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  1. You can get a 16k front supposedly but ive never seen a axle forward pinnacle with one . You can also get 46k rears theres alot of them with 46k rears.
  2. A granite can be specced out for severe duty , triple frame heavy planetary rearends. , no steel hood or 15-16 liter engine. In reality a mp8 with super low gear ratio 7.00 or lower could pull just about any load.
  3. I was told by a long time western star salesmen that yes the old cab is going away . He said no replacement for the 4900ex hood is in the cards.
  4. Interesting. I heard volvo has placed a good truck man from australia at the helm of the MACK northeast united states region . Dean Bestwick former Mack Trucks Australia vice president of sales and marketing is becoming the northeast regional VP based out of mack corporate head quarters. They say he's a real Truck man and Mack enthusiast that used to drive road trains in Australia.
  5. Same with the autocar conventional,none to be had
  6. Saw this on a mack social media page . Its one of 3 that were added to 7 more dramis mack granites headed to chile.
  7. Maybe GM could do another joint venture with navistar and make a scout/ real blazer together
  8. Most of the mack plow trucks i know in municipalities and state trucks have mp7 and even mp8 . Alot of towns are getting high hp motors now. Our town has a freightliner with a dd13 470hp. I know another town that has a western star with a 505 dd13 . My couzin used to drive a mack granite plow truck with a 405 mp7.
  9. I wonder if the isl could fit in the md series then just add tandem axles ,could be the plan ?
  10. Id guess a british columbia logger set up.
  11. Our mp 10 engine brakes are as strong as our cummins x15's. well tbe mp 10 actually hold back better in the low rpm and will bring you to complete stop almost with out using the air brakes . The cummins work a tad better in the higher rpm but cut out in the lower rpm . Our titans all have original brake shoes and drums , and all of them have over 300k miles loaded heavy all the time.
  12. Mack should find a way to stuff x15 in the anthem pinnacle and granite and offer the x12 as well . I think cummins has the best performing engines right now. Im not a cummins man by any stretch but they seem to be doing good
  13. Yeah ballard is the best mack dealer in new england or atleast they were , because they only sell mack .thats where we bought our titans . 25 yrs ago the other new england mack dealers wanted to sell us western star.
  14. I know volvo has screwed mack up but i know you can spec a heavy anthem or pinnacle or granite tractor to do what you wanted,you can get atleast a 10mm thick frame same as a 3/8 rail and up to 16k front and 46k rears in the anthem or pinnacle and heavier stuff in the granites , there is some misimformation out there . Not saying mack isnt basically a shell but you can still buyvsome heavy duty macks
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