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  1. No Affiliation https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/clt/d/yuma-mack-h67st/6824803511.html
  2. Most likely rated HP @415 from 1300-1700 rpm with peak engine speed 383hp@2100rpm. Hp Curve falls off after 1700
  3. I’m sure your B sees more road miles and makes more kids smile! That’s a winner in my book.
  4. VW used that layout to package 5 and 6 cylinders in the space designed for four transversely.
  5. Sounds like the VW VR6 2.8l 15deg engines if it was 6 cylinder.
  6. Enjoyed the years I spent running CH’s 93 350, ‘96 427, ‘98 355/380 fuller 10spd trucks, pulling Labatt Blue across the border.
  7. Haha even new doesn’t mean rust free here!
  8. Wow what a great find and good home for that gem!
  9. China implemented mandatory dpf on Diesel engines in the Beijing urban zone during the olympics. Air quality improvements recorded from those efforts and others helped drive earlier adoption of EU V like regulations in 2017. Believe it or not the Chinese people are quite concerned about environmental impact to their health. Just not as easy to protest it or change as here. 🇺🇸
  10. Bendix service data bulletin SD-02-1336 states rotochamber out put as a function of area and input psi example: type 30 rotochamber with 60psi = 1800 pounds. https://www.bendixvrc.com/itemDisplay.asp?documentID=2395
  11. A lot of single axle LPG tankers f650/f750 around here with v10 lpg power 33k gvwr. Heard Ford auto trans failure within warranty period is common but otherwise good performance.
  12. I’ve been eagerly waiting an update on your project!! Great work thanks!
  13. That is a cool looking old Mack the Flatbed crane combo should really be handy! Sorry for your loss, went thru it this year too.
  14. Looking at Mack Body drawing 22525262 the mirror heater requires key in ign position to work, moto mirror runs off batt position. Unless your circuit is different the “switch mirror defrost” switch should light when on regardless of mirror plugged in
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