola,Oklahoma Al Tocci 918 -671-4959
  11. 1963 Autocar,one of a kind.320 Cummins,supercharged with jake brake,20 sp transmission,100,000lbs planetary rearends.This truck has a 100 ton fifth wheel,triple frame that is 100% perfect.14:00 24.5 tires,power steering,18,500 lbs front axle,this truck is 10" ft wide.rear end ratio is 15.29.This truck was bought new by Saw Mill trucking of Yonkers NY and used to haul equipment into the Worlds fair,this truck has alot of history with it and all pics of it in its day are included.Asking $45,000 Al 918 671 4959
  12. 1964 B-53 this one came from AZ,rust free,673 mack,quad box.The truck is in great shape I bought this from the 2 nd owner and I have had it about 17 years.Power steering,budd wheels,20 ft flatbed.rears tires are about 80% not caps front are at 75%.asking $6,500.00 Al 918 671 4959
  13. I selling some of my trucks,we will be moving and I need to cut down,plus I don t want to move all this stuff 700 miles.Mack 673 engine with turbo,5 spd,32,000 miles runs real good.All the equipment goes with the truck,ladders,axes,etc.Asking$ 4,250.00 Al 918 671 4959
  14. I am sure this has been talked about before,but here it goes.My antique trucks are insured with J C Taylor,no problems.I want to start to use my 1980 KW to haul my AC Mack to truck shows in my state(Oklahoma) and out of state.I have Oklahoma tractor tags on the KW now,do I need a IFTA sticker?will I need IRP tags being I am going out of state?.Do I need to stop at the open scale houses? I have a friend of mine who knows everything just ask him,sometimes he's right.He says if you are hauling your own trucks and are not making any money from,by selling or going to a auction you do not need to stop.Also no IFTA needed,no DOT numbers or IRP tags.I have asked 4 different Oklahoma DOT guys and have been given 5 different answers.I own my own stepdeck trailer,it is not leased it is owned. Thanks AL
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