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  1. Trans American running through Andover New Jersey
  2. Yes,,,,,The original owner Pagnotti purchased 4 DM's that year and was plagued with the 2-valve V8 issues.. So yes Mack replaced the engines and the parts look up microfiche film ,but could not change the vin since it was already put into service
  3. Still not sold but cheaper 1968 Mack DM819SX Wetline, 65,000lb. Mack rears, camelback suspension, 12.24 tires, factory installed 1693 cat engine, 13 speed road ranger with auxiliary transmission, dual 50 gallon fuel tanks. Over $46,000 invested, sale price $21,500 http://www.truckpaper.com/listingsdetail/printdetail.aspx?OHID=5249159 We discussed this truck when it was new Denis Lavoie and Son Ltd. Has many heavy spec RD's and CL's but they sell the newest one 2010 MACK TITAN TD713 OFF ROAD DUMP TRUCK! Truck is in Excellent Condition and has not been abused. Mp10 515 ..18 Spd..101,745
  4. BC Mack,,,,, already posted this but what a story with this one 1954 Mack B30, This is probably the finest B-30 around. It is powered by the original 330 cubic inch 6-cylinder Mack “Magnadyne” gasoline engine. The small engine develops 122 horsepower giving the truck a top speed of 38 miles-per- hour. It"s equipped with a 5-speed transmission and a selective positive dual or single forward axle drive (controlled by a lever in the cab). The truck is 25"5” in overall length with a 194” wheelbase and it is fitted with 9.00 * 20 tires. What makes the truck unusual is the size of the tandem rear-e
  5. Description: 1950 MACK LT Logging Truck . All original. This is a collector truck. VIN#: Not Listed Location: Rigby, ID USA Price: $50,000 USD http://www.rockanddirt.com/trucks-for-sale/MACK/LT/invnum=10208393 1953 MACK LT Logging Truck . Everything but the engine is original. Has a Detroit 6-110 putting out 400 + HP . Beautiful Truck. Show Quality. VIN#: Not Listed Location: Rigby, ID USA Price: $55,000 USDhttp://www.rockanddirt.com/trucks-for-sale/MACK/LT/invnum=10208394
  6. Thanks.......Yes they are punching for a 600 ton Radiation Shielding block order I picked up last month
  7. I would hire you with that resume^^^^^^ but your commute is a little far
  8. This is what truck owners and operators where like years ago. I was lucky to learn from Dad and elders (pride in trucking) This guy put a smile on my face... Clean clothes Work boots Tucked in shirt Polished paint Actually trimmed his load Sweeped his boots and floor before he left
  9. Thanks Guys,,,,,For the history info This winter has been more busy then normal...Been hard to find time to get on here to thank ya I forgot that this is what old school trucking was like,,,,,, Over the road trucks became regional trucks and then became ,,yard spotters or become glider material.. This is why the other truck makers make gliders today,,But not Mack what are they trying to tell us
  10. Ok pull out your history books ,,,,,Could be the mid 1970's plastic Mack letters on the front that makes me think this is not really a Mack but had to ask. 6 cylinder, 10 speed, 30,000 miles, Cemco lift hydraulic, runs like new. http://www.lowerpriceequipment.com/pre_owned_detail.asp?sid=09922449X2K2K2014J6I13I19JAMQ7644R0&veh=3517829
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