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  1. I am in England but I could really use that motor!
  2. I am pretty sure they are the same and I have some (used)
  3. Thank goodness it sold. Another day or two and I would have been contacting my shipping guy! Lovely lovely truck and I hope it goes to a good home.
  4. i wonder if you would consider parting it out. I could really use that jug motor. Thank you
  5. The handles look straightforward, the latches less so. Can anyone point me to where I might find some (otherwise I will have to make them!) Looking more closely those latches would be straightforward to make. Could someone give me some dimensions - maybe the diameter of the tube? I can scale everything from there.
  6. What I could really use if anyone has such a thing are close-up pictures of the two handles on the sided - the ones on my old hood are just some flat strip bent into a D shape and welded on, and also the sprung bonnet clips that hold the hood down, as I do not have those at all, or even the remains of them.
  7. got the inner strengthening pieces in and thought that I had better just check the fit. Not too bad. Plenty still to do but it is looking good so far. Sorry about the daubs of paint. The black is a fantastic primer we use on bare steel, the red is a color my daughter thought it would look good in. I am less sure.
  8. Side panels done. Seamed up at the front it should be a folded joint but I will add a strip on later that will look perfect. Then I will salvage the hinges etc from the original. For the rear and bottom wired edge |I intend to cheat and use solid rod welded continuously taking care not to add too much heat.
  9. Sorry I tried and failed to upload these progress pics last week. Everything except the side panels with the louvers now done. I intend salvaging the whole emblem from the original front. Wish me luck putting louvers into curved side panels!
  10. I have only just caught up with this. We made don some lamp brackets. May he rest in peace. As for ACs if anyone has an early jug engine I know a 1917 truck in France that needs one!!!
  11. As some of you know I have a '29 AC. Anyway its time to think about the hood, which I am going to be working on over the coming days. This involves working from the original Mack drawings and making a "buck" into which each of the various component parts will be put as I make them. Also in there is the male former for the side louvres (louvers) - which is still work in progress as there is not enough clearance in either my big fly press or the hydraulic press to get the whole side piece in. I am also lucky in that I have the majority of fittings such as hinges and so on! I will add more pics as the work gets underway.
  12. I honestly thought that the End of Days would be a bit more exciting than starving, alone, at home, wiping your ass with a sock.
  13. Seam sealer and the like should be polyurethane not silicone. You are right about gasket sealer though as that seems to be silicone based, but applied in small quantities. What happens with using silicone (the household type) is that tiny flecks and smears disrupt paint applied later
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