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  1. thank you to all replies this is very appreciated .
  2. HI ! I'd like to know if someone can shed light on frame work , when you sandblast a frame that is old you have some crevasses ( or also called pitted metal) what product do you use to fill them before repainting ?
  3. A friend of mine was wondering if anyone heard of hydrogen generator for diesel engine have been instaled and if it is doing any good ? like better mliegea per gallon or any other advantage , or is it another gizmo .
  4. thank for the comments , I have another one on the bench right now and it will suprise many Mack guy's
  5. do you want one like that ( grader ) I have one for sale , contact me if interested towoc999@hotmail.com by the way I have many items 1/50 scale for sale and a couplet of 1/25 th scale.
  6. then if no ones wanted to buy back Mack ( or no one wanted Mack to be held by US company ) for whatever the reason then I say that I'd rather have seen Mack die right there . why let the company died slowly from cancer (meaning that Mack today is not Mack anymore) .
  7. Tim if you have a pics of that Oshkosh send it to me please .
  8. thank you for the comments guy's , I love customising models I have many done and many on the menu !
  9. Hi ! long time no write , here is my latest addition to my collections of 1/50 scale models. used a 1st gear Mack granite and I modified a Conrad mixer , used a Conrad Mack offset cab and I modified a Conrad mixer , interior painted , Mirrors are brass made as well as the protection cage on the upper mixer tub , hydrolique tank and hoses added . enjoy
  10. I'd be scared sh.. too about the ticket !
  11. the mixer is a very nice truck
  12. Yesterday was the end of a journey for me , I was a proud owner of a Mack RB688S dumper and now it is been sold for many good reasons , it was a child dream of owning a Mack truck and work with it , but now I can say thast I was fortunate enough to fulfill my dream , this forum has been very helpfull and a very goos sources of knowledge , fo sur I will keep coming here each and everyday .
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