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  1. Dirty Jobs

    A jar of pickled pigs feet used to be a staple at a lot of bars. Nothing like a little salty vinegar to boost beer sales.
  2. BILLYT to the waterlogged courtesy phone........

    Glad to hear everyone survived more or less intact. Unfortunately some folks seem more afraid of having their generator stolen then they are of dying, hence the need to run them indoors.
  3. Measure the amperage load across the breaker. Over the years stuff gets added to circuits that makes the circuit load exceed the capacity of the wiring and breaker. Don't up size the breaker unless you also increase the wire size or add an internal fire suppression system. Corrosion can also increase the amperage draw so make sure all of the connections and light receptacles are clean. A quicker, cleaner solution would be to convert the lights to LED's.
  4. Dirty Jobs

    Scrapple was a fire house breakfast staple and the southerners quickly converted this yankee when I moved here. It is best dredged in a little flour and browned in butter. But. I also grew up eating head cheese, aka Presylta, that my Swedish grand parents brought over from the old country. No self respecting immigrant that is scrambling to make it in the new country is going to throw out perfectly good protein just because it comes from the innards or brains of the slaughtered animal. And they don't stop eating it when success comes either. We still serve it on Christmas eve for Swedish Smorgasbord.

    I don't use the BX for much of anything but cutting grass, but I do put a box on it and the loader on if the weather liars are calling for a heavy snow. It works pretty well to clear the sidewalks around the house. The plow is set up on the L4660. But I have thought about what I'd do if I wanted a plow on the BX. I would think it could push a 60" blade as long as it was set up to be hooked directly to the tractor. Used blades are pretty easy to come by and you can use the loader valve to lift and swing the blade very easily.

    I don't think anyone is still using any corrosive liquids to fill tires. The only problem with a weight box is it tends to diminish the front wheel traction by lifting it, but it does increase overall traction on the rear wheels. I use a weight box on my BX because I was just too cheap to buy wheel weights and I don't fill the tires since it's main job is cutting grass and I don't want the extra weight on the lawn. What really made a difference for me was placing the blade directly on the tractor instead of placing it on the loader bucket. The loader made it so long that the blade became a lever that just pushed the tractor around. Every time I stopped in slick conditions the tractor would just slide side to side instead of moving forward until I lifted the blade. I found it pretty hard to plow snow with the blade up in the air, so I had to make a change to my set up.
  7. Had some spare parts............

    I have a solution for the inspection issue. Give the truck to me to register in VA where inspections of antiques is not required. You will have full visitation rights and custody on alternating week ends. Better yet I'll register it in SC where no inspections of any vehicle is required.
  8. Happy Birthday Leversole

    Hope you had a good one. Here's an early Happy Birthday for next year.
  9. Dirty Jobs

    Scrapple for breakfast, fried of course, hot dogs for lunch on a buttered roll, a heart attack for dinner. It's a great world!
  10. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    Ours was on the most bastardized rig we had. A Seagrave tiller that had been re-powered with a 6-71, had the ladder replaced with a used one from another one of our rigs that had been hit when the original ladders beams cracked because we failed to keep the bed locks adjusted correctly, and ended up with a 2 speed rear end because it was geared so low it was being passed by old ladies pushing baby carriages. Combine the air steering with the 2 speed rear and a fill in driver and every response was an adventure.

    Nice. I assume you have loaded tires. I also use wheel weights as well as filled tires on my Kubota L4660 and it does seem to help with traction.
  12. 1969 International F210D

    I don't know a bout a "good source", since they are pretty expensive, but Paul's Chrome will do an excellent job for you. http://www.paulschrome.com/
  13. Another GMC

    I love the 6x6 "Maxi-brake".
  14. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    Not to be Capt. Obvious, but I assume you have checked the steering for any place where it might be binding. If not try jacking it up and see how it turns with the weight off. Steering box adjusted too tight? I do love the adventure of air assist steering. Never quite knowing when the wheels will actually turn keeps you awake while driving.
  15. Had some spare parts............

    My vote is red for the boxes as well.