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  1. yes. It will hold that cat piss smell forever oh, and replace the cat too
  2. hatcity

    Sad date

    still hurts today not as much as the actual, but it still hurts
  3. Front is too lite you should be looking at 18-20 fronts and 44 rears either heavy single frame or double
  4. hurricane warnings here...grill and smoker have been put up for a while but the rest o' y'all can enjoy
  5. I figgered the Mcgreevey sisters would have warshed yer truck
  6. how sad to see all that beautiful iron just wasting away
  7. nice find aluminum frame, and other parts usually alum. being a Hayward unit Tull fan?
  8. Enjoy them while you can. pretty soon they will be bundled up
  9. a GOOD truck parts place sells a set of pliers for them. Used to have a set but still clean real good. may need a 3/8 open end wrench to get it to push in
  10. have seen one like the pic down here in FL
  11. why does it appear that the motor is sitting at an angle?
  12. Y'all need a matchbook for the 8 track
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