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  1. Is it really worth having all those axles and tires to maintain ? I run in alot of miles in Upstate NY and can weigh 107k on just 6 axles and its alot of maintenance .never mind the fuel mileage must be awful at that weight
  2. I still see quite a few newer macks in new england and new york state . In NY state you can gross 117k legally with quad axle trailer, ive seen quite a few pinnacles with mp8 pulling quad axle dump trailers in the upstate albany area
  3. Im hauling logs out of a big stone quarry in upstate ny in the mountains between lake champlain and lake george lotta big equipment
  4. It was only a matter of time at some point they were goi g to run out of good engine cores anyway couldnt last forever
  5. The early e7 's 1990-1998 are in my opinion the best engine mack ever made , along with the e9 of course
  6. I agree put this grill on a chu stretch the hood of it and bingo you have a superliner 3 offer the mp8 and cummins x15 or a (scania v8 ) 😉
  7. Yes most only need 13L but i read somewhere that half of all american class 8 trucks sold today still have a 15L engine so mack is only competing for 50 % of the total market ,no wonder why they only are getting 5-6 % market share. .
  8. If those were available here at a competitive price theyd sell like. Hot cakes
  9. Heres a hannaford supermarkets anthem pulling doubles across the ny thruway -mass pike line
  10. The ones in those pictures above look different than american cl 's ,those aussie ones look to have a sharper drop to the hood and fenders look different . I have seen pics from new zealand that look just like american ones .
  11. Im from new england , when i was growing up in the 80s pete and kw were still pretty rare in logging and construction . Everybody had mack,international ,autocar,gmc, and ford ,wasnt til the mid-late 90s when paccars started to get popular now there everywhere
  12. Yeah everybody wants a pete or kw now days everything else is dirt in the united states as well
  13. Huh they can stuff a mp10 into a anthem ?
  14. Makes me sick every time i see an australian mack and then look at what mack offers here .😑
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