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  1. Farms are no different than what has happened in the manufacturing sectors. They haven't "disappeared", but they have been consolidated into larger properties owned by large holders like corporations due to the efficiency of today's equipment. What is disappearing are small family farm owners. Today's choices are get big or go home.
  2. Maybe we'll see a more independent Mack that is able to return to building the type of product that customers want.
  3. Neat article. The B-85 was primarily a fire truck designation, but they have almost nothing in common with the B85-SX other than sheet metal. Basically identical twins with different mothers. This is the first time I have seen a B-80 series with the B-85 designation, but based on the chassis number I guess they built at least 22 of them.
  4. Congrats and good luck. We are spending quite a bit of time in SC since our granddaughter was born and we ended up buying a second home on James Island so the DW can visit when she wants to. Does SC assign their new troopers to areas away from home? New troopers in VA are not allowed to be posted in the areas they grew up in. Stay safe out there. I've had the misfortune to respond to several incidents where troopers were hit on the interstate. And remember despite what they teach you about keeping traffic flowing your safety is always more important than keeping traffic moving.
  5. Apparently the family has decided to liquidate some of Mike's collection. Here is a link to the sales site: http://touring530.wixsite.com/trottoauto Some very interesting stuff and they seem to be very fairly priced.
  6. Have a safe trip.
  7. They are called risers and that is where the exhaust exits the manifolds. The risers are surrounded by cooling water and are there to prevent the entrance of water back into the engine from the body of water the boat is on. Most engines end up sitting below the waterline, so a method is needed to keep water from siphoning into the exhaust.
  8. By the web site it looks like they are selling off some of Mike Trotto's stuff. The link brings you to a pretty nice LJ. http://touring530.wixsite.com/trottoauto
  9. It's a bit of a ride for you, but I'd call L&S Radiator in Richmond to see what they can do. http://www.lsradiatorshop.com/
  10. Mike, so glad to have you back. The site is just not the same without you. Keep plugging away at it. If you need a success story to inspire you check in with Randy (1958fwd). His weight loss and subsequent bariatric surgery changed his life. And keep in mind my mantra "Every day on the top side of the grass is a good day, some are just better than others."
  11. Day? I wonder what I'd do with the other 23 hours and fifty five minutes?
  12. Every day we have an opportunity to prove Darwin was right. If they can't hang on then evolution just took place. Vapatentman is correct. Every one of us was young and stupid. I still shake my head thinking about tearing down the road at 60 plus putting my gear on while a second person wrapped his arm around you to hold you on. In those days all that mattered was that you never let the second due company beat you into your first due area and that you tried like hell to beat them into their's. The maxim is you never make up time you lose in the fire house, so what we would do is throw our coats up into the hose bed, step into our boots before boarding, and then wiggle into the coat going down the road so we could clear the station faster. Eventually there were enough firefighter fatalities due to falls off of apparatus, combined with a whopper lawsuit won against Pirsch, that the practice of riding out of a seated area was stopped. In the county where I worked the trash guys are not allowed to ride the back, but instead literally run down street to keep ahead of the truck. The motivation is they get 8 hours pay even if they finish the route in less time than that. And they always do. I was really surprised that the municipalities in the Charleston, SC area still let them ride the back.
  13. I hate IE 11, so I'm sticking with an older version. That maybe why I'm having issues. Google Chrome works fine.
  14. If you try welding I would have a latex pattern of the tank made first. That way if the welding trashes the tank you can have a new one cast. Latex molding supplies are widely available on the net. My philosophy on stuff like this "is do no harm" to what maybe a very difficult part to replace since most used tanks are probably going to have corrosion issues as well.
  15. Looks good. Of all the things I do on my trucks media blasting is dead last on the list of favorites. I'm sure you know this, but you need to blow that out a couple dozen times or I guarantee you that the paint gun will blow some hidden media up and ruin your paint job.