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  1. saw on facebook he let three trucks go recently one was a Brockway wrecker
  2. 3 x 3-not too shabby No damage-BONUS!!!
  3. 40 acres!
  4. Welcome aboard!! as Cousin Eddie would say-"she's a beaut Clark"
  5. he is VERY dangerous . . . . . cause he don't know shit about the weapon
  6. check for POSITIVE ground first, else you'll burn everything up
  7. Discussed this on the news last night. Also contacting rental trucks (Penske, U-Haul,...)
  8. :(

  9. Been running Diesel Kleen for quite a while with no problems Primarily for the lubricity factor
  10. should disappear on its own UNLESS, something else is wrong
  11. Is the fan running all the time? for mine (2001 CX) there is a fuse box in the engine comp. just below the steering column. check the fuse.
  12. have the cruise button off-then press the "set" button count the blinks..will be a set of two(3-3, 5-1,...) then let us know the type engine you have and the code
  13. Although I will agree with your opinion, we don't see what happened 5 minutes BEFORE the video. trailer had to be pulling him sideways some...and look in the mirror once in a while. (what is behind me is in the past) As I said, what did the 4 wheeler do to get in that situation?
  14. I kinda figgered that. Not a big deal though. Just thought I could save some BS.
  15. been looking at this post since my truck has a wobble also. have checked everything and signs go to BAD tire. Just got them a short time ago. Had a bad bearing, so replaced. didn't fix, ride height good, no loose tie rods,..... When I replaced the bearings, noticed that several studs would have to be replaced next time. Question-Can I use a small impact hammer to drive studs out while still on truck? or pull hub?