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  1. I don't know if these trucks are registered, or if they are safe to drive. You're allowed to inspect the vehicles the morning of the auction, I would like to be prepared if it can't be driven, but I will if its possible.
  2. The auction ended at 8K. I did not bid because I would have had to pay too much in transport. On another hand I will bid on some in Texas in October. But if they got that truck, what a deal! Question about transporation, is it legal to haul a tractor trailer like the CH613 on a gooseneck to a Ram 3500 as long as the weight limits are met and the truck does not exceed the trailer.
  3. Thank you, were fortunate enough that our customers usually pay within 7 days. Our drivers make 35% of whatever the truck makes for the day and have a guaranteed minimum every week. It has worked out so far. Is the ASET AC a not desirable? I have the AC427 in my 2005, aside from an occasional diagnostic code for the EUP that tends to come and go when it wants, Its been working great for over 3 years. 400k miles. Thanks for the heads up on the frame, I didnt consider that. We don't have those issues down here so it slipped my mind. I will bid 13k and try my luck, after taxes, fees, and delivery, it would be closer to 18k. On another note, if I win the truck and the transmission ends up not working out, could I disconnect everything and install an eaton fuller 10 speed? Or would the bell housing, sensors, etc need to be changed as well.
  4. I think I found a good truck at a RB auction, could someone help me identify what type of A/T this one might have? Also what do you guys think this truck is worth based on photos? I would not have time to go inspect. Given that information what would you guys bid? https://www.rbauction.com/2004-mack-ch613-day-cab-truck-tractor-ta?invId=11516000&id=ci&auction=minneapolis-mn-2019294&utm_source=www.ironplanet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=syndication I realized photos might not appear on mobile devices. So i've attached two. Thanks.
  5. Its a 2005 CHN613 not sure if there is a trim, its 100% mack and I love it. Its my favorite. But my drivers prefer the 2001 with the 10sp eaton fuller and airbags, Its a lot smoother for sure. I had a 1999 CH613 as well, but I sold it, I want to stay in the 2001-07 range, I want to maintain the ease of maintenance and repair in terms of knowledge. You know one you know them all in the fleet kind of mentality. It makes it easier for me to train someone to maintain the vehicles with not much experience.
  6. I haven't made any bodies yet, I plan to start in October. I've had my bodies made by a local shop, although I think they get a kit from someone else and just do the welding work. I've made some designs in Fusion 360 that I think would be overall improvements. They are semi round. Here is a photo of my first two I had made locally. Aside from design improvements I plan to add some inclinometers for added safety when dumping. Its not my priority though, I need to finalize my design first.
  7. unfortunately that's the rate down here this is why I am going to limit to 5 trucks max. This isn't my only source of income, I also do fabrication, and engineering work, which I am going to start building dump boxes, it all ties in to our operations. We've made lots of friends and good contacts with other owner/operators of dump trucks. Most of them are in need of new boxes. Good way for us to network as well.
  8. I don't have any triaxles, but I believe the rate is about 65hr, the 50-55 rate is for tandem. Most of the work we do is very light, and usually hauling dirt for new pad constructions for homes or freeway construction. Its not as lucrative, but the work is plentiful. Diesel is 2.40gal and I do 100% of my own maintenance and repairs. It helps.
  9. I agree I would like to have all purpose built dump trucks, one of my macks is but it was expensive, but in order to grow my fleet and remain competitive in terms of driver pay/profits, I have to purchase used tractors from the auction sites and equip them with dump boxes (they will work perfectly fine for our business). The loads are light, the supply company is liable for over loading us so they are light loads. Dirt hauling in Houston is tough and competitive, the rates are 50-55hr or 500-600 per day. The goal is to have 5 trucks in total. I can't justify paying 50-60k for granites or similar dump trucks.
  10. No pusher axle. My trucks are registered at 52k and 54k. Anything more than 55.9k I believe I have to pay highway tax which I don't need to, I don't go over 54k for my business needs. Occasionally I will haul some crushed concrete but it is rare.
  11. Youre correct, the dump bodies have their own subframe thats also mounted on the chassis.
  12. Thank you for that info. In Houston my trucks only haul about 12 tons of select fill to various construction sites, theyre on the road 80% of the time during transport, the other 20% or so loading/dumping at the construction sites. At the loading sites they regularly repair the entrances so its not harsh on the chassis. My biggest issues are the drivers.
  13. Yes I plan to start manufacturing my own dump boxes, so I'm looking to convert tractor to dump trucks.
  14. Thanks for the response, the reason i was considering a conversion is because I want to fit the best automatic (trouble free) transmission to my dump truck with cammel back suspension. I could buy used but i have not been able to find this combination! Hell i cant even find any used macks with allisons in them for that year range.
  15. Are there any AMT or fully automatic transmissions that work with the E7 Etech and Aset motors? Im looking at the eaton ultrashift, but dont know if it will work with these motors. Or what is involved to make this conversion if possible. I have a small fleet of 12yard dump trucks, All Mack CH613s 2001-2007 Range currently with Eaton Fuller/Maxitorque transmission. I am currently building my fleet and hope to have 2 more trucks by the end of the year. We haul dirt mainly to construction sites in the Houston, TX area and good drivers are hard to find, so I am considering getting one AMT or AT to test in our fleet as there are a lot more drivers that can drive automatics vs 10/13spds properly. I understand the complexity of the AMT and ATs, lots of mixed reviews on them, but would like to try one for myself if there are any out there.
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