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  1. Thanks for all the help I finally got it out. started with a 5 pound hammer that wasn't getting it. So I got a 20 pound hammer bfh and 10 good hits it came out the other side. Splines look fine not sure what was holding it maybe a little sludge thanks again Jason
  2. I should be able to push it with very little force. I not talking about trying to get the axle cap with acorn washer off. I have the cap and about 2" of the shaft off it's the rest of the I can't get out.
  3. Hello I broke the rear ,rear axle shaft at the hub and I can't get the rest of the axle out.I took the other axle out on the other side so I could push the broken shaft out but it will only move about 1" back and forth. I can turn the axle when the axle in both positions. Looking in the tube everything looks good any ideas that would be helpfull. Thanks jason
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