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  1. Looking for a Mack Fire Engine

    Wow, that was a crazy turn of events.

    Any pictures?
  3. R model hood

    So it appears this would fit?
  4. R model hood

  5. R model hood

    Do you know if this would fit an 88? Tim H
  6. allentown spring melt

    Cant this year.
  7. My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    Dave I have a records update: The Knightdale, NC Mack Cf was original to Raleigh, NC.
  8. 79 R model

    Not a bad looking truck, hard to tell though from a black and white picture.
  9. I believe its black with a red strip. Its on the south bound side just before the TA. Its been there atleast since 2000.
  10. Diesel Car & Light Truck News

    Good thoughts, just got it back. That new dpf is awesome, runs like someone took the cork out of the exhaust.
  11. Pair of stainless steel quarter fenders

    Any pics?
  12. Diesel Car & Light Truck News

    They say they can't fix my 2010 and no fix is available. I've been holding on to it, beautiful car with only 70,000 miles on it. Something happened yesterday and I took it in. Turned out plugged DPF. So I got a new DPF at a cost of $3,979.00 for free. No way to clean it, so that's not very many miles? My warranty runs out at 80,000 so I guess I will turn it back in at 79,999 miles.
  13. Diesel Car & Light Truck News

    Im still trying to figure out what to do with my 2010 Jetta TDI. I guess Ill wait and see if a fix is created. Then if not, I guess they will take it in 2018.
  14. Mack Mechanic

    What do you have going on? I'm in Raleigh. Sorry I just saw this post.
  15. E-6 Power Increase

    I am, just picked up my first 350 last summer and Im trying to get it running 100%. I love alittle more, but its a hobby truck so longevity is my goal.