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  1. Anybody know what’s behind the the 3 bolts that the air line goes through on the diff?
  2. The light on the dash comes on and when you hit about mph the interaxle engaged message pops up on the message display screen. I popped the air line off the diff lock and sprayed some pb blaster and smacked the housing around it and the light has gone out and no problems since but I’d like to fix it right I’m sure this issue is going to come back again
  3. Hi guys I have a 2016 pinnacle with Mack axles the diff lock on the front axle keeps engaging on its own and I can’t get it to turn off? On the front axle on the drivers side at the bottom theirs a plate with 3 bolts and an air fitting going through it is that the diff lock? Can I undo those 3 bolts and pull it out?
  4. Ok thanks good to know didn’t know if it was ever resolved or not.
  5. Hi guys do all mo8 engines have the bull gear failure or just certain years?
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