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  1. 1989 Mack mh613 Mack e6 350 4 valve engine fuller 9 speed on Mack 4.17 rears with bud wheels. Has pto but I haven't used it so can't verify it works. I bought the truck as a project truck but I'm going to go a different route. $7500 takes it. Contact me if interested 239-410-1662 located in punta gorda FL
  2. My 1986 that I just finished restoring for 6 months. Actually bought this truck from a member on the forum. I included what she started put looking like.
  3. And I have not hooked the airlines up to a trailer yet. When I'm doing this the trailer brake valve is out. I did push it in and the air was leaking down checked the junction block on the fire wall and it's still hot. Strange.
  4. Alright I'm finishing up my 1986 Superliner build and the red wire that goes to the brake lamps for the trailer in the trailer connector is always hot. The tractor brake lamps work normal. I know a easy fix would be jump the wire from the tractor brake lamps to the trailer red wire but I kinda want to fix it the correct way. Any help would be great.
  5. Ok so on my project Superliner when I have the headlamps on the inside head lights come on instead of the outside. Any one run into this before? The inside should come on when the high beams are activated. It's like they are backwards. Please help .
  6. I'm looking for a superliner with a sleeper. Only requirements are e6 engine and cut outs on both sides of sleeper for dual stacks. Preferably a flat top sleeper but will entertain all available. Could be restored or need restoring just looking for a sleeper truck. Any help would be apriciated! Thanks Scott. 239-410-1662
  7. So I did measure my superliner that's on camelbacks front rear from the top of rear housing on the left side to the top of the bottom frame rail and that measured 6 3/4 inches. Would it make since to set the air ride truck to the same measurement since it uses the same axle housings and the same frame rails? Again the superliners use a frame that's not as tall as a ch so there for I don't believe there is documentation on the proper ride height for this set up. And I don't think the Hendrickson suspension was ever available from the factory on frame rails as short as ours.
  8. I actually have this bulliten but our superliners only have 9.5 inch tall frames and that document states for frames with 10.47 inches and 11.81 inches. I'm thinking since my frame is not as tall those measurements wouldn't be correct. Agreed?
  9. Has anyone figured out the proper ride height on the Hendrickson air ride under a superliner? We recently put a ch air ride under ours and am getting s bad viberation. Any help would be great.
  10. Any idea where I could buy a new or used superliner fuel tank? My passengers side is rough and would love to replace it.
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