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  1. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! latest round of tests had my PSA at 0.23 testosterone level was 29... Had to visit oncologist-NO CHEMO NEEDED!!!!!!!!!! I want to thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers, and good wishes Guess I'll be around a while longer to post "stuff"
  2. Welcome fellow Floridian my armrests don't get in the way as I have to get out to raise/lower boom anyway
  3. Nice!! I want the same with armrests....Mack says no can do
  4. the hyd. leak "could" be a simple seal. Getting access would be the expense. the electrical could be related. You first need to get to the turntable workings to see, and then figure from there
  5. and if a cross link busted, that banging would drive the kids crazy and you swear it is coming thru the floor
  6. happy Birthday marcel!!!
  7. you're a good man for that. Karma will be good to you
  8. hmmm...lets see......Nothing, zip, nada, the big goose egg,.....
  9. I don't EVEN want to know how you know what BB looks like nekkid
  10. any 50/50 should be fine. just be sure it is more of a name brand I use the NAPA red
  11. Cooooool...a VW sammich the last two minutes were much better (.Y.)
  12. sorry to inform all y'all Key West has gone the Volvo way....iff'n you know what I mean
  13. now we have to call you "Mr. Choo-choo"
  14. that last pic ain't nuthin'. Go to panama city, fl this week. SPRING BREAK!!!!