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  1. No DAMN IT!!!! that RGN mechanical or whatever.
  2. What a PIA that must be
  3. looks like a fun grocery getter
  4. Although it is legal in some states, your CDL is a Federally issued permit. The Feds have not recognized medical pot so…...see above
  5. nice pics Happy Birthday!
  6. I drive a 2002 KW with C 10, 8LL, ten wheeler. can max at 64k gross. Nice motor, but I think I am at its limit Boss has a 2006 tandem with the C 13..seems a bit sluggish until you wind it up past 1500 rpm For tri-axle use, yeah look for more
  7. Be compassionate-Go plant flowers on his grave and piss on them to water them
  8. check engine position sensors (2) guy that bought my truck had that happen...his mechanic replaced them and all is well
  9. was that Ashmore's? do remember it, but not real well
  10. Really depends on what type work you plan to do. If going off road type work, get full lockers (Think soft or muddy ground) If you will be on the hard road all the time, just inter-axle will be fine
  11. First-sounds like you are getting air in the system...check fluid level when cool
  12. There ya go. An engineer has NO concept of the real world...and its challenges
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