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  1. What do you have going on? I'm in Raleigh. Sorry I just saw this post.
  2. I am, just picked up my first 350 last summer and Im trying to get it running 100%. I love alittle more, but its a hobby truck so longevity is my goal.
  3. If its not gone, shoot me the price you are looking to get.
  4. Love those old Fs.
  5. Wow nice paint, cant wait to see more.
  6. I love when you find wire nuts under the frame rails!
  7. After searching around, just picked up a matching pair of aluminum rims for the front. I don't know what it is, but since I have 8 alums on the rear, those two hand hole budds are killing me. Time to get the new rims in the shop and get them polished. Time for deals on tires now.
  8. Well, that looks like a great find! I've been watching it too, if it would have been closer I would have been all in.Congratulations cant wait to hear the new stories and about how much fun you are having with it. I cant believe the condition that its in.
  9. Jim thanks, that is exactly what I needed to track down these issues.
  10. Just depends on how bad the burn damage is to the diamond plate. Any pictures? I use ZEPHYR PRO 40 PERFECTION METAL POLISH for my polish, my metal has not been exposed to fire.
  11. Been looking for a grill too, just not sold on which one to go with?
  12. Interesting dimmer works, but someone has removed half the bulbs.
  13. Wow, what a transformation, great work !
  14. Thanks gearhead, ill check that switch. I like going through a new truck but this one been interesting. Last mechanic did everything but use chewing gum so far.