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  1. Thanks for that info @kt_Engineer . I haven't pulled the hubs or bearings on yet, but I an planning on doing that so I can replace seals and if needed I'll put fresh bearings in. It looks like they reused the original aluminum hub pilot hubs from what I can tell at a glance, but after seeing your post ill be taking a closer look at everything. Would the older Dana housing be of better quality in your opinion than the Meritor of that era (2005) in your opinion?
  2. I bought a 2005 Mack CHU tandem axle daycab. Its got CRDPC92 / 93Mack rears on Mack/Hendrickson air ride. I'm getting ready to sand blast the frame and repaint it. I was taking the identification tags off to keep from destroying them, and here's what I found: Front rearend axle housing tag is the fist photo, And then rear axle housing tag is the second. The Meritor front housing is original, the rear looks to have been replaced at some point. Is there any pros or cons to the Meritor vs Dana?
  3. Yes, ill get some pictures later today, I appreciate it
  4. Yep. And honestly I'm searching high and low for the odd ball obsolete things I need. I've had a good amount of success so far
  5. Good deal. Hopefully the dealers or someone in aftermarket will carry these. I appreciate the info!
  6. I was hoping to patch my old ones, but unfortunately they are to far gone. And since I need to replace both air tanks, I figure I'd go back new with everything and be done. Yes, I saw the list price on the lower boxes today lol...whoooowe. i had to set down for a minute.
  7. @Countrylife have you had any luck on these shift linkage (tie rod ends) yet? I'm thinking bout replacing mine also
  8. I've been searching the site, but i can't find what I'm looking for. i know someone here bought aftermarket lower battery boxes from PAI. They had to drill a couple holes to for the airtank brackets to work, but otherwise was almost a perfect fit, but I think they were for an R or RW. I really can't remember. I'm needing a set for my MH and the dealers are pretty proud of these boxes. I need lower boxes and covers. Hoping someone has the part number for theres. @Vladislav @AZB755V8 @Mack Technician or anyone else, thank you
  9. Definitely some good info here. I appreciate you guys posting this stuff. Sure does help on projects like this!
  10. I really like this idea and I was wondering about where it widened towards the front if I could make it work....wow what a great idea you posted. Would you mind posting as many pics of this as you can. You can text them if that works better. I really appreciate it @AZB755V8 !
  11. Good evening guys, I'm wanting to put air ride suspension and update my 1989 MH cabover. I found a very clean 2006 Mack CXN with CRDPC92/93 rears, 3:86 gears on Mack air ride. Cab is trashed, but the rest of the truck is great shape. Issue I'm having is frame rail height. Has anyone ever added a newer Mack cutoff to an older Mack truck like im wanting to do? I came up with this: MH frame rail height 9.5" outside to outside 2006 CXN frame rail height is about 10.5" outside to outside I'm trying to decide on how I need to do this other than buy new rails and drilling them. I'd like to use what I have. I'm looking for opinions and ideas.
  12. I'm wanting to do the the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas or info on doing an electric motor conversion on an MH? I'm considering trying to get parts from an MR and seeing if I can do it.
  13. Ohhhh...well that explains it. Shes a "Teamster grrl" huh? Perhaps I can give her a ride in my Billy Big Rigger KW and change her mind, show her the way things work in the real world.
  14. Are you saying that a 1 man operation is to do business EXACTLY the same way a large corporation does? Kind of a broad statement ain't it? Most auction trucks are trucks people get rid of because majority of them are: Bank repos, trucks with cosmetic or mechanical issues, short sales, wholesale buyers/ dealers who buy and sell trying to gain large profits. Those trucks normally have unknown history on maintenance and repairs. I'll pay retail price all day long for a well maintained older or newer truck with records to prove the upkeep. As far as the Billy Big Rigger comment, lol.... that's just another way of saying you're jealous of someone. I'm betting your old, retired and a diehard union guy with absolutely no first hand experience as an owner operator.
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