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  1. Thanks for the input....lol. So it had an active code for the lr axle, and an inactive code for right rear. So i ohmed the lr...open...ohmed right rear ...open.So I replaced left rear, cleared codes. right rear popped up as active. drove it, works good. Now I'm replacing the right rear. Turns out the vecu freaks when it sees no wheel rear speed at all but front only.
  2. I have a 08 gu713 dump. MP7 engine, Mack 10 speed trans. The speedo stops working after 5mph. Then once you're over 5mph the rpms are limited to 1500. The speedo sensor at the trans is new. I have an active code for an abs sensor (left axle 2). Will that active code mess with the speedo??
  3. I'm a state worker (NYSDOT).... I get paid by the year lol
  4. Funny story... (NOT!!!) after replacing fuel filter head twice, replacing every fuel line, bypassing the heater, I come to find out someone at another location started the job, decided it was too much for their field location, slapped it back together and guess ...what it wouldn't run. They don't care its getting shipped off, not their problem anymore. I had no idea someone was already there. 2 lines got switched. I spent 66 hours on this ....SMH
  5. Replaced mechanical pump, nothing. Put another filter head on it nothing. Replaced the line from the filter head to the back of the head (feed line) nothing. Filled the tank to the very top to check pickup, nothing. I'm going to do the feed and return from the tank now. The feed goes to a heater that's located in the frame rail by the trans.
  6. Got it to barely run at about 22# of air to the tank. I haven't ever seen a mechanical pump go bad.
  7. yeah, 300 pumps nothing. So i put some psi to the tank (20#) and it'll almost catch. I crack the return line at the front of the head and there's plenty of fuel there. But still no resistance at the primer.
  8. yeah its got a primer, i dont know if ive gone 200 pumps but i feel like ive had to be close to that. Do you feel no prime at all for the first 190 pumps?
  9. Hi all. I have an issue with a 12 mp7 10 emissions. Its a NYS DOT truck which is in a lot of salt. The fuel filter housing had rotted away and the cooler ends were barely there. I replaced most of the lines going to the filter head. I can not get it to prime!! I took the feed hose from the tank off, blew it out both ways, still can't get it to prime. What gives
  10. Thanks JoeH, I believe we have the correct rod here in the shop and I've googled techniques, so I'll take a swing at it later today. I was hoping it has been an issue for others and there was a solution to the problem. this isn't the first one I've encountered
  11. OJ Avery


    the harness is all one piece. a little seepage out of that hole isn't a big concern. If you wanted to replace the o ring you'd have to remove the valve cover and unplug the injectors and engine brake. If you do go down that road be very careful with the injector connection, the wires get brittle.
  12. Anyone run into this?? This is a abs sensor mount for a rear axle. Truck is an 11 gu713. It rotted off from salt exposure. Is there a repair kit? or do I just go talk to the guy who has done "some" cast welding
  13. Turckster, I have watched techs here do the same thing. They've done one set and don't think they need to look at procedures any more. I just did a set that was 18 months old, maybe 15,000 miles. Had air in fuel bad and leak down/no start over night.
  14. Update....problem came back. Contacted someone higher up in Mack and had the telematics turned off for this truck.
  15. I always replace the cups with injectors, I don't like doing the job twice
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