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  1. Aussie Heavy Haul

    $$$$$$$$$ lots of $$$$$$$ a member here bought it and shipped it back. believe he lives in Washington State
  2. Pictures of the Week

    with you chipping and hammering the ice, AND the forklift operator, I bet you was sweating REAL good
  3. V12 detroit swap

  4. Engine shutting off

    have you replaced engine temp sensor? on my 2001, the wires were rubbing against some stuff and wore thru
  5. New Member with a 1961 B95F

    nice rig there...eh?
  6. Project - drop deck trailer

    those are awesome trailers. pulled one for a bit for a rental house
  7. 07 mack granite cv713 dump truck

    low air in one tire? bad springs? King pins? tie rod? OR--just out of alignment
  8. Where did THAT come from??

    maybe you should call the WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance
  9. Happy Birthday 41 chevy!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!
  10. Mack fire truck CL

    WOW!!!! looks to be in very good shape
  11. Pa show questions.

    check Fathers Day weekend for Macungie
  12. Annoying commercials & Common Sense

    was thinking the same thing
  13. Craigslist Mack

    the R model similar to above, but had chrome on it. From Danbury
  14. Craigslist Mack

    Redding, CT. Damn, another yankee that truck is no match for "Pride of the West Side"
  15. Pictures of the Week

    the "inspector" looks like the girl at "midget stripper nite"