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  1. ZDB

    Experience,--6.7 Ford Power Stroke

    A lot of single axle LPG tankers f650/f750 around here with v10 lpg power 33k gvwr. Heard Ford auto trans failure within warranty period is common but otherwise good performance.
  2. I’ve been eagerly waiting an update on your project!! Great work thanks!
  3. That is a cool looking old Mack the Flatbed crane combo should really be handy! Sorry for your loss, went thru it this year too.
  4. ZDB

    heated mirrors

    Looking at Mack Body drawing 22525262 the mirror heater requires key in ign position to work, moto mirror runs off batt position. Unless your circuit is different the “switch mirror defrost” switch should light when on regardless of mirror plugged in
  5. ZDB

    heated mirrors

    Are these new mirrors? Does the heater circuit have a resistance spec you can measure to verify it?
  6. ZDB

    CXU613 mp8 no crank.

    Thanks for updating us.
  7. Agree reminds me of a 9300 eagle navistar.
  8. FRANKFURT/PORTLAND, Ore. — Daimler AG unveiled on Wednesday an all-electric big rig truck it promises to have in production in 2021, as the German automaker mounts a major challenge to European manufacturers and Tesla. Daimler said its Freightliner eCascadia, with a range of up to 250 miles (400 km) and an 80,000 lb (36 tonne) gross combined weight, will be suitable for regional distribution and port shipments. Daimler also unveiled a medium-duty Freightliner eM2 106, with a range of up to 230 miles, designed for local distribution, food and beverage delivery, and "final-mile" logistics services. Daimler said it will deliver 30 vehicles to customers later this year for field-testing and expects to have the trucks in production by 2021. Tesla has said it expects to begin production of its all-electric Semi in 2019. Other truckmakers, including Navistar International and its partner Volkswagen AG , also are working on similar models. Industry analysts believe the main market for such trucks could be China. A heavy-duty commercial truck runs up to 100,000 miles a year, and Tesla has promised a 20-percent saving on current per-mile operating costs. Analysts have said truck operating costs continue to fluctuate, and Tesla's projected savings may not be so great. There are also concerns about the charging infrastructure and operating range of electric trucks, which could be much less than current diesel-engine models. The announcement came after Daimler's trucks division said it has set up a research and development center for autonomous driving in the United States, the latest sign of the German manufacturer's commitment to getting self-driving freight trucks on the road. Engineers at the new facility in Portland, Oregon, will draw on R&D resources at Daimler Trucks operations in Germany and India to create a global network of hundreds of specialists in the autonomous driving sphere, the company said on Wednesday. Stuttgart-based Daimler will invest more than 2.5 billion euros ($2.9 billion) in R&D at its truck operations by 2019, with more than 500 million euros earmarked for electric heavy-duty commercial vehicles, connectivity and self-driving technology, including the new Portland facility, it said. "We are pioneering technologies across the automated vehicle spectrum that make roads safer and help trucking companies boost productivity," said Sven Ennerst, head of truck product engineering at Daimler. The announcement was made during the Daimler Trucks Capital Market and Technology Day at Portland where the division already has a significant R&D presence including a heavy-duty truck wind tunnel. Daimler also plans to expand its lineup of battery-powered trucks to help comply with tougher emissions rules in Europe, said Martin Daum, head of the division. Serial production of the eActros truck with an operating range of up to 200 kilometers (125 miles) will start in 2021, said Ennerst, citing tests with other models including the eFuso and eCanter trucks. A presentation revealed that Daimler has plans for more than a dozen further electrified trucks worldwide, including the new eCascadia model for North America to compete with Tesla's planned long-distance Semi electric truck. Separately, Daimler Trucks expects a strong second half of the year but second-quarter business remains challenging, its finance chief said, citing problems in the supply chain. "We are currently facing some problems on the supply chain. We will not lose a single truck but some (trucks) might be invoiced in Q3," Jochen Goetz said. A new efficiency program will not be needed, Goetz said, adding the truckmaker would focus on executing its previous savings plan and aim to lower costs by 1.4 billion euros as planned by 2019. Source: Autoblog
  9. ZDB

    EV truck prediction

    Futurist’s Forecast: ‘Disruptive’ Decade Includes Massive Shift To EV Trucks Date: May 24, 2018 CCJ Magazine By 2030 or earlier, the advantages of electric vehicles will virtually force fleets to switch from diesel to electric power, predicted futurist Tony Siba, author of “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation.” Siba spoke Wednesday at Transparency18. The two-day conference in Atlanta was produced by FreightWaves, a data analytics company, in partnership with the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BITa) and Georgia Tech. “The 2020s will be the most disruptive decade in history,” Siba said. He cited historical examples of technological transition, such as horse-and-buggy to automobiles, and early cell phones to smartphones, that were truly disruptive in that they virtually killed an older technology. Siba said that once an emerging trend reaches its tipping point, change is dramatically fast, running most of its course in only 10 to 20 years. “Anyone who tells you disruption in transportation cannot happen in 10 years is not looking at the data.” Electric vehicles (EVs) are close to that point of rapid adoption, he said. “By 2025, most [new] vehicles will be electric.” Eventually, truck fleets are “going to have to go EV or go bankrupt,” he said. EVs are 10 times cheaper to fuel than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, he said. EVs have 20 moving parts versus 2,000 in ICE vehicles. The drop in battery costs and the increase of investments in battery mega-factories have been huge in recent years. Futurist Institute Chairman Jason Schenker presented attendees with a more pessimistic view of battery power for EVs. Oil isn’t rare yet, he said, “but the things that go into electric vehicle batteries are probably quite rare,” he said. “There’s not enough out there to change things as much as people think.” What he referred to as Tesla’s suspension of its Class 8 tractor, the Semi (recent speculation unconfirmed by Tesla) is attributable to the battery costs, Schenker said. The demand even for small smartphone batteries has prompted Apple to secure mine rights for cobalt, which its batteries require. Two other major automotive market shifts are converging with the EV development, Siba said. One is the transition to autonomous vehicles, which, like the EV trend, is about to accelerate. Google’s Waymo division operates a fleet of cars in Phoenix operating at Level 4 autonomy, just below total autonomy, he said. “Waymo says by end of this year, they’ll blanket Phoenix with autonomous, on-demand vehicles.” Also, many drivers are forsaking car ownership in favor of using ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. “Last year, 10 percent of Americans who traded in their car did not buy a new one,” he said. “It’s pretty much going to be over by 2030” for the forces converging to revolutionize vehicular markets, Siba said. “This is not an energy transition. This is a technology disruption.” Source: HDMA
  10. Is that the red ‘61 B61 integral? nice looking truck, don’t think you could restore one for that price. Good luck!
  11. Water softener may not be working properly. You can buy a test kit on the internet to determine hardness of the water pre and post softener to see if it’s doing it’s job.
  12. ZDB


    On some Delphi radios you just: 1. Push menu 2. Select auto shut down 3. Set to off not sure on yours without the model #
  13. ZDB

    News- Ford Medium Duty Trucks

    We have several Propane companies running the F650/750 trucks for delivery here in the north east. The 6.8l V10 is one of the few propane fuel option engines and the Ford torqshift auto trans has been well received by drivers. Trucks are running 200k+ miles with no power train issues.
  14. https://syracuse.craigslist.org/hvo/d/off-road-dump-truck/6546720845.html

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