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  1. had one that style. white over red, 350/4 spd, 4x4 The whole roof came off Had L60-15s on it, then got AT's
  2. good deal. Just need a nice come-a-long and sledge hammer to bring them together Seen it done many moons ago with two roll-off trucks
  3. I would go with 8. BUT, what if a loaded truck has to come in? then you will want 12 minimum .02
  4. hatcity

    1693 running:

    Greta Thunberg just had a heart attack "How dare you"
  5. 35 ton? does it have its own power? or you have wet line? looks like a decent unit
  6. Happy New Year to all you BMT'ers
  7. No presents here. Just family, good food, and laughter Nice, house stayed clean I do remember the years of piles of stuff under the tree, around the sofa, and NO batteries Kids are grown now.....ahhh..relaxation
  8. He'll never make it in a mechanic shop No cussin' and throwin' tools Cute kid Rowdy....Merry Christmas
  9. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! No PPE, no shirt OSHA would have a field day
  10. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all here on BMT
  11. after reading this, I'm glad I'm out of the business
  12. with no air in the suspension, the pinion will be looking up
  13. not to say a bad idea, but The spelling is way off for a firefighter from MD
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