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  1. mp7 scr codes

    the pressure, the volumes were good, it even had me testing def level sensor values. It guided me through a pretty thorough def system testing
  2. mp7 scr codes

    yes the volumes were good, diagnostics even took me to the return side, that volume was good as well
  3. mp7 scr codes

    ok thanks!! I haven't noticed and cracks but will be sure to look closely now
  4. mp7 scr codes

    regen took care of it?? cleared code, drove, all good Why?? I also had another mp7 come in with same code yesterday, immediately took it outside and did regen, code gone?? I don't understand why this is happening, anyone have an explanation??
  5. mp7 scr codes

    doing regen now
  6. mp7 scr codes

    I have a 13 Granite with 10 emissions. active code spn 5246 after treatment scr operator inducement severity, fmi 0 data valid but above operating range. the ptt yesterday sent the tech to the scr test module, doser passed all 3 tests. then it said computer needs reprogramming. went to the dealer this morning, reprogrammed, no change at all except now it has the same code with a fmi 16, and that code is pending. every time we try to run the diagnostics it runs us to the scr test module where we find no problems. what are we missing here?? thanks

    We have an over heat solenoid on our mp7's, idk if it comes on all. We've seen a no start condition caused by this
  8. 2018 mp7 turbo problems

    sounds like a charge air leak, did the dealer smoke test it? It should be pushing 39-42 psi
  9. mp7 Regen issue

    So I did the snap throttle test a couple times. the first time I did it the engine was cold and it let out a good sized puff of white smoke, then nothing. Shut it off, sat for about a hour and did it again, no smoke at all. Then I ran it in the bay for about 30 minutes to get some heat into it. It got up to about 170 and I tried it again and there was nothing. I did a warm hold function test which we've found to be handy when suspecting injectors and that was good. I'm not sure where to look next.
  10. mp7 Regen issue

    The soot ratio was reset at time of replacement. What would a NOX issue be? It was suggested to me late yesterday by a dealer mechanic to do a snap test. I was told I should see a small puff of black, then it should clear up. If not the issue is probably injector(s) over fueling, which makes sense if the dpf soot levels are climbing quicker than they should. Thanks for the info on the rolling regen though, that will be useful! Also I got the turbo to hit #42 of boost a few times which the only other times I've seen it that high was bad injectors OR new turbo w/ new injectors.
  11. mp7 Regen issue

    Hi all. I have a 12 mp7 with US10 emissions that has some catalyst issues. Here's what's been done. New DPF, 7th injector ,doser, doser lines, doser pump, doser coolant lines, EGR valve , EGR venturi and EGR differential pressure lines and sensor. Here's the problem. After a few days it calls for a parked regen. Driver does it and then in 10 miles or so it asks for it again. What I have done, ACM learned data reset (I don't know if that was done when doser was replaced) and an After treatment Injector Adaptive Factor reset. (again I don't know if this was done when the 7th inj was replaced). It came into the shop today with no codes. soot level was at 4%. I put 140 miles on it today, half country roads , half highway. Soot level is now 40%. I had the ptt hooked to it and it never showed a rolling regen. 7th inj was never activated. My biggest question is does any one know at what point (soot level %) will a rolling regen happen and at what point (soot level %) does it call for a parked regen? And why would it call for a parked regen with a new dpf?
  12. MP7 Bellhousing

    You'll pull the tranny, support the engine, pull clutch/ flywheel /bellhousing. The Granites we have here that have a mp7 and a Mack 10 speed are supported in the rear by the bellhousing. The granites (06) that have an asset, the rear is supported on the trans
  13. with 37# of boost its not likely you have an intake leak. we have a lot of mp7's where I work and the 3 top probs are injectors, intakes and exhaust manifolds
  14. MP8 looses fuel overnight

    I had a mp7 no start. Supposedly started out as a hard start. Found a check ball in the primary fuel filter housing stuck open. I changed it and thought for sure it was solved. Didn't change a thing. After it sat for 5 minutes it would not restart. Changed the injectors and cups. Problem solved.
  15. mp7 no start.

    Injectors solved the problem