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  1. but I can be there in a couple hours. You would need a passport
  2. I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that
  3. in off road situations, the tag may catch and hold you up-had to get pulled out once because of it as stated, the shorter wb does make it easier for sharp turns many times I drop the tag when dumping to keep the body in line, BUT a more rigid spring suspension would be better but then, I have a 24 foot body
  4. love the sound of a 237
  5. just my .02.... you may have a leak at the water pump but the heat from the engine is causing it to vaporize quickly. Take a good look in the morning before start up. However, losing that much coolant that quick, it may be internal, as in not good
  6. sure can. DO NOT let the truck idle for long periods. Always bring the rpm up while waiting
  7. Happy Birthday!!! wherever you are
  8. Imagine the first few times with the towplow, you have to get over the "excitement" that your trailer is doglegging a bit
  9. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Have a guy that sets up shop at a gas station nearby on Friday and Saturday. DAMN GOOD
  10. DAMN!!!! I forgot about that show. Would have been a nice drive out for the day
  11. A Happy Meal? A Happy Meal? Can I keep the prize inside? If'n you do get back this way, just down the road is a decent restaurant on the ocean
  12. LED's do hold up better Are the lites you have now well sealed so moisture doesn't get in? LED's are more expensive, but can last a looooong time
  13. need some 5 gallon buckets to cover them in the rain or get the rain caps...tinka tinka tink
  14. almost missed it. Happy Birthday Barry-and thank you for this forum Tim! where ya been?