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  1. What year is your CH613? I have a 2001 that the dash goes crazy and beeps with the seatbelt indicator coming on. I think there is a technical service bulletin (SB-732-005) about rerouting the grounding wire to fix this issue. If that doesnt work try unplugging the connector and clean it our with electrical contact cleaner on both the connector and the gauge cluster. Just google the service bulletin number and it should come up.
  2. I see that as well now. I'll place an order for that. I also have a 2005 CHN613 but do not see an option to select CHN, only CHU. Hopefully the schematic I purchased originally is the right schematic for my other truck. Thanks again for the help.
  3. lol Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated!
  4. Thank you for the schematic. Where could I obtain the full diagram?
  5. Hello, Ive contacted my local mack dealer (Vanguard) and they were not very helpful in determining the correct item to purchase to obtain an electrical schematic for my truck. I also contacted mack directly with no response. Hopefully someone here can chime in. I purchased this from the mack eMedia center 8-217-2007 Electrical System Troubleshooting, GU, CHU, CXU, Pinnacle Chassis Wiring Diagrams Is the CHU the same as my 2001 CH613? I'm trying to look at the reverse switch wiring from the transmission to the dash as I am no longer able to hear my rear siren and rear back up lights dont come on and having many connectors unplugged that I need to check continuity for. Thank you.
  6. I have a 2001 CH613 E7 E-Tech with an Eaton Fuller FRO15210C that recently was removed to replace a rear main seal by a mechanic, ever since the reinstall when I go into reverse the green PTO light comes on and the truck won’t go past 1200 RPM this did not happen before. The mechanic doesn’t know what’s going on and I can’t seem to figure it out, has anyone else experienced this Issue? Thanks
  7. Thank you for the reply. I think I may have found the problem. I disassembled the quick release valve supply inlet and found the rubber diaphram had a hole in it. I cut a piece of rubber the same size and put it in its place. It seems to be working fine now. The auto parts store is closed today so I will have to buy a replacement valve in the morning.
  8. Another thing to mention is, when I have the yellow valve pushed in, I have a constant supply of air coming into the R14 from the quick release valve balance port. I disconnected the supply port from the QR valve and that is supplying the air. Im not sure if this is normal operation, or if there is a diapharm between supply and balance that is torn, but this is whats causing the leak i think.
  9. Hey guys, im having an issue with my air brake relay valve on my 2005 Mack CHN613 that I can't seem to figure out. When I release the air brakes (push in yellow valve) I get a constant exhaust leak out of my relay valve. When I apply the foot brakes the exhaust leaks stops, and when I pull the yellow valve the leak stops as well. I cant figure out what might be causing this constant exhaust leak. I have an R-14H relay vave from Bendix. I replaced all the interals (O-Rings, Piston, Spring) and I am still having this issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Thanks very much Mackpro! I was able to adjust the plungers and got the full travel I needed, my steering gear had manual adjuster screws. Thank you thank you thank you!
  11. Hello guys. I have a problem with my 2001 CH613 with a sheppard m100 steering pump. I lifted the front of the truck and turned the wheels and they have full range. When I put the truck back down, when I turn to the right, the wheel only turns about half way. I don't know what the issue could be. When I have a full load of dirt and I turn, I feel the steering wheel want to jerk to the opposite direction and I have to hold really tight to keep it from doing that. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the clarification! I didn't realize the plugs had two threads on them! Kind of hard to tell from the photo.
  13. Ok I identified where the nozzle comes out of, initially it was hard to see the plug because of oil but i hit myself in the head for not paying more attention! My only question now is, the adapter comes with a flange and two nuts. Not sure where these tie into to keep the adapter from popping out?
  14. Hello Guys, noobie question here. I want to perform a compression test on my 2001 E7 E-Tech 355/380. My truck is blowing white smoke and the coolant tank goes empty every few months. I think there is a problem where the engine is burning the coolant. I found an adapter online for the E7 Etech to perform the compression test, but I'm not sure where it plugs into to create a seal. I followed the injector tubing from the EUP to the cylinder head and removed the valve cover to take a look, and I wasnt able to identify where I can plug into to perform the test, do I have to remove the rocker arm assembly to get to the nozzle? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Im not sure if I understand the not "much block showing in the bore statement". Can you please elaborate? Im not exactly sure of how it failed. But I do know I have the bottom piece of the roller sleeve just wiggling around in the bore, I cant pull it out even with a powerful magnet.
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