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  1. No, but the sign made me wonder about why you would advertise that your children were slow.
  2. Sorry Paul, I did not mean that personally, just as a broad reference to what folks use as a standard reply. No offense intended. But I stand by my comments. Poor employee performance is not wholly the employee's fault, but is mostly a (poor) management issue.
  3. This is the antidote to all the naysayers who think this country is at the end of the line. A hard working kid who is willing to take a risk and make an idea work. I hope he is successful.
  4. Mike, open means that the wire is broken inside. A coil is just two wires wound around a core with one wire supplied by a 12v current that builds up a magnetic field. When the points open the field collapses and induces a higher voltage, lower amperage, current in the other wire which then goes to fire the spark plug. Based on the description my guess is the insulation on the primary wire has failed thus shortening the length of the coil and resulting in a weak spark. The tech should put an ohm meter across the leads to check for the proper resistance just to make sure it is the coil and not something else in the system. Try PMing Steelman. He has a few AC's and he bought NOS from dealers back in the day so you never know. His phone number is 540-373-5983. Ask for Carey. You can use almost any 12v coil, not just the one you have now. A smaller one like the ones used on cars and trucks from the 40's to the 70's should work. Ask Matt what coil he uses.
  5. I always think that it is pretty disingenuous to blame employees for failing to properly do their jobs when it should be up to management to make sure that happens. The "worker bees" who actually get stuff done do not set the organizational culture, management does. When the coach thinks its OK for a team member to show up late for practice it doesn't take long for everyone to start showing up late. Assuming the stories are true, which I doubt, If you go to lunch and don't come back then you don't get the opportunity to do it again. The inmates should never be able to run the asylum and real world actions should have real world consequences. And don't give me that crap about how the union would not let management do their jobs. That is just an excuse for a lazy manager who did not want to cross the "t's" and dot the "i's" to get the job done properly.
  6. I'm sure Gary Mahan will have one and Matt Pfahl probably has one as well. If not the first place I'd try is one of the shops that specializes in rebuilding magnetos. Push comes to shove an ignition coil is an ignition coil as long as the input voltage is 12v any coil will produce a spark. I assume you have checked for continuity and resistance in the coil to ensure it is actually open.
  7. When we had a major traffic incident one of the first things I would do when I hit the road was to call our dispatch center on the cell just to keep the line open since the cell towers near the incident would quickly become overloaded and you could not make a call. Newer radio technology provided many more channels to us, so that became unnecessary.
  8. The ironic thing is that all of the major builders have followed the Mack model by becoming vertically integrated with their own proprietary power trains. The fact that Mack had their own power train manufacturing is probably the thing that saved the brand from passing on to posterity. Volvo needed and wanted that to do what every other builder has since done.
  9. This is my take on it. Mack like many other old line manufacturing firms started having financial difficulties in the 1970's because of factors that were largely out of their control. The oil crisis stopped a lot of capital investment so truck sales slowed while at the same time massive inflation took hold along with very high interest rates. These factors made it tough for companies like Mack that used a business model of letting customers pay a relatively small down payment while the company carried the cost of building the truck. The old model worked fine when the cost of borrowing money was stable and manufacturing costs could be reasonably forecast. When interest rates approached 20% and inflation ran to 10% companies could not raise prices fast enough to compensate, nor afford to borrow money to ride out the storm. My guess is that Paccar had enough money in the bank to ride it out while almost every other builder went out of business or was bought out by a competitor. That may be true, but the arrival of Mr. Hanson appeared to fix that. My personal belief is he just didn't have enough time to completely right the ship before outside factors took over. I think if he had the time to amass some cash they could have come out of the era as an owner of other firms, not a part of Signal Co.
  10. Trust me on this one; the last place you want someone to use a cell phone or other electronic devices while driving is in an emergency vehicle. Most FD's and PD's use a computer type screen for dispatch and to pass on information to the responders. Just for fun put your laptop next to you while driving and try to read it while scrolling through the screens. After a couple of very close calls I finally gave up on using cell phones or the computer while responding. It just wasn't safe for the other drivers on the road. It really pisses me off watching a cop talking on the cell phone while driving. Talk about being hypocritical.
  11. As this thread indicates the windshield for a CF and the F are the same. Try checking on the above truck or look for a CF that is being parted out.
  12. I seem to remember that NFPA 10 requires them to be readily identifiable. I wonder how they become rated?
  13. They're just playing. If they had nut crackers and a pick in their claws you'd know it was serious.
  14. I was set to buy a new F-350 in September of 2016, but I could not find the truck I wanted and then the 3500HD fell into my lap so I went with that. Ford has a very nice product, but their pricing is through the roof. A well set up F-350 is $70K and an F-450 is over $80K. The equivalent 3500HD runs in the low 60's.
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