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  1. 1981 f 700 need some one to understand this is a piece of history not just an old cab over it needs to cared for not hacked up call me at 330-503-4576 I have reduced price see my profile for pic more can be sent to you thanks
  2. thanks snowdog that is the paper done on this truck there has been some slight changes done to the truck since the paper but for the most part it is all orginal that pic is the truck when it was being tested
  3. Thought it was sold but no response, so trying here. Email me at barbesgarage@msn.com Truck only. A lot of you have seen this truck at the shows and already know about it It needs a good home because it is one of a kind. Ask any thing about it and please be a buyer, not a tire kicker. Thanks
  4. that pic is before adding bunk thanks al
  5. B model is very nice but I have a R model and think it would be nice to have a smaller version
  6. any one interested in my f model thought I had it sold but no responce
  7. does any one know where this truck is and if it may be for sale
  8. some of you know this truck it has been to shows and the subject of discution on here the truck is 1980 f 700 with 300 5 speed a rased roof and a organic rinkin cycle atched to rear of eng it was a test truck with 38000 origal miles the numbe one thing people say in wht is the blue thing on the rear of the motor i have added a flame thrower to the stack so call me if you may be interested sale price is 18000.00 or best offer ph 330-503-4576
  9. thanks for your intrest no sorry to say the ranknie cycle does not operate over the years parts have been removed before i got it but never the less it is still cool but i would love to have a copy of the mag you ate showing in the pics thanks again
  10. great show. thank god it stopped raining didnt wont to have another mudgungie. hey howabout setting that atendance record fantastic! it was great meeting up with the MACK PACK members. talking to denny and ken is just part of the show I look forward to and to every one that puts on the greatest truck show on earth THANKS! you guys out do yourslefs every year
  11. there is a guy here in ohio that may have what you are looking for call jim at 330-506-6270 he is always finding superliner parts good luck
  12. a green R model that is one smart guy remember'' IF ITS NOT A MACK SEND IT BACK''
  13. great pic to be that good with your phone bet you text and drive too watch it smokey bear dont like that
  14. way to go doug you may be a star yet if not you will always shine for us
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