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  1. 2000 rd a.c. help

    sounds like experience
  2. R700 in Alabama

    wonder if they know what a treasure they have there. running V8? that's worth twice what he is asking
  3. Happy Birthday Doug Maney

    Happy Birthday Doug!!!!
  4. Happy Birthday mowerman

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  5. how to milk sheep

    What a relief! I thought this was going to another video
  6. Don't see block haulers like that anymore. Now they all have a donkey on the back
  7. almost over

    we would make our own "chopper style" cut the front forks off a junker, slide it over the front forks of the good bike
  8. almost over

    Had good news from Dr. So I wasn't worried about it
  9. Thermostat or something else

    I would go with this idea. HOT fluid will jump out at you and give you second degree burns on the leg....ask me how I know
  10. Boston Ladder Failure

    I agree with GA on that
  11. U-joint with 4 caps..change out

  12. U-joint with 4 caps..change out

    thanks all. had a feeling that would have to knock out caps before anything else. Comes with the territory. Will put a dab of nevr-seize around yoke before install
  13. I've done the u-joints with caps and straps with little problem....helps to have a Tiger tool I may end up changing one with all caps how do you take them apart? truck is a 2002, so don't know if original or not thanks , Ed
  14. Pictures of the Week

    she be airin' that thang out
  15. Happy Birthday Vlad

    Happy Birthday Vlad!!!