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  1. The COVID pandemic forced an industry shift. The trucking and logistics industries will continue to look to technology adoption such as payment platforms to meet new safety and cost demands.View the full article
  2. Driver costs, equipment costs, insurance costs, travel and food costs may have longer-term legs of reducing the purchasing power of your budget, says HDT's Contributing Economic Analyst Jeff Kauffman.View the full article
  3. The U.S. economy is expected to grow 7.7% this year, largely on the strength of higher vaccinations rates and the country’s slow but steady return to normal life.View the full article
  4. Analysis by FTR shows that unemployment benefits were competitive. In 22 states, the median wage for a heavy truck driver exceeded maximum unemployment benefits by less than $5,000 a year.View the full article
  5. ICYMI: A roundup of trucking industry news from Plus, Kodiak Robotics, TuSimple, SEA Electric, Shell, Daimler and Hyundai.View the full article
  6. The California Trucking Association plans to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to consider its case against the state’s new worker classification law.View the full article
  7. While American Trucking Associations’ tonnage numbers decreased in April, the numbers remained well above the lows of 2020.View the full article
  8. Accurate labor times help contain operational costs and boost profitabilityView the full article
  9. Daniel Lilley of Werner Enterprises, a 2020 HDT Truck Fleet Innovator, anticipates seeing the continued digitization of the supply chain. With the wealth of data-driven technology available to market today, the industry is seeing an increase in the availability of data across partners and more of a willingness to work together to maximize that knowledge.View the full article
  10. In what’s become something of a tradition in Washington, rather than rolling up the proverbial sleeves to hammer out a better way to finance the Highway Trust Fund, Congress took the easy way out.View the full article
  11. ATA's Technology & Maintenance Council and the Heavy Duty Repair Forum will co-locate their fall events in Cleveland.View the full article
  12. Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law to protect commercial motor carriers from excessive lawsuits against them when involved in an accident.View the full article
  13. Mapping labor jobs in TruckSeries software to Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards now gives fleets visibility into repairs and overall vehicle costs.View the full article
  14. EKA Solutions will test a new software capability for its EKA Omni-TMS with a select number of truckload carriers beginning in third-quarter 2021.View the full article
  15. The first fuel travel center in the United States to house multiple alternative energy options is now open in Hartford, Conn. View the full article
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