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  1. hatcity

    New England vacation

    you HAVE to go thru Danbury, CT and flip them off for me Thank you in advance
  2. hatcity

    Liz Warren

    big difference between Indian blood and Indian PORK
  3. hatcity

    CB Disgust

    The two main pits here you need a CB to let the operator and scale house know what you need. Most just have the antennae for the "cool" factor
  4. hatcity

    RD tractor

    what motor/size? had a 2001 CX with E-7 427hp that was running like a champ at 835k. never opened the motor up only sold it as health issues encouraged me to sell
  5. hatcity

    what a difference a day makes

    Damn!! that's like two cases of rattle cans worth looks good
  6. hatcity

    Four fully restored antique trucks for sale

    Some fine looking iron there
  7. hatcity

    Pictures of the Week

    OD, c'mon back anytime for a fish sammich. BTW-you might be able to score a deal on that boat you were eyeing.
  8. hatcity

    chicken lights for the mack truck

    Nice!!! I put two lights under the cab, keeping the signal lite. 1/8 flat stock and used the existing marks there Looked great
  9. hatcity

    Joining the gang

    Haven't had any here past few...…..years no rain to speak of lately too
  10. Engine position sensor? My former truck did that to new owner. Cruising down the interstate, shut off, pulled over. Started right up and rest of the day and several more days fine. Then one day it happened again. His mechanic changed EPS and all fine,,,over three months now
  11. hatcity


    welcome back!!!
  12. hatcity

    1959 B61

    besides that, I don't wanna see that wench
  13. hatcity

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

    Merry Christmas to all
  14. hatcity

    Boston E-21 55' B-85 Thermadyne

    Fathers Day weekend. Friday to Sunday, but lots arrive on Thursday. VERY good show

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