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  1. yes me too, it was almost 31k with the j and j hcx , my guess is 28k. green giant .. 23500 , wow that seems really light for a dm, my fl80 ten wheeler with a 12' box is just over 20k
  2. gloss black ??? or dark silver on the flat sides and black structure outline
  3. Here are a few picture of the dm I bought in october,, starting to come together slowly.
  4. Changing to alcoa's on the dm project , trying to get the correct offset so no rubbing and without crazy overhang, anyone been down this road before and can offer some guidance? truck is a 95 dm 688s , with 425 floats, just doing the steers, leaving the spokes on the rest. thanks in advance
  5. decided to run the truck abit before cosmetic work starts, seesm solid but has a hard clunk when turning sharp, and only when loaded, , did king pins and new shoes , also replaced the box rubbers and u-bolts, carrier bearings are solid , r/r the rear fluids.. clean, everything looks tight but something IS moving up front... hangers maybe ? they look ok not much visual space best i can tell. what else can be moving?
  6. thanks twin is quoting me on a 400 series with 50" sides , the gate latch looks interesting. anyone have experiance with them?
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