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  1. hatcity

    Mackvader in victory lane 👍🏁🇺🇸

    Good to see you at the top after last years "event" that side panel looks sooooo empty
  2. hatcity

    Engine fan run on high

    little more info please. year, model, engine,....
  3. hatcity

    In search of an aerialscope

    there is one on ebay right now..up in NJ-price is 19,500
  4. hatcity

    Nice Pair!

    false advertising
  5. hatcity

    Another new guy

    Welcome!! OK-first question, how often should you do overheads on a C-10?
  6. hatcity

    Happy 4th

    lets enjoy a fifth for the Fourth
  7. hatcity

    1970 Marmon COE

    pretty sure I saw one getting on 95 headed N the other day
  8. hatcity

    head light up grade or not

    LED,s do not generate heat. driving in snow/ice, it can/will build up and become less effective if its for emergency use, I would throw the extra coin and get it
  9. hatcity

    Connecticut Tire shops?

    If he can get to Bethel, Belardinelli(sp) was always a good honest tire shop
  10. hatcity

    Screw up Saturday

    being stopped on a hill would result in a lot of pretzel driveshafts
  11. hatcity

    Selling products that don't exist.

    prolly anything he wants
  12. hatcity


    this post is worthless without pics
  13. hatcity

    Fairly large load

    reckon they needed more than 40 acres

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