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  1. I think that Elsa is a bit of a two-timing bitch............................... Wonder if her real name is Meghan?
  2. Whoda thunk it... Seems like having a Mack or two is good for something.... (please not this may not be 100% genuine...) but look what I got in my inbox on here earlier.... "Hey. I'm Elsa. I'm 35 years old. I broke up with my boyfriend 6 months ago. Since that time, there has been no sex in my life. I'm looking for a man. I look forward to having sex at least once a day. Register using the link below and write to me. My nickname is sexyelsa41. Click......................" wonder if she realises where I am?
  3. Of the 150 built, 10 came to Britain. One survived, but has now been scrapped I think. Frame number was FN1C1181.
  4. I am in England but I could really use that motor!
  5. I am pretty sure they are the same and I have some (used)
  6. Thank goodness it sold. Another day or two and I would have been contacting my shipping guy! Lovely lovely truck and I hope it goes to a good home.
  7. i wonder if you would consider parting it out. I could really use that jug motor. Thank you
  8. The handles look straightforward, the latches less so. Can anyone point me to where I might find some (otherwise I will have to make them!) Looking more closely those latches would be straightforward to make. Could someone give me some dimensions - maybe the diameter of the tube? I can scale everything from there.
  9. What I could really use if anyone has such a thing are close-up pictures of the two handles on the sided - the ones on my old hood are just some flat strip bent into a D shape and welded on, and also the sprung bonnet clips that hold the hood down, as I do not have those at all, or even the remains of them.
  10. got the inner strengthening pieces in and thought that I had better just check the fit. Not too bad. Plenty still to do but it is looking good so far. Sorry about the daubs of paint. The black is a fantastic primer we use on bare steel, the red is a color my daughter thought it would look good in. I am less sure.
  11. Side panels done. Seamed up at the front it should be a folded joint but I will add a strip on later that will look perfect. Then I will salvage the hinges etc from the original. For the rear and bottom wired edge |I intend to cheat and use solid rod welded continuously taking care not to add too much heat.
  12. Sorry I tried and failed to upload these progress pics last week. Everything except the side panels with the louvers now done. I intend salvaging the whole emblem from the original front. Wish me luck putting louvers into curved side panels!
  13. I have only just caught up with this. We made don some lamp brackets. May he rest in peace. As for ACs if anyone has an early jug engine I know a 1917 truck in France that needs one!!!
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