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  1. Vlad; I believe any of the gas engines that are designated with the "F" at the end of the engine model number have the dual ignition heads. Mack used the EN510 and EN510A in OTR trucks as well which do not have the dual spark plug heads. The main reason I bought the engine when I had the chance was because it was a fire service engine and the heads are damn near impossible to find. Who knew I was clairvoyant?
  2. The last couple of times I started the old girl I noticed white smoke which seemed to disappear after it warmed up which I attributed it to a bad valve seal. Then I had it out last week and it did not stop smoking and when I was putting it away and I noticed that it was running much hotter than usual. I checked the radiator after it cooled down and it was low, but the oil was clean and at the correct level so my first guess was a bad head gasket. After I tore it down it was pretty apparent that something was going on with the rear head as it was pitted and one spark plug was rusted in place. We also detected traces of stop-leak around the gasket. Upon very close inspection we could see what appeared to be a crack in the #6 cylinder around the casting near the valve. So, long story short I am now in the process of replacing the head with one from a spare engine I had bought a few years ago from Dave Klein. (Thanks Dave!) My engine is an ENF510A and the spare is a ENF510, but the heads are the same. Olson's is able to supply the needed gasket set so all in all it wasn't as bad as it could have been. My bet is this has been there for quite some time and the use of stop-leak worked to keep it running. It would not surprise me it goes all the way back to when it was in-service in Richmond in the 70's.
  3. Only if you want a roommate since a divorce would be imminent.
  4. Sold for $90,500.00 plus 5% premium It came from Texas originally. If you click on the link it will give you the history.
  5. Up for auction this week https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1928-mack-ak-ac-ap-hybrid-fire-apparatus/ Like all listings I think the pics make this one look a little nicer than it is. If you look close it still needs quite a bit of plating to be done to bring it to top show quality. But my bet is it goes between $75K to $100K.
  6. My old reliable is to shoot WD-40 into the intake. It will run on it and it will not damage the engine as starting fluid may.
  7. I had the same problem with my 52 Type 75A. I added a remote tank under the passenger seat that is plumbed to a replacement cap that I threaded a hose barb into. Here is a link to the tank: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002G35Q3U/?coliid=I1ZCP2O7IVJ7A9&colid=K1HH1OB1LY8D&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it.
  8. Sometimes a set screw is put into the adapter to keep it from turning as the sleeve is removed. Check around the adapter to make sure that is not the case. And looking at the pic it looks like a screw or pin at the 6 o'clock position which may be just that. That is brass; keep the heat low on the brass or it may come off in a way you did not want. You may be able to find a hydrant wrench with the pin style hooks on it that will fit the ears on the adapter. Given how close the adapter is to the sheet metal you may have to drill a small hole in the adapter where the threads are to get the penetrating oil in. Even though it seems counter intuitive to heat and expand the pipe that the adapter is screwed on to that is what I would do. Heat it, let it cool, oil it up, let it stand for a while and try it. Do it again if its still stuck. As the ferrous part expands and contracts it will break up the rust that is holding it. '
  9. I am almost positive that truck came from Franconia, VA and the Mt. Vernon is probably George Washington's estate. Still have it?
  10. Unless you are planning on putting the L back in service I'd leave well enough alone. Today's oils are far better than what it used for most of it's life and should keep it as clean as it needs to be for the use you give it. It made it these 60 plus years as is and IMO when you start screwing around with the lube system you are playing russian roulette with the engine.
  11. Matt Pfahl had one at one time. You might give him a call.
  12. Thanks. Actually I do pretty well with the long ago; just don;t ask me what I had for breakfast today.
  13. Gary Mahan has had reproduction tanks made. Might be worth checking with him.
  14. "Red sold those B models to Joe Gringeri from Watertown when he closed up," Do you remember the year Red sold out?
  15. Nice rig I hope you get it on the road in time to make it to the September show in Winchester. If you are still looking to get the gold leaf done for the fenders I'd check with Larry Spangler in Hanover, PA. (717) 637-6990
  16. The pics are over 50 years old. The owner has long since passed on and I have no idea where the trucks ended up. But, I would not be surprised to find out that they are in someone's collection; probably with another paint scheme. I also assume the weight laws are a little stricter than they were back in the day. I don't think anyone is loading D-8 sized dozers on a single axle tractor these days like they did regularly when these were taken.
  17. Been a while since I have been on; the political silliness just got too much for me. But, I have been chasing down these pics for a while and they are a pretty good representation of what a New England style paint job looked like and they are very good looking trucks. Thanks to my former brother-in-law Bill Oke who drove for Wellesley Trucking and shared these pics with me. All of the pictures were taken from 1966 to 1969. He did not list the specific models, but the pics captions state the top pic is a 1949 LJ, the second LJ is a 1952, the B-81's are 1966, and the B-75 is not listed. The fleet was two LJ's, two B-81's, and one B-75. His business was moving construction equipment and as you can see some pretty heavy stuff went behind the single axle tractors. The low boys were all Rogers. The B-75 has a plow frame on, and all of the rigs were so equipped for snow season. The goose neck was detached from the trailer and used as weight when the rigs were used as a plow truck.
  18. No, but the sign made me wonder about why you would advertise that your children were slow.
  19. Sorry Paul, I did not mean that personally, just as a broad reference to what folks use as a standard reply. No offense intended. But I stand by my comments. Poor employee performance is not wholly the employee's fault, but is mostly a (poor) management issue.
  20. This is the antidote to all the naysayers who think this country is at the end of the line. A hard working kid who is willing to take a risk and make an idea work. I hope he is successful.
  21. Mike, open means that the wire is broken inside. A coil is just two wires wound around a core with one wire supplied by a 12v current that builds up a magnetic field. When the points open the field collapses and induces a higher voltage, lower amperage, current in the other wire which then goes to fire the spark plug. Based on the description my guess is the insulation on the primary wire has failed thus shortening the length of the coil and resulting in a weak spark. The tech should put an ohm meter across the leads to check for the proper resistance just to make sure it is the coil and not something else in the system. Try PMing Steelman. He has a few AC's and he bought NOS from dealers back in the day so you never know. His phone number is 540-373-5983. Ask for Carey. You can use almost any 12v coil, not just the one you have now. A smaller one like the ones used on cars and trucks from the 40's to the 70's should work. Ask Matt what coil he uses.
  22. I always think that it is pretty disingenuous to blame employees for failing to properly do their jobs when it should be up to management to make sure that happens. The "worker bees" who actually get stuff done do not set the organizational culture, management does. When the coach thinks its OK for a team member to show up late for practice it doesn't take long for everyone to start showing up late. Assuming the stories are true, which I doubt, If you go to lunch and don't come back then you don't get the opportunity to do it again. The inmates should never be able to run the asylum and real world actions should have real world consequences. And don't give me that crap about how the union would not let management do their jobs. That is just an excuse for a lazy manager who did not want to cross the "t's" and dot the "i's" to get the job done properly.
  23. I'm sure Gary Mahan will have one and Matt Pfahl probably has one as well. If not the first place I'd try is one of the shops that specializes in rebuilding magnetos. Push comes to shove an ignition coil is an ignition coil as long as the input voltage is 12v any coil will produce a spark. I assume you have checked for continuity and resistance in the coil to ensure it is actually open.
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