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  1. My brother sent me these pics off the web, good looking rigs. The intercoolers in front of the radiator seem to be factory...
  2. The truck needs work, changed the brake pedal, giving it a clean out, I'm amazed at the amount of dirt inside the cab. The tranny won't shift between high and low range, it's got an rtx 12609, I'm looking for a link on what gear ratios it has, no luck so far, changed the high low valve no luck, any tips on what to look for? Also changing the cab air lift valve and air bags, but I'm not too sure on how to put in the valve, any of you guys got a pick of how the valve goes in underneath the cab
  3. Thanks for the welcome, gonna make the most of this opportunity in this great Country.
  4. Went to the local Mack dealer for some parts, was told the serial# was not in their system, 1M2N188Y9HA019014, checked the title checked the door tag and the frame stamping , they all matched, that was weird. Can any of you guys check it out please?
  5. Gorgeous, congrats, really does look close to new, share some more pics plz.......
  6. Yeah I forgot to updated my profile, am living in Miami now, yup did buy it off Govdeals, took down the lower exhaust pipe today all rotted.
  7. Finally got it home, got a surprise its got disc brakes all around, has a bunch of things that need fixed up, fuller tranny won't shift high low, bunch of leaks and so on
  8. Hello, I'm having trouble finding the width for this truck, it's far from me and can't measure it myself, the shippers are asking for this measure, they say over 8 feet 6 inches they would need permits any of you guys got a number, maybe off your own truck , please.
  9. Supposed to have two speed rear ends, will let you all know when I get her down here, just seen pics up to now.
  10. Just bought this baby, it's in north Georgia and I need to bring it to Miami Fl, what are some options to have it shipped down south? I'm thinking of posting it on Uship, or you fellow members may know someone coming this way. Am thinking of cleaning it up, see how she runs and ?????? who knows pto and put her to haul bulk loose.
  11. Did you have to splice the frame? Do you know what ratio it's running? Must be fast.......
  12. http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/hvo/5246176715.html
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2003-Mack-Rear-End-/111803257201?&_trksid=p2056016.m2518.l4276 not mine, but never seen a fifth wheel done like that
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