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  1. I had a bad coolant leak with upper radiator hose that connects to the top of the motor, I replaced the hose I believe it was 6”. Put it back together it’s still leaking, later discovered there was a hole in the metal pipe that connects to the hose I welded the hole gridded the weld down the put jb weld over my weld for some extra security. Put it back together no leaks 🎊🎊🥳. Then later discovered another hose leaking the gies from the radiator to coolant tank! Its a 3/8 hose 200-300 psi hose. My question is can i just replace the hose and use clamps instead these quick connects ends on the hose? DFEF12E8-7D5A-4819-BBA3-91DE91417AFB.MOV
  2. Got it Ordered it, thanka for the input
  3. I was thinking the same thing but my valve on the truck says mack, I don’t know what’s going on my door says cxn613 my title says model 600 maby I should go back to the dealership and have them look up model 600, I found one on ebay but it says no dump this looks just like mine
  4. Hello, i have a 2007 mack cxn613 my leveling valve is leaking so I went to the dealership to buy a new one, only thing is its looks different than mine but he kept telling me thats what popped up with my year model and vin. Will it still work i have pictures of both parts old and new
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