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  1. So I finally got it guys! Thank you to everyone for their help! It’s been a very long wait but I have finally been able to obtain it!
  2. Thank you so much, I have placed a call in
  3. Thanks for everyone's Help!!! The time has come, I will be going to pick it up this month! Still looking for a place or a friend to help me with a once over on the engine and replacement of the breaks. If anyone is in the PA/MD area and knows anyone that would be great! Thanks again to everyone on this forum, it has been a long wait but is finally here
  4. I am looking for anyone in the PA/MD area who can help me redo the break system on a 1948 fire truck. I will be going to NY to acquire it this month, and have been told that is the only known problem with it. Any help even if its a local garage would be greatly appreciated.
  5. any idea where i could find a kit? IM new to this.
  6. Thanks 1958 F.W.D, Any leads on some mechanics that could help me with a once over?
  7. Great News!!!! I was able to obtain this engine! Now i have to figure out a way to get it back to PA! Anyone have any ideas? It will need to be towed.
  8. So it appears he is not willing to part with it at this time. My father and I are still going to make the trip to take some pictures of it and make an offer because it is sitting there for years being used as a shelf. My questions to you guys are: What is a reasonable price to offer for said engine that is in fair condition? Also anyone have some ballpark prices of what it cost to tow an engine 150miles? Lastly the brakes are shot according to the owner. Anyone know where I could finds or a diagram? Thank you so much in advance, your guys are amazing
  9. Sweet, I may have to look into this
  10. Major break through!!! had to share with you guys... I have the owners phone number and have left him a voicemail. Thank you to everyone for your help especially log hauler. Now hopefully he returns my call and will sell it at price i can afford. (eh then the price of getting it here) well hopefully this starts the fun!
  11. Thank you! You're my new hero sir. I did send an email to the town asking if anyone could help me out. Also sent a Facebook message to local fire company as you suggested. (no body answered the phone) As it looks for a minimum my father and I will make a trip up at the end of october to start knocking on doors as a least.
  12. lol i dunno ive been looking on and off for 6 years if you find something on there send me a link plz
  13. Update! log hauler made the trip for me!!! KUDO'S needed! It is in fact sitting in a garage in the area. However no luck making contact looks like no one lives there. The Mack is currently sitting there with a pile of objects sitting on top of it. MUCH PROGRESS now how to get a hold of an owner :-(
  14. Good deal. Would have been cool to find more pictures. We found one on eBay not that long ago.
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