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  1. Tesla Electric Truck News

    I wonder if the trailer will have to be a "married pair" for the system to function properly. I would think the aerodynamic profile of the trailer would be important to keeping the range where it is supposed to be.
  2. Finally Got A Magnum Superdog

    About $1000.00 per gallon for the entire system for red paint. A friend used it and said it was wonderful to work with as it had high pigment amounts and covered well. He used another brand for the next restoration which was about 60% less, but it does not cover nearly as well. Imron was the standard for fire apparatus for years. Durable and did not require much maintenance.

    We made the mistake of buying a couple of rescues without a booster pump. One of the maxims of the fire service is the first thing you will run out of on a busy day is pumpers.Turns out that having a 200 gallons of water and a small pump is pretty convenient when you are the only company on the scene of a working fire. Who would'a thunk?
  4. U.S. Class 8 Sales Still Lag Behind Year-Ago

    It makes sense that Mack's sales fell since they were introducing a new model and I'm sure buyers were waiting to see it before placing orders.
  5. Probably right; we used the term for any correspondence that went out as a reply to a non-business request. The format was the same even if the contents differed. Ron is way too old to have his heart broken now, so I think I'm safe.
  6. Items like this is an example of why Mack was so successful during Mr. Hanson's tenure. I'm sure the letter was what we called a "blah, blah" letter and was done by a secretary, but it was Mr. Hanson who set the policy that he could be contacted directly by a customer and that any contact directed to him would be replied to. That is quite a contrast to most corporations today where absolutely no contact information is provided for the "great and near great" of the company and they seem to have no concern about the average customer. When the boss pays attention to details and puts customers first a company succeeds. Folks like Mr. Hanson understood that if they made a good product and treated customers well, profits would follow. I today's world it seems that the bottom line is more important than the products that are produced at many companies.
  7. Happy Birthday FWD

    Happy belated birthday my brother! Hope you had a good one.

    There were quite a few L model rescues around that had very similar body styles, so I'd say you need to get the chassis number from John to be sure it is the same truck. Boston, FDNY, and several other New England cities ran L model rescues with the integrated body style like the one pictured and I'm sure there were numerous examples in the mid-Atlantic area as well. That looks like a BRUCO body to me.
  9. Welcome; I'm sure someone much more knowledgeable about this will break down the CN for you, but in the meanwhile check out this thread:
  10. 1946 Type 75

    From Global Industrial. sales@globalindustrial.com Product Description Item # Qty Price Total PIX, C60, V-Belt 7/8 X 64 B1976070 2 $11.50 $23.00 * Please note: This item is not returnable. Subtotal: $23.00 Shipping: $13.90 Tax: $0.00 Total: $36.90
  11. Microsoft Outlook Email

    This dinosaur still uses MS Outlook. No problems either.
  12. Pierce - Ford Power Stroke

    I always say that most Jakes just consider whatever rig they have to just be a ride to the fire, but you always remember the very slow, very fast, and very unreliable rigs.
  13. Pierce - Ford Power Stroke

    We went 100% Pierce after I retired after being 100% E-One for a while. The lads tell me that they are just like any other builder; some good, some bad and pretty consistent electronics gremlins. They have taken delivery of over 100 rigs from them, so I guess they are not all bad. I ran into one of my ex-aids the other day who is now the driver of one of the 6 or 7 Mack Granite/Pierce 3000 gallon tankers they have. His comment was I love the Mack part, but the rest is Pierce so its not all good. MP7 engine and Allison auto and he claims it moves right along for what it is.
  14. Haz BMT bin hacked

    It is; they call it computer security. No. 2 son does it for a living and the company he works for sends him to the hacking conferences. And yes there actually are conferences for hackers with the biggest being in Las Vegas. For every ying there is a yang. He makes very good money thanks to having hackers.
  15. Haz BMT bin hacked

    21st century vandalism. Its too much trouble to do something creative like putting a cow on the second floor of the high school.