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  1. Ohhhh...well that explains it. Shes a "Teamster grrl" huh? Perhaps I can give her a ride in my Billy Big Rigger KW and change her mind, show her the way things work in the real world.
  2. Are you saying that a 1 man operation is to do business EXACTLY the same way a large corporation does? Kind of a broad statement ain't it? Most auction trucks are trucks people get rid of because majority of them are: Bank repos, trucks with cosmetic or mechanical issues, short sales, wholesale buyers/ dealers who buy and sell trying to gain large profits. Those trucks normally have unknown history on maintenance and repairs. I'll pay retail price all day long for a well maintained older or newer truck with records to prove the upkeep. As far as the Billy Big Rigger comment, lol.... that's just another way of saying you're jealous of someone. I'm betting your old, retired and a diehard union guy with absolutely no first hand experience as an owner operator.
  3. Auction results do not reflect the retail market prices, and specs mean alot. Look up a 2000 (11/99 build date ELD exempt) W900L, 3406E 550/1850, RTLO20918B, Eaton 402 3:55, 86" studio bunk, owner operator spec VIT interior, 286 wb truck in good to excellent condition and you'll find that the 20k number you reference is less than half of what one in nice shape will not only list at, it will bring it. 40K to 60k Also, 6.5 is pulling a pressurized tanker with an empty weight of 43,000lbs or lowboy hauling machinery with an empty weight around 47,000. That's average mpg figured on loaded 1 way, empty the other.
  4. No it's not. I run an older (1999) Kenworth, Cat powered. I can literally overhaul it for a fraction of what the truck is worth at current market value. 6.5 mph consistently, simple to work on and I can gets parts at nearly any Caterpillar dealership nation wide. Truck has over 2.1 million going strong and will outlast most any new truck many times over. Figure a 20 year old truck has paid for itself several times over in 2.1 million miles. Sorry my friend, but your assessment of simple economics is off by a longshot in my particular scenario.
  5. LMAO, now is that an opinion piece or an actual fact that has so much proof it can be backed up? You're gonna have to have LOTS AND LOTS of proof to get most of us to agree or believe that statement you made.
  6. I appreciate it Mack Technician. I know it's very similar basically the same suspension international uses on alot of their trucks, so I'm hoping parts are still plentiful. I'm trying to decide if I want to go back with Mack rears or Eatons. I use Eaton 404 in my other trucks and have plenty of spares. I've never owned Mack rears and I'm not sure if they are superior to an Eaton hypoid gear style differential or not. Its speced with a E6 350 4 valve and Eaton 10 speed with Mack 4:62 I believe. Not sure how the 350 Mack would do with a set of 3:90 Eatons behind it.
  7. I got my 1989 MH cabover in the shop. Currently it has a reyco spring ride suspension on the rear. I'm in the process of rebuilding the old girl, and I'm trying to decide what air ride to go with. Once I get the truck finished, I'm gonna use truck for some local work from time to time doing tanker work. I love Neway, but they are getting hard to find in good condition and with hub pilots from a Mack. I'm wanting to update this truck to be a comfortable truck with updated parts, but I still want to keep it with Mack parts or atleast a configuration Mack would have offered if it had been built today. I'm looking at the following cutoff suspensions: 2001 Mack/ Hendrickson HAS 402 air ride with Eaton 405 rears. 2006 Hendrickson MAXAIR "twisted sister "I've been told it's called on mack rears Neway (but they aren't off of a Mack) with Rockwell 20-145 rears. Anyone have any experience with the newer Mack air ride? I'm not gonna be hauling heavy, so I'm more concerned with something with the best ride possible. Any other recommendations are something I'd like to hear if anyone can chime in. Thanks
  8. Thanks Vladislav. Buddy, you probably should have had a few of those big springs made up and you could sell those to guys like me that need them😁 I sure wish I could find a spring for mine since my original one is broken.
  9. Also, I did notice my big spring was also broken, so I'm going to have to weld it, or get creative like you did. I wish I could just find a new spring. I wonder if PAI has those springs and boot?
  10. I appreciate you sharing that picture! It gives me an idea what to expect when I pull that shifter assembly out. Looks like whoever did that spring for you did a fantastic job. That whole assembly looks like new in your picture Vladislav.
  11. I apologize guys, I'm still trying to figure out how to post pics on this site. I was able to get the shifter pushed back up into the boot and where its supposed to be. Everything went back together just fine when I let the cab back down. https://ibb.co/6wd2v3Q https://ibb.co/ss8vk9Y https://ibb.co/jwPQv5J
  12. Got a little update on my MH613. Turns out that the shifter was stuck in the aluminum housing. It took a little persuasion with a pry bar, but u got it separated. Thanks @Vladislav and the rest of you guys for pitching in and giving advice. One thing I noticed, the clamp that holds the bid rubber boot the shifter and big spring assembly is incased in on the underside of the cab was gone and when I did get the cab up and the shifter assembly separated, the shifter and spring wanted to fall out. Not a big deal, shes starting the early stages of a rebuild.
  13. Sorry guys, I had been on the road and had not been home to to work on the Mack MH. I can see its gonna take some work to get this shifter separated and the cab up. It's just odd that this thing is that stuck.
  14. Ohhhh, ok. LOL sorry bout the misunderstanding. I didn't think it sounded right bout being in reverse, but I misread your response. I know what you're saying now. I will look and see if I can figure out why its stuck. I just cant believe it's that stuck, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else I needed to do to get it free and get the cab jacked up.
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