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  1. Where does it run when its warm though? Mine will be around 25 at idle and then around 60 or more when I'm on the throttle
  2. Thank you for the info. I'll look into changing the pump
  3. I changed the oil in my 06 granite and I used the recommended 15w40 oil and mack filters. Before the oil change on startup the oil pressure was never above 35psi but now its almost 70 when it's cold. After it warms up it does drop to about 20-25psi but the initial pressure has me very worried about blowing a head gasket or something else. The motor is a 460 by the way and my dealer said it should only be about 30-40psi when cold. I did use a Baldwin filter for the centrifugal filter which I'm going to change out for a mack as well. What else am I missing?
  4. Thanks guys, I'll give that try and hopefully it helps!
  5. My gauges starting acting up a day or two ago. The seatbelt light comes on and the gauges drop out and them come back up and the buzzer goes off every time. It's driving me nuts to put it lightly. I'll probably get into it tomorrow but was looking for a little guidance on what to look for or if the the whole cluster needs replacing. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi everyone, I have an 06 granite cv713 that I have a couple questions about. What are some things I need to watch out for as far as maintenance goes? Also, I tried to recharge the ac system and I got it up to where the gauges said full but then it let the pressure out like there is a relief somewhere that isnt set right. How do I fix that? Also, how do you turn up an e7 motor without getting too crazy as far as rebuilding the internals? It seems to be short on torque/hp and it generally lugs until it hits about 1600rpm whether its loaded or empty. I'm sure I'll come up with other questions as this thread goes but that's it for now. Thanks for any info you care to share!
  7. 06mack


    Mine is an 06. Tried to post a pic but keep getting error messages
  8. 06mack


    Hello everyone, just joined your forum and am looking forward to sharing and learning from everyone here. I just recently bought my first Mack and I'm surprised by how much I like it. I've always driven KW and Peterbilt but this Mack is really gaining my trust and appreciation. Thanks for adding me and look forward to talking with y'all
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