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  1. Where's OD and the Pics of the week???

    That's how you afford to have the windfall wimmin doing your yard work and detailing, great plan! Glad you are back!
  2. Where's OD and the Pics of the week???

    Anyone have a sweater for her to borrow?
  3. Where's OD and the Pics of the week???

    winter time is when the Winfall wimmin get out their sweaters and crowd up the sauna's.
  4. I hope OD's ok I miss his pics of WV and parts unknown.
  5. 2007 Hiniker all angle plow scoop or Vee 8 1/2' long very good condition elec/hydraulic joystick control Pics sent if interested. PM me
  6. experience with Fermec tractors

    anyone here have experience with a Fermec 650 tractor loader? Fermec bought Massey industrial then later sold to Terex
  7. 1991 RW-713

    One of George Tackeberry's trucks I believe
  8. 1964 M43 powerwagon amubulance

    yes and near Binghamton NY
  9. Pictures of the Week

    So I've been to Chester and they don't have wimmin like that anywhere there, most that are working are paid by the pound... mo pounds=mo money...
  10. Pictures of the Week

    How do you know she's a dumpster???
  11. Brown aluminum Reefer $2500 OBO

    Still for sale, dry inside
  12. '64 Power wagon ambulance runs good, all gauges work, new seat upholstery, all lights work. down sides, needs a brake line and a wheel cylinder rebuilt. VERY rusty! $3500
  13. Looking for a set of wooden ladders

    sent you a PM
  14. 53 ford jubilee

  15. Brockway Truck Show

    Bob I bought one for you saturday and PMed you that I had it. I have it on my desk here at work and will send it on tomorrow.