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  1. Ford gives F-650/F-750 update

    Fxfymn thanks for the correction. The F750 is gvwr at 33k. The F650 on LPG is rated at 30k. The f650 was released first and Roush LPG conversion has them with 30k gvwr and a 3,000 gallon lpg tank. Then the F750 launched with an auto gas option and got approved for lpg conversion allowing for the 33k gvwr. Here they run both but I believe are migrating to all F750 as they are now available. They claim cheaper and better performance than the Freightliner with the 8liter v8 LPG option. Im a gm guy too 8.1l 6spd Allison in my 2500HD.
  2. Ford gives F-650/F-750 update

    Local Propane company here has been very happy with their F650 v10 torqueshift bobtails running loaded around 33k pounds. No major mechanical issues or failures and high driver satisfaction in the hills here in upstate NY.
  3. My wife has given that book as a birthday present to more kids than I can count!!
  4. Typical Shop Work

    Do you worry about the bottom end on one like that after rpms and who knows what operating angle?
  5. Ford 9000

    Auctions international just sold one with an 8v92 and 89k miles. Day cab municipality owned. Went for ~$8600 plus buyers fees. Went past my limit but almost came home here. https://www.auctionsinternational.com/auction/11919/item/1986-ford-ltl9000-tractor-72958
  6. VGT Calibration.

  7. New UPS Fords

    The Ford V10 is readily convertible to Propane fueling. Interesting UPS is going with a gasoline option. We have heard several school districts here going with gas busses moving away from LPG and diesel for overall cost factor.
  8. AC 427 swap to E7 427

    Nice job! Glad to hear she fired right up.
  9. 1993 Mack CH613 Dump Truck For Sale

    Clist ads around here are $16k-$22k for comparable stats. Cut my teeth on a ch like yours. Good luck!
  10. Love a story with a happy ending! Glad it's fixed.
  11. I typically buy a pigtail adapter they often come with a wiring diagram. Quick google search netted one for $25.
  12. Ford Flathead Tractors

    My friend built this one to mow his land lot out in California, says he dials the throttle in by ear to get 540 on the pto.