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  1. OJ Avery

    Bad DEF fluid, What the?!

    We've had a couple of the sensors go bad in Mack granite with mp7. We've also had drivers put washer fluid bin there too. blue cap?? blue (washer) fluid...duh. What a mess
  2. OJ Avery

    heated mirrors

    Actually I did pull the connectors apart and pried the connector yesterday. Put it back together and turned on the mirror heat. Then I wiggled the harness at the back of the panel and I could not get it to go off. Thanks for the help turckster!!
  3. OJ Avery

    heated mirrors

    ok, so I measured resistance , pin 4 to pin 27a... .5 ohm. Then pin 86 to 22b... 5.0 ohm. I wiggled the harness no changes. So then with everything connected , ignition on I pressed and held the switch and wiggled the connection at the dash panel and the light came on. So I have it positioned where it'll come on every time (so far ) but what would you recommend. I had my suspicions early on that the dash panel itself was bad. But I don't know what to do now. Should I order a dash unit? If I order a dash panel will it need to be programmed at the dealer?
  4. OJ Avery

    heated mirrors

    Does ambient air temp sensor play a part in this ?
  5. OJ Avery

    heated mirrors

    Also when I jumper pin 4 and 12 on the switch, press and hold button, I get 12 volts at the mirrors
  6. OJ Avery

    heated mirrors

    turckster, I concluded that the instrument panel controls the ground circuit. But you cannot just ground that circuit, you'll pop the fuse. ZDB I felt I should have a lit switch with out the mirrors plugged in. Here is what I have. At the switch I have power at terminal 2 with the ign on. When you push the switch I have power at term 4 on the switch, and that power goes to term 27a on the instrument panel. With ign off I have power at pins 85 and 30 at the mirror heater relay. With the relay plugged in I have power at pin 86 at the relay which sends power to pin 22b at the instrument panel. I have continuity from pin 12 on the switch to the positive at the mirror. The Ground at the mirror is good. ALSO.... I took the dash, the relay and the switch and installed them all separately in another 2013 gu and every time the heated mirrors worked. I'm so lost on this
  7. OJ Avery

    heated mirrors

    right mirror is new. I've checked for continuity and its good. Should the switch light with both them unplugged ? 1 Unplugged?
  8. OJ Avery

    heated mirrors

    Its a fairly simple circuit, that's what's driving me insane. I swapped dash, relay and switch. All those components work good in another vehicle (13 GU)
  9. OJ Avery

    heated mirrors

    The mirror motor works as it should. Checked powers and ground. not always understanding the circuit. The circuit goes thru the instrument cluster module. Wondering if that's the issue??
  10. I have an odd one. I'm doing a mirror upgrade for our plow trucks that use a tow plow. Swapping the right stationary mirror for a motorized one. Both left and right mirrors heated of course. The heated mirrors won't operate. I unplugged both to see if the switch would light and it did....1 time. I pulled up the wiring diagram and everything I see is checking out. I have power to the switch at #2. When I press the switch #4 terminal lights like it should. I swapped the relay with another one with exact part number. The HTD mirror fuse at f15 is good. I replaced the switch just because I have one. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. OJ Avery

    Testing for leaking injector cups

    OTC makes a kit that works great for testing for air...OTC p/n 88800236...I use it often
  12. OJ Avery

    allison trans cooler

    So everything seemed to go well until last week. I heard from the residency mechanic that when its got a full load it shifts hard 1-2 and there's a code for a solenoid. Haven't seen the truck yet, will keep you updated. Thanks for all your efforts, I appreciate you all!!
  13. OJ Avery

    allison trans cooler

    I'm having troubles locating Allison service bulletins, specifically Allison sil 18-TR-98 Any help would be appreciated
  14. OJ Avery

    allison trans cooler

    Thanks BC Mack and Mack Pro. I contemplated sending the cooler out for pressure testing because even though I didn't know what the pressure at the cooler typically was, I knew I wouldn't be able to simulate it. But I went with a new cooler. Second try of course. I ordered everything before I took it apart, I ordered a 7 plate and this has a 17 plate cooler. Yes the cooler is below the output shaft. We've started servicing the Allison's here, and typically anything more than that we send to a Allison dealer, but I figured this wasn't a complicated process so we decided to keep the truck here. We have a couple hundred 13-15 Mack GU with the Allison and we've experienced very few problems. Thanks again , I can always count on both of you to help out.
  15. OJ Avery

    allison trans cooler

    Hello??..is this thing on lol?? another question, I am having no luck finding any literature on this thing. I pulled the cooler and put it in the parts washer tank and put about 30# of air to it , no leaks. what is the typical pressure running through the cooler??

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