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  1. Saw this superliner at the TA in Ritchmond VA
  2. Marcel67

    Mack MH

    Yes he lived in W Virginia. I have not heard any thing again from the owner. Just hope it found a good home. Where could I find it in this forum if it was offered for sale. Thanks
  3. Marcel67

    Mack MH

    I wonder if any one knows or has seen my old Mack MH. It was sold several years ago to a guy in Virginia that kept it as a hobby and may run some dry freight. Just curious
  4. He started with a 53 footer and when finish he got an 48 footer 🤔
  5. Have trump stop the ELD mandate and he will get a lot of support from truckers!
  6. Well at lease it has more character and classic lines than the new Mack!
  7. Hmmm what a shame a Mack with a bad Botox cure! The good old Mack is dead! Volvo poised the brand and pushing it more in the back ground. I was a Mack guy but bought a classic KW with ARI sleeper sorry 😐
  8. The rail is a joke! Beside my tucking gig I owned a heavy equipment dealership. We sold a Terex off road dump truck to a client in Arizona and the client decided to ship it by rail. Th Rail company lost the unit for 5 months only to find out it was sitting in a rail yard in Detroit MI. In the mean time the customer lost his contract !
  9. Well I guess plants go on the train to from Miami to New York! What takes me 2 days to deliver takes 3 weeks by train! Poor little plants are all brown when they arrive 🤓🌹💐
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