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  1. OJ Avery

    Testing for leaking injector cups

    OTC makes a kit that works great for testing for air...OTC p/n 88800236...I use it often
  2. OJ Avery

    allison trans cooler

    So everything seemed to go well until last week. I heard from the residency mechanic that when its got a full load it shifts hard 1-2 and there's a code for a solenoid. Haven't seen the truck yet, will keep you updated. Thanks for all your efforts, I appreciate you all!!
  3. OJ Avery

    allison trans cooler

    I'm having troubles locating Allison service bulletins, specifically Allison sil 18-TR-98 Any help would be appreciated
  4. OJ Avery

    allison trans cooler

    Thanks BC Mack and Mack Pro. I contemplated sending the cooler out for pressure testing because even though I didn't know what the pressure at the cooler typically was, I knew I wouldn't be able to simulate it. But I went with a new cooler. Second try of course. I ordered everything before I took it apart, I ordered a 7 plate and this has a 17 plate cooler. Yes the cooler is below the output shaft. We've started servicing the Allison's here, and typically anything more than that we send to a Allison dealer, but I figured this wasn't a complicated process so we decided to keep the truck here. We have a couple hundred 13-15 Mack GU with the Allison and we've experienced very few problems. Thanks again , I can always count on both of you to help out.
  5. OJ Avery

    allison trans cooler

    Hello??..is this thing on lol?? another question, I am having no luck finding any literature on this thing. I pulled the cooler and put it in the parts washer tank and put about 30# of air to it , no leaks. what is the typical pressure running through the cooler??
  6. I have a 13 GU with a 3000/4000 series ( I think ) Allison in it. Serial # 6610336363, cooling system is full of trans fluid so my assumption is the cooler is bad. its an internal one on the back of the trans. I'm not finding much literature on it so any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it as straight forward as the parts diagram shows? Do's and don'ts ? Thanks!!
  7. OJ Avery

    oil in harness

    So you still do the harness and the updated oil pressure switches I assume.
  8. OJ Avery

    oil in harness

    Did I see on here that Mack says no longer replace ecm with an oil soaked harness? It has reached the ecm. Working on a 2009 mp7 w/ 07 emissions.
  9. OJ Avery

    A/C compressor

    I am replacing an a/c compressor on a13 granite and I can not find anything in impact about r & r. How much oil goes in before install, ect
  10. OJ Avery

    MP8 still sucks at life

    injector cups. if you do a cylinder balance test you'll see a couple injectors out of wack. I've had a few no code injector probs. It will clog the dpf quick or be doing regens (or at least trying) often.
  11. OJ Avery

    weird codes

    I have a 13 GU with a mp7 and I had some unuasual codes. we also run a Verizon gps system off the diagnostic connector. codes..spn 251 fmi 12...spn 171 fmi 9...spn 2017 fmi 9...spn2029 fmi 9...spn228 fmi9...spn245 fmi9..spn251 fmi 9,2,13spn 3695 fmi9..spn 641fmi4 spn 84 fmi9 ..spn 91 fmi 9... what do you make of this? I feel they are all related to a common incident
  12. OJ Avery

    mp7 code spn 105

    ok thanks mackpro
  13. OJ Avery

    mp7 code spn 105

    I also have a pending code spn 3226 fmi13 after treatment nox cal value out of range... I cannot get nox sensor values in ptt, why? Ive looked at every test in ptt.
  14. OJ Avery

    mp7 code spn 105

    I have a 12 mp7 in a granite that I keep getting an intake manifold temp sensor code. Occasionally its active. The sensor has been replaced as well as the engine wire harness. Checked my connections and grounds, all good. I took a temp reading on the manifold, 110 and the ptt gave me 124. Thoughts?? Thankyou!!
  15. OJ Avery

    MP7 looses its prime

    The MP8 would have been a much better application here, but when you work for the state......

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