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  1. The TAC cable runs directly from the top of the engine nearest the fan up through the cab floor into the guage. there is only one way to connect this cable, so I know its correct and I only hand tightened it on the guage end. You mentioned oil... The Mack store said this cable is ready to install the way it came. I did not put any oil in it. could that be the problem? I didn't notice any in the original cable either.
  2. The cable is complete from Mack as the replacement. It comes with both pieces (inner and outer). I would certainly be happy if I could just replace the inner core.... it would seem cheaper.
  3. It was the TAC end, not the drive end. That plastic piece is in good shape.
  4. Thanks. I did forget to mention that I did that and it was free. strange thing is that it happend both times after the truck was running for about 20 minutes.. not immediately...
  5. Yep, replaced both, both times. I have checked and see no place where it's "over taught". I am at a complete loss...
  6. Yep, replaced both, both times. I'm stuck..on what it could be and at $160 per cable from Mack... it's getting costly...
  7. I am having problems with my RPM gauge. The cable broke (tip that goes into the gauge) and I replaced it. That cable then broke and I replaced both the gauge and the cable again. Now again the cable broke in the same place. Can anyone give me some insight on the problem? I am at a loss...
  8. Awesome. I will follow your advice! Thanks!!
  9. Thanks. The manual does say filter.. (see pic) but I will just follow your instructions! Appreciate it!!
  10. Hi all. I am getting ready to change the coolant filter/conditioner on my endt865 engine. The service manual references a 7psi radiator filter cap that I need to remove to allow me to change the filter. Can anyone tell me where that might be? Thanks in advance!!
  11. Oh my brother I have all of them... The problem is that they recommend SAE R71 fluid which I think is DOT 3, but want to make sure I ask the veterans on here first....
  12. Any recommendations for a company that restores fuel tanks. Mine is rusty on the inside and needs redone. Thanks in advance.
  13. I just finished replacing all of the brake lines and restored (thanks white post) cylinders on my 85LS fire engine. What type of Brake fluid should I put back in it??
  14. Thanks. I tried that. It's not the correct seal. That site is not very reliable, that is unless timken shipped me the wrong one...
  15. Looking for any info on wheel deals for an RA45 Axle. The Mack part number is 88AX95 however it no longer crosses according to my local mack dealer. Any help is appreciated.
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