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  1. Happy Birthday Mike! How's that new baby doing?
  2. Nice work. I cannot recall the previous owner's name, but wasn't that truck out of Bridgewater, VA? Ex fire truck I believe.
  3. So I guess this was the second coming of the Hinkley buzzards?
  4. That is an absolutely gorgeous truck as were all of the trucks the owner brought to Macungie.
  5. A friend who has been going to fire truck shows since the 60's is always talking about this. When he started doing shows most of the trucks were from the 30's or 40's and now most of the trucks are from the 70's with almost no trucks from earlier decades. The older stuff didn't disappear, it's sitting in a building somewhere because the owner died or just lost interest. The heirs think the truck is worth a fortune, so it never sells, and now it just sits and deteriorates because "I'm not going to give it away." He has photo albums of hundreds of interesting trucks that were at early shows and have not been seen in years.
  6. When I was in recruit school, about the time rocks were invented, there was a large land fill on a hill adjacent to the fire academy. A friend and I would make bets on the make of the truck climbing the hill based on the sound of the engine before it became visible to us. The Maxidynes were almost too easy to pick out.
  7. That's why they call it "Little Squirt"
  8. In the story published by the local paper they highlighted that Volvo has recalled all laid off workers and is actively recruiting new workers due to increased demand for Class 8 trucks. They also talked about the Customer Service Center which sounds like a copy of the Mack facility. I figure the "new" Macks due out in September will mimic the Volvos in that there will not be a huge difference in the exterior design. Just my $.02.
  9. IMO it all goes back to having to build what the fleet customer wants. Fuel is the number one expense for fleets and the incentive for the manufacturers is to build the most fuel efficient truck they can while maintaining reliability. If you are going to build a streamlined truck there are just so many ways to do it so most, if not all, of the trucks will look like identical twins from different mothers. Mack was known for offering small production runs of specially designed power trains for a long time, but that marketing strategy did not pay the bills enough to sustain the company as we knew it, hence the series of ownership changes. I foresee a general trend to lightening the trucks up and I would not be surprised to see extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum in the new models. And while some O/O's and specialty applications want a high HP option for vocational operations I believe that even the fleet owners in that segment value higher MPG over more HP.
  10. Because it did not come from the factory with the top and the inside wipers were designed to wipe away the rain that blows in when going down the road.
  11. Chassis Saver is another POR-15 type product that works well and sells for less than POR-15. Available at Magnet Paints.
  12. Manufacturers are notorious for disguising their new vehicles while they undergo testing. In the case of a large truck it would be very easy to fab up a fake nose out of existing or scrap parts.
  13. Lots of bigger companies kept them to retrieve trucks that got stuck on job sites, especially concrete suppliers who could not afford to have a load sit for hours getting hard in the drum while waiting on a tow company to show up.
  14. The technical term for this "Oh sh*t".
  15. Look through the Mack fire truck pictures GaDave posted here. There are hundreds of CF pics there.