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  1. Apparently that don’t have a clue what they have. But they listed with an big unrealistic sticker price on something they have absolutely no idea what it is. Hey man, what is it? I don’t know? What do you think it’s worth? It’s old, it’s got to be at least $20k SMH https://cnj.craigslist.org/atq/d/1938-ch-mack/6620876895.html
  2. I think I decided to keep looking. Though both truck deserve to be saved I came to the realization that I need to find something Diesel and running, or easy to get running. I’m just going to keep squirreling money away and focus on either a B61 or an R model.
  3. Thanks Vlad and everyone else!! It was a nice relaxing day. Now I’m lounging in my recliner chilling and catching up on the internetswebs
  4. JTFormula

    Happy 4th

    It is on her left... boob
  5. Vlad, What you don’t know is half the cars I buy for myself don’t run. The W114 I showed you didn’t run. I take the gamble and done well over the years. The General was the same way. Sat for 8 years before I fired it up. I agree that buying a running truck would eliminate half the battle but when I see these crusty forgotten trucks, they call out to me.
  6. Thanks guys. I figured between 10-11k lbs but wanted to be sure. Right now a truck for $10-12k I can’t do it that would have opened up a lot of possibilities. Something in the $2-4 range I can swing and then do some tinkering. I’m not committed to this one yet. The other truck I’ve considered the past two years is a B46 concave cab that’s been posted here for sale here before. It’s An ambitious project but it deserves to get saved as well. Then of course I found an R600 tandem tractor this morning. If it’s a little further away and getting it back to NJ would be costly.
  7. Vlad, Thanks for your input. I'm always busy but if the truck is at my yard I'll have some time to tinker between customers/detailing/auctions. Shipping would only cost fuel, since the truck I can borrow. As for restoration, you are right on the $$ amount here in the US as well. I'm not that guy though to do a full restoration. I'm the guy who buys stuff like this, gets it running, fixes a few things, sells it down the road to the next guy who has the time/space/money to do a full resto. My job is to save them from certain death. There is also a B46 Concave cab single axle tractor that i've been considering for several years. The motor is stuck from sitting and it has a lot of rust. But, there's something about that truck that keeps drawing me back in. Both are close to the price range you stated.
  8. Howdy kids Every year after Macungie it gets my mind flowing to search for another truck to save. I found this 48 LJ but as you can see it needs work. It’s missing all the windows, the guy doesn’t know the status of the motor as it doesn’t run. I don’t know what motor it has either. They couldn’t give me much information on it at all What is parts availability for these compared to say a B model? Also does anyone have an idea of how much it weighs? My business partner has a IH rollback and was wondering if it can handle picking it up? Here are a few pictures. If any one knows the truck, I would appreciate any info. Thanks.
  9. I’ll be there. Sandy will be happy to be the official BMT photographer this year.
  10. Thanks for the info Mike. I noticed a few pieces missing from the yard myself. Others moved to different areas with For Sale signs on them now.
  11. For the past few years I have been looking at this B61ST that's been sitting at Gerharts. Last year they moved it out of the junk yard area. This year they had it on the grass for the show. There was no For Sale sign on the truck & its not listed online. Its still in decent shape. The cab has rust but not too bad. Everything seems to be all there. I also love the dual aluminum tanks. It wouldn't been that bad of a restoration project. Vin is B61ST49052 which from some research it might be a 65 or 66 model. Unfortunately I am not in the position to buy it if it does come up for sale but I am wondering if anyone knows anything about the truck and its history? Its the one truck I keep going to see every time I am there.
  12. I was there yesterday. I took a bunch of pictures in the junk yard and some of the show trucks. I'm planning on heading back out in about an hour or so with the wife. I should make it there before noon.
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