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  1. keg1 as for now the Superliner isn't going anywhere. nwfs600 the door tag say 19200. It has twin 142 gal tanks. The weight is a concern for me because my 90 Superliner, 265 wheelbase double frame, V8, headache rack, tool boxes, moose bumper, chains, binder, straps ect. ect. ect. full of fuel weighs 22,000.
  2. I'm about to pull the trigger on a new ride. CHU613, 505E, T313, 150/151 carriers w/3:79 ratio on 24.5 rubber. Am I screwing up? Been driving R's all my life, Superliners specifically for the last 26 years. I'm looking for a change and some creature comfort.
  3. 2004 Vision with an AC 460 came into my shop about a week ago with a broken rocker arm on the #5 exhaust valve. Replaced rocker and adjusted valve because the whole top end was out of adjustment. Now it's with another broken rocker. I'm betting #5 exhaust. This truck is equipped with a Jacobs engine brake. It is also not the original engine. Original engine threw a rod on #5. After discussion with my Mack dealer we think this engine was equipped with a Power Leash instead of Jacobs. We are trying to cross reference some numbers. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  4. Just got through rebuilding my oil cooler. Did the same thing. Pulled oil pan and pressure checked. No coolant. Next place to look is the oil cooler. Big o ring was dried out. If your getting coolant in the pan during climate changes most likely an o ring somewhere.
  5. . I would have liked to see your Superliner. I was working at the corner of Coal Creek rd and hwy 4 where those lagoons are. Stayed at the super8 in Kelso for 3 days.
  6. . I had a blast. I love making those west runs especially in a Superliner.
  7. Just got home from Longview, WA. 1st pic is in the Wind River Canyon WY. 2nd pic is Lookout pass on the MT/ID state line. 3rd pic is Snoqualmie pass in WA. 4th pic is near Powder River WY.
  8. Congrats! What a coensidence, 17 years ago on this day I was doing the same thing.
  9. Thanks hatcity. When I put the new tires on I put all 8, same brand name and everthing. I'm going to drop the drive shaft today and run it just to eliminate the transmission as a suspect. We rebuilt the tranny back in April so I don't think that is the problem. It shifts really good and does not bind up in any gears. We replaced the two carrier bearings on the drive shaft a few weeks ago and that made no difference. I wish something would just explode so I would know what to fix, but NO I gotta chase ghosts!!!
  10. Well the big CL has a spun bearing on #8. #4 looks like it has 10 million miles on it but #3 looks brand new. Engine only has 375k since major overhaul with a new crankshaft. Looks like the rear journal was not getting enough oil. Anyone else seen this happen?
  11. Mack rears. 3:87 ratio. I've been told that 3:87's and 3:65's are weak gear sets and that I need to replace with 3:86's because they have more meat on the gears. I also just put a new set of drive tires on a few months ago, noise started shortly there after. Seems like the last time I changed drive tires I had a rear/rear go bad.
  12. We did check the height. It was out about 3/8 of an inch. Is that enough to cause damage? Now that the height is correct the growl is worse. Should I be looking at the tranny?
  13. Been having a growl noise coming through the trans almost like the noise one makes when you accidentally run with the airbags deflated. We jacked it up today and ran it with the wheels off the ground. The rear/rear makes more noise than the front. Pulled the side cover off but no smoking gun. No gears messed up, not a lot of excess metal. Ran it again. Took it up to 70 mph on the jack stands. Checked the temps with a heat gun. Front/rear 103-105, rear/rear 123-125. Only ran it about 5-10 minutes. Is this temp differnce normal, or is that my smoking gun?
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