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  1. BillyT PM me your number, I can get you the info. The truck is owned by my father and his business partner.
  2. Can't wait to see the finished truck. Gonna be for show only when done?
  3. Looks like they did a nice job building it.
  4. Got lucky and picked up a pretty nice hood for my "75 686, came off the exact year and model! When did they go to the smooth fenders without the "body line" in them?
  5. ZERO parts are made for those engines. There are guys who have N.O.S stuff around, be prepared to pay big money though if they'll sell...
  6. I say leave the cab/engine intact for now and focus on the rear frame rails. Make a nice "driver" and enjoy it, seen too many trucks pulled completely apart only never to be finished...Not saying that's what will happen, just my two cents
  7. Great job! Being an R685 shouldn't that be a 237 unless the engines been swapped?
  8. Do you need a CDL for antique tags in your state?
  9. There was a B fire truck cab/chassis on Craigslist not long ago here in GA, guy wanted crazy money for the condition...Don't remember if it was an open or closed cab?
  10. Gonna look more like "57! Where is this?
  11. I have two drivers side tanks, pretty sure one is spoken for. PM me if interested...
  12. Great looking trucks, please don't part them! Also advertise them on Facebook/Craigslist ect...you'll find homes for them!
  13. Thanks guys. Bought a real clean hood in TN, needed a size for USHIP.
  14. You'd ruin the truck putting in a different engine/trans...
  15. Good to hear, we'll patiently be waiting on the ships bringing them home...
  16. Neat trucks, wouldn't want to look for windshields and rubber though...
  17. I didn't read it all, but the Illegals pob. have free room/board and all kinds of other benefits after this...
  18. So, are the people who are dumping their Macks exporting them back to the US?
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