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  1. Hello All I have now found the fuse and relay panel. There were also several schematics in this location but nothing that gave me any information on the layout of the fuse / relay panel. Is there anyone here that has something that would tell me if one of these relays is for the headlights? Thanks Phil P
  2. Hi A little more information. This truck has been owned and operated by the same person for several years. The headlight issue is of recent origin. Phil P
  3. Hello all This truck belongs to a friend of mine and another friend of mine told him I could fix anything. Well to get started I need some information. The truck has an electrical problem in that the headlights will not turn off. Now before we get into a bunch of ideas as to why this is happing I need some basic information. Where is the circuit breaker / fuse panel? Where would I find the relays if this truck is equipped with relays for the heavy loads? Now just to inform you the driver advises that the headlights stay on even with the headlight switch remov
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