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  1. Was thinking some more on this Check entire spring system....had same problem and found the “Z bar” was broke
  2. Is leveling valve adjusted properly? Check air bag mounts May have a leaking bag
  3. Looks to be an R model.....mighty fine shape too the typist prolly had fat fingers
  4. Never really got into the James Bond stuff But yes, he was fantastic as Ramius Also was in the movie South Pacific...check with your Dad about that....way before your time
  5. Interior looks good too. Somebody took good care of this beauty
  6. Congratulations on the new one. Always happens when you want/need some sleep Glad to hear Momma and baby are well
  7. What I have seen with the multi cylinder inside the frame is, with a heavy load like a triaxle would run, is that the push goes back before it goes up. Continuous cycling will slowly cause rear hinge/hinge pin problems
  8. Had a 2001 E7. 427. Sold it with over 750,000 and never had the motor opened up Believe by now he has about 1 million
  9. Check ALL u- joints and carrier bearing. Release park brake and let truck sit. Keeping tension on those areas may keep from movement
  10. So your driveshaft won’t look like this
  11. I know it’s a PIA but find a good General Practioner. Get a good physical including PSA That is why I am in the condition I am in now
  12. Stone should do time just for the glasses he wears..........LOL
  13. The torque from the engine can tear up the quad box AS STATED ABOVE, CHECK ENGINE FOR TAG, OR POST PICS
  14. Maxidyne, does this ring a bell? Yall didn’t worry about military weapons then
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