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  1. A) THANK YOU for your service welcome aboard C) what type-year, model, etc? Pics please
  2. Nice heavy loads "could" end up pushing body back until raising. continuous movement can end up with hinge pin problems...seen it happen
  3. hatcity

    Classy Ford

    Rule #1-NEVER!!!! piss off the loader operator Rule #2-never piss off the scale operator
  4. hatcity


  5. hatcity

    Ocassionally in the States

    Sam ain't worried about the camera. "Gimme some more food!!"
  6. Back in the day, if you did not wear a hat, you were,nt trusted. Danbury was known as "The Hatting Capital of The World" prolly a dozen or so hat shops plus back shop stuff
  7. you a former resident? Danbury WAS a great place to grow up....today, not so much
  8. this is an old pic from a parade in Danbury, CT from many, many moons ago
  9. 4-2 is "fan clutch output" according to my sheet. Is coolant temp high? may have to replace fan clutch
  10. hatcity

    New switch panel

    why do you have 3 PTO controls? or are they blanks for something else? other than that-Looks Good
  11. FWD is wetting his pants seeing the motor
  12. hatcity

    Help! Towed back to shop

    fuel filter?
  13. what if you bought enough shares of Vo--o, took control, then fired half of them. Then rehired the MACK engineers of old and started a whole new re-birth
  14. the craiglust says Medford...if it was FL, I would take a drive up
  15. hatcity

    Mack e7 350 vs ami 335


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