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  1. Happy Birthday!!!
  3. you have to ask OD. He cooked it and ate it I have eaten "cat" before but not like that or this
  4. iff'n I remember correctly, you said that meatloaf tasted like the "cats ass"
  5. Item#2-is that at cold startup? normal get hot and see...around 20 hot idle is ok hot running at 1600 rpm is about 45 for me-shop says good
  6. must have been a local truck avg. out to 23.5 mph and no work in winter?
  7. was that your 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and 1 mile speeds? How did the truck feel?
  8. what about other trailer lites? check your connection pigtail..make sure they are in good shape (clean, tight)
  9. Ronnie was an actor. What does an actor do? he speaks the lines given to him and acts the way the director wants
  10. was considered a "country club" at one time. A facility in PA took the honors when they opened the golf course. Yeah, 34 bridge can be a bit tricky-2 90 degree turns, if you are off a bit, your off
  11. did not know the date, but remember reading about it. Bunch of changes made to everything involving a circus after that coincidentaly, 40 years ago today, a fire at FCI-Danbury killed 5 inmates and injured about 100 more
  12. our former 72 had a single rotator, 4 bulb, red and white
  13. Ed Killian-did he have any others there?
  14. once you got it right, it's not difficult to keep that way. Parts might be a problem though
  15. sorry, but that doesn't look like a new valve to me. check that all connections are tight