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  1. Haven't heard from him in a while...anyone know the story
  2. hatcity

    Oh No! Are they that lost?

    They will complain that their rights were violated Next thing, a committee will be appointed, a 2 year study done, and colleges will be required to have an office TO HAND OUT STAMPS
  3. hatcity

    1972 CF-600 ENDT675 Cold Weather Starting?

    Another thing-get fuel conditioner that has anti-gel in it....or a couple gallons of kerosene
  4. hatcity

    1972 CF-600 ENDT675 Cold Weather Starting?

    make sure your coolant is correct for temps. Does this truck have a manual shut off? if so, hold shut off up and crank until you have oil pressure. then release shut off....this normally is a fuel shut off
  5. hatcity

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    why? you put a lot of heart and soul into that truck
  6. not that unusual. could get Cummins, Cat, or Detroit. Back when MACK sold you the truck you want
  7. hatcity

    Coca-Cola Buys Moxie

    if ya can't beat 'em, buy 'em
  8. hatcity

    Electric malfunctioning light

    Need the engine model/year then need the code to help diagnose
  9. Welcome aboard you are at the right place for MACK knowledge
  10. hatcity

    Malfunction Light

    have you checked what the code is? coolant level OK?
  11. hatcity

    1983 Superliner EM9 500

    Are all the parts still with it?
  12. hatcity

    Beautiful Catastrophe Cont.

    appears to be an excavator.(track hoe)
  13. hatcity

    Air leak

    replace it..the diaphragm is prolly shot .much easier than trying to fix it just remember what lines went where
  14. hatcity


    couple zip ties will do ya right
  15. hatcity

    Darwin Award of the Decade??

    my mistake....it was early

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