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  1. Was told it’s the multiple bans and returns that lit it off. She was being hounded by them. She was also irritating the banned members and KS was decent to her. When he became moderator the membership resented KS for giving her respect instead of the boot. Then accused him of harboring a banned fugitive. Too bad it did get ugly as like TJC points out. Something had to intervene. What do the sites do? A ban term? jail sentence instead of a coffin?
  2. And a group of members butt heads with administration and certain moderator about her being back again. Administration won the argument, Barry banned her and all them. TJC knows who, but I think JHancock, David Wild, Heavy Gunner, Mack Technician, Dutch Digger and TS7 all got axed. Maybe a few more?
  3. I’d leave it alone. When He comes back after these spats guaranteed Teamsterrr/Gear-head grrrl/Maxidyne isn’t far behind. Round 4?
  4. RIP Mack Tecnician. You will surely be missed by many on this site. Your practical, useful advice and selfless dedication to helping others solve problems will not soon be forgotten. Another victim of senseless censorship.
  5. Jamkar, the moderators wiped out the core group of outspoken conservatives. It's the blue wave 2020.
  6. That's insane for a screw! Talk about getting "screwed". My guess...$43. Wild shot in the dark.
  7. Cool video, good stuff. Looks like this stuff was promoted as the original "energy drink", before that was a thing. Interesting note from their website in the history section: 1885-1899: Moxie Nerve Food invented and patented in 1885. I find it curious it was originally called 'nerve food'. They also made 'many wild curative claims'. Hair loss? Drink more Moxie. Marital problems? Erectile disfunction? Drink Moxie, and all your problems will be gone. MackTechnician, when you tried it, did your chosen ailment get better?
  8. Wow! That's awesome (and sad). The only source of ignition had to have been the battery. Something (the frame of the shack) must have sparked the battery by touching both terminals. Otherwise, how do you explain? Subsequent explosions came from LP tanks after the shack and battery acid were burning. Amazing the vehicle wasn't more damaged!
  9. Just fueling the flames 😂😃 I doubt Russia would launch a preemptive strike. https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/russians-will-go-to-heaven-in-event-of-nuclear-war-vladimir-putin-1934172
  10. M.A.D. no longer really applies to urban Russia, they've been fortifying and prepping for a nuclear attack since the cold war. Putin has said they could keep the 3 largest cities in Russia completely intact after a nuclear attack, with enough underground bunker space for the entire city of Moscow to run for 20 years underground. Supposedly, Putin claims the entire population of Moscow has been prepped. Putin has been preparing for a nuclear showdown and has publicly commented on it in interviews last year. He said something to the effect of "Moscow has bunkers, and food and water for ever
  11. Thanks for sharing, love the old rusting heap pictures! Great stuff.
  12. Neat pics, really like the old vehicles and the Tamale restaurant.
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