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Community Answers

  1. The newer dashes are identical except hard plastic instead of covered foam. Much better, just look for a used one.
  2. looked around on the front of the axle couldn't find it could it be in the back possibly?
  3. Might as well run the speed calculator for 2100 RPMs, and it's a good thing you have that box at least it's the fastest one. And that tall rubber is great, until you have to buy some anyways LOL.
  4. I'd bet slower, depends which transmission and tire size I'm curious to find out.
  5. Yeah I was thinking the 512 I know it wasn't a 522. Do you know where the stamping is on these?
  6. 1968 R611T, has a Rockwell R170 rear from the factory and 10:00X22 rubber. Was wondering what front axle is would be, and would it be the same as used in a B as it looks a bit narrow?
  7. Actually the Advanced Formula and professional line hold up quite well if kept up with a quality wax a few times a year. I'm going to use some Spray Max 2K clear on the parts mostly exposed to the sun though.
  8. Started cleaning up the frame, did a test section of Rust-Oleum Regal Red. Stripped to bare metal, treated with phosphoric acid, then Rust-Oleum primer. Very happy with the results so far, going to continue and finish the whole chassis in this color.
  9. Thanks, there's not much play maybe a little over an inch? I'll give that a shot.
  10. Manual steering box in my 1968 R600 has a bit of play, can these be adjusted?
  11. Is it possible to know what horsepower an engine was by the numbers off this pump?
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