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  1. I should have mentioned I checked the stop lever. We also have a 98 that is full mechanical and a 99 that was also. According to the dealer was original.
  2. I would need a little more info on the engine. Is it an IEGR engine? We have 4 of them. The power band is higher. They really don’t build power until 1300-1400 rpm. Not a bad engine. Did have oil leaks from the exhaust manifold bolts for a while. Also the Oil pressure sensor On the filter housings leaked on them. All of ours are over 25000 hours.
  3. The truck wouldn’t idle. I adjusted the stop so it would at least idle (500 rpm) which is still too low. The linkage is fine. I did unhook it. It still tops out at 1600.
  4. No sir. She is full mechanical.
  5. I have a 1997 E7 all of a sudden it will not idle and I can not rev it up past 1600 rpm full throttle. Fuel filters are new. I do t believe I have a line restriction. It has 22-24 psi of fuel pressure wide open. The air system doesn’t seem to have a restriction. Air cleaner is new and vacuum gauge says 0. I pulled the line of the intake to the injector pump and it will hold a vacuum. Any other ideas before I pull the injector pump and send it in?
  6. Correct me if I am wrong. Isn't the "imt" sensor is on the cegr engine. Either way aren't they located in the same place on the intake manifold under intake ducting?
  7. We have 4 of them in our fleet. Notorious for oil leaks from lower exhaust manifold bolts and where the oil filter manifold mounts to the block. As mentioned earlier update the software. If you have an iegr engine and have to fix leaky exhaust manifold bolts, replace the exhaust manifold with older version (less restriction). Also had wiring harness issues. All in all the are decent trucks.
  8. Do you have fuel at the injectors? Crack an injector line open, crank the engine, and see if you have fuel that far.
  9. In a pinch I have just put a peice of hose on with clamps to get the truck home. Then I fix it correctly at the shop. Ultimately there should only coolant pressure there (no more than 15 lbs.) unless there is an issue with your engine.
  10. I have a 05 e-7 iegr engine with a 2-3 blink code. FMI 5. I need some help. I have replaced the IAT sensor. The wiring harness is new about 10 months ago. I followed the diagnostic tree for the code and it went away for a couple of days. Now it intermittently comes back on and goes back off. When the lightning bolt comes on the engine fan stays engaged. The plugs look good at the sensor and the ecm. So do the pins. What am I missing?
  11. Mudman74


    Has anyone attempted to repair a leaking harness at the back of the engine? Any success? Outside of a compete harness replacement?
  12. Mudman74


    Another Mp7 question. I am looking for #3 exhaust pipe for a 2007 ctp713b. Mack part #4ME5160AM. The local mack dealer isn't much help. Anybody deal much with bafter market? Where is a good place to try? Thanks.
  13. Mudman74


    i have a 2007 pre def mp7. Trying to remove the plug for the injector harness on back of the engine. Whats the trick?
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