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  1. Took the R to its first job today. Truck ran great and had decent power. Kept trying to find that 3rd pedal that's missing
  2. Just brought home a 81 R487P. It has a Scania motor with an auto. Anybody have any info? Good? Bad?
  3. I'm in Cortland, not too far from you. Don't get down that way much anymore since Wagner's burnt down.
  4. This truck has been for sale for over a year, they just recently moved it away from the road. I thought maybe it had finally sold but guess not
  5. Where did you get the bumper? I ordered an aftermarket 1 a few years back and had to send it back. The fit was awful. Yours looks great
  6. Middle row on my 02 CX is the Jake. Top row right is my fog lights
  7. Our trucks are inside every night. Doesnt matter what the weather is. Shop usually stays around 50 for the winter months.
  8. Is the log truck Munro Trucking? Looks like u were in my neck of the woods.
  9. 107 on 6 axles and 117 on 7 axles. Most guys that run 117 have 4 axle trailers, but there are a few that have 4 axle tractors with tri axle trailers.
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