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  1. wheel bearings- while turning wheel, 200, back off one full turn then torque to 50, then back off one flat. Outer nut to 400 oil bearings before putting in place
  2. oil and coolant talk 

    I been using Rotella 15-40 since I got the truck in 2005. never any problem with it. Coolant-I use NAPA 50/50 red normally add Lucas engine treatment at each oil change truck has over 800k and never been opened up
  3. fxfymn happy birthday....

    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. Congrats Mr & Mrs Slpwlkr!!!!!

    Damn Fool!!!
  5. 9-2 code

    What year? motor? 9-2 by my sheet shows "power reset without key switch" normally a low battery situation-but that is for an E7 motor
  6. NFL What a disgrace !

    NFL lost my interest last year anyway. This year, haven't seen any games...been busy making the FEMA dough-nuts College ball is good. Many players are playing for their future. Some that don't make it BIG end up back in their hometown, no real education, selling drugs, getting shot,......
  7. BILLYT to the waterlogged courtesy phone........

    good to hear you made out fine General. very sorry to hear about neighbor
  8. BILLYT to the waterlogged courtesy phone........

    generators were more expensive than gold. If you had one you needed to protect it. Years back (about 2004) some one took a running lawn mower and put it next to a house. Took the generator. residents couldn't figure it out for a while BTW-we just got the power back approx. 8 pm today
  9. Looting

    S&W M&P in 9mm was at my side still on generator, so will continue
  10. BILLYT to the waterlogged courtesy phone........

    We are ok here in sunny South Florida Have a covered patio with block walls on the east and south side. we watched the storm from there power went out at 2:40 pm...still on generator Truck is good to go and have a full day already tomorrow
  11. Here We Go Again

    yeppers.... greased and all ready, don't expect much to do here, but willing to go to the west coast for a few
  12. Here We Go Again

    BillyT-i'm sorry that you are now in the danger zone. We were in that area until about Friday am. What we are expecting is tropical to hurricane gusts.....gusts!! We are still expecting power to go out. Some tree damage and poorly built things (sheds) mobile homes type You stay safe
  13. Here We Go Again

    BillyT-where abouts are you?
  14. long awaited work shop finally started

    No concrete-no progress
  15. Here We Go Again

    Hey all! been a bit busy last few days. For us along the east coast, it is looking better, BUT!!!!, that can change. have shutters for all openings, 3/4 are in place. Just keeping a few to let the dog out Have 4..no 3 generators full of gas, and plenty gas cans. son just took #4 to a friends house. Lots of water, food, snacks, will be able to run a generator on the patio during to keep safe room cool. (Mother will NOT!!! be happy without A/C) After, it goes in the yard and extension cords to run reefer and freezer Will Check back as the situation goes. Figure about 8 pm Sat. we will lock it down and enjoy the ride Sunday