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  1. The Maxidyne trucks I've have had a chrome base with a gold dog, anybody know if these gold bases where common or not?
  2. No, this isn't the only one. I don't believe they're very common but there was a"T673".
  3. Engine in my "68 R611T is stamped T673. Anyone know the exact details on these?
  4. No I sold that, and my B75 a couple years ago. Had a few more in between but this one seems to be the most promising. I'm pretty excited about it, may turn it into a dump truck.
  5. Ray Sidella picked up for me, and got it running. Engine seems to run excellent thank God after a 30-year hibernation. The pump was stuck though, but to be expected.
  6. Have not posted in awhile, figured I would pop in and say hello. My current truck a 1968 R611T, was backed into a garage in 1989 and not taken out until late last year! 673 Turbo, 10 speed duplex and a Timken R170 rear. Was a Mushroom Transport truck new.
  7. BillyT PM me your number, I can get you the info. The truck is owned by my father and his business partner.
  8. Can't wait to see the finished truck. Gonna be for show only when done?
  9. Looks like they did a nice job building it.
  10. Got lucky and picked up a pretty nice hood for my "75 686, came off the exact year and model! When did they go to the smooth fenders without the "body line" in them?
  11. ZERO parts are made for those engines. There are guys who have N.O.S stuff around, be prepared to pay big money though if they'll sell...
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