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  1. Maxidyne, does this ring a bell? Yall didn’t worry about military weapons then
  2. Y’all may be looking at a whole new front end Axle. Spindles may be heavily damaged from the heat.
  3. I guess the soup of the day is now masks.
  4. I like it. Colors are more vibrant and POP
  5. Eskimo Pie ice cream is gone now. Truly, where will it end?
  6. Gotta love the warm weather
  7. Mr Greene has some fine equipment and keeps adding more
  8. With stores like Walmart taking that type of stance, it only emboldens those to continue call the police and maybe they will be caught
  9. Should be none How often are you greasing them? i had one that grease was not getting to one section. Thing fell apart when I was taking out
  10. hatcity

    Memorial Day

    With no parades, and big picnics, it’s a good time to remember the intention of the day Thank You to those that gave their lives for our freedom
  11. Would be nice to know engine and transmission. Price would help too
  12. Where is my "Shocked face"? and tin foil hat?
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