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  1. What's the hold up Tom, me The Burren and Mack Tech are down to just two beers left and I'm still not banned? Wake up Barry if you have to.
  2. Someone let you out of Marlboro Mental Hospital? Heard there's a lot of people there who talk to themselves. You ain't rite, Tom.
  3. Not exactly. But it's a small world, no doubt. 😄
  4. Brocky: What'd they do to tank it? Going through members private messages, banning large groups of good contributors, then not writing banned on their accounts so no one really knows how many are banned and when Mods are banning them? 🤫
  5. Just heard The Burren's (the guy who stirred the hornet's nest by starting this thread) was kicked off BMT. I talked to him over on the ATHS forum. Seems a lot of folks going over there. I get not dragging up the past...I do. Nevertheless, I mourn every banned member! We used to have some good/heated discussions on here. RIP my friends. Anybody here seen my old friend John (Hancock)? Can you tell me where he's gone? He freed lotta people but it seems the good they die young You know I just looked around and he's gone I thought I saw them walkin' up over the hill With Mack Technic
  6. Thanks for the tip! Was hoping someone would locate the MIA’s.
  7. Was told it’s the multiple bans and returns that lit it off. She was being hounded by them. She was also irritating the banned members and KS was decent to her. When he became moderator the membership resented KS for giving her respect instead of the boot. Then accused him of harboring a banned fugitive. Too bad it did get ugly as like TJC points out. Something had to intervene. What do the sites do? A ban term? jail sentence instead of a coffin?
  8. And a group of members butt heads with administration and certain moderator about her being back again. Administration won the argument, Barry banned her and all them. TJC knows who, but I think JHancock, David Wild, Heavy Gunner, Mack Technician, Dutch Digger and TS7 all got axed. Maybe a few more?
  9. I’d leave it alone. When He comes back after these spats guaranteed Teamsterrr/Gear-head grrrl/Maxidyne isn’t far behind. Round 4?
  10. RIP Mack Tecnician. You will surely be missed by many on this site. Your practical, useful advice and selfless dedication to helping others solve problems will not soon be forgotten. Another victim of senseless censorship.
  11. Jamkar, the moderators wiped out the core group of outspoken conservatives. It's the blue wave 2020.
  12. That's insane for a screw! Talk about getting "screwed". My guess...$43. Wild shot in the dark.
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