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  1. I'm a private collector and scale modeler , I'm looking to find out if it is the Atlas truck bodies company that was making the Dump truck bodies for the Mack DMM600 coming out of the Oakville Mack plant in Ontario Canada ? If so I'm looking to get the specs of those dump bodies to fabricate one for my own collection the dump box was high in the front and had a slanted finish by the end .
  2. thank you to all replies this is very appreciated .
  3. HI ! I'd like to know if someone can shed light on frame work , when you sandblast a frame that is old you have some crevasses ( or also called pitted metal) what product do you use to fill them before repainting ?
  4. A friend of mine was wondering if anyone heard of hydrogen generator for diesel engine have been instaled and if it is doing any good ? like better mliegea per gallon or any other advantage , or is it another gizmo .
  5. thank for the comments , I have another one on the bench right now and it will suprise many Mack guy's
  6. do you want one like that ( grader ) I have one for sale , contact me if interested towoc999@hotmail.com by the way I have many items 1/50 scale for sale and a couplet of 1/25 th scale.
  7. then if no ones wanted to buy back Mack ( or no one wanted Mack to be held by US company ) for whatever the reason then I say that I'd rather have seen Mack die right there . why let the company died slowly from cancer (meaning that Mack today is not Mack anymore) .
  8. Tim if you have a pics of that Oshkosh send it to me please .
  9. thank you for the comments guy's , I love customising models I have many done and many on the menu !
  10. Hi ! long time no write , here is my latest addition to my collections of 1/50 scale models. used a 1st gear Mack granite and I modified a Conrad mixer , used a Conrad Mack offset cab and I modified a Conrad mixer , interior painted , Mirrors are brass made as well as the protection cage on the upper mixer tub , hydrolique tank and hoses added . enjoy
  11. I'd be scared sh.. too about the ticket !
  12. the mixer is a very nice truck
  13. Yesterday was the end of a journey for me , I was a proud owner of a Mack RB688S dumper and now it is been sold for many good reasons , it was a child dream of owning a Mack truck and work with it , but now I can say thast I was fortunate enough to fulfill my dream , this forum has been very helpfull and a very goos sources of knowledge , fo sur I will keep coming here each and everyday .
  14. superb truck you got there , seems to be in a very good shape , love those C.O.E. !
  15. it is a good thing we know it is a model , otherwise I would of been fooled ! very well detailed great job .
  16. Ouch , loss of your son is something that must be so hard to bear with.
  17. keep pounding on them , one tricks when you talk or write : Always stay polite and courteous but firm and confident with facts , and DO NOT ACCEPT a 4 to 6 week delays , this is not acceptable. good luck
  18. the wire was way too obvious then !!!
  19. yep putting themselves in danger and having the workers paying the price ,they should hav a big bosses pay cut before touching any workers ! then if the comapany comes back to good time then you can give back a little bit , when a company goes into problems than EVERYONE needs to feel the pain .
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