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  1. John's B model here too he chromed the snap rings on.
  2. John Mauro(RIP) told me since this is his truck at the time that when he got it new he took off the original cones and bought a new set from Mack since they come unpainted and had them chromed and then siliconed the shit out of the backs of the center parts that always weep. You gotta remember this was like 1989 who knows what it would cost now. He also chromed the front snap rings too. There is a guy from NY in my area his name is John P Noto and he has a restored B model that he not too long ago had the rims and snap rings nickle plated which looked really cool. Look his name up on internet his B model should show up.
  3. Barry quick question, Are these rubber flaps the "sta-put" heavy style? Thanks, Robert.
  4. John Mauros RD back in 1991 at Englishtown. He had the snap rings chromed and the center cones on the 58 rears done as well.
  5. The dreaded El Dorado seat. Drove many RD's with these hated them.
  6. That is John Mauros old truck. 300 plus with a quad. John use to work it before he bought Gennaros Autocar.
  7. Great vid. The exhaust brake is cool on the old Merc.
  8. My International when it was brand new. It is a custom built Amthor body when they were in Walden NY.
  9. The Pete is owned by Muratore from Jackson NJ. He has a fleet of Pete tri axles. Runs out of Tilcon Pompton Lakes mainly.
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