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  1. Bringing back some of the old dog's good humor... The last post from Mack Technician 8-15-2020 "Pleased we're seeing a drop in COVID cases here since King Ever's mask mandate. Last week only 1 in 10 engine oil samples came back COV19 positive. The week before it was 4 positive tests, even though the machines aren't showing a single symptom." I was trying to find the post that got him banned, just wondering what it was. All I found were jokes like these and repair instructions. This is the last one he wrote before he got banned. Check out who liked the post. Digging u
  2. The years top three contributors are missing and it's really starting to show. Mack Technician was one of a few good good mechanics on here who knew what they were doing on a gray engine and he's gone. Go to a dealership AND expect good service advice with an old truck? Put these fellas on probation or make them do jumpin' jacks til they puke up their innards, OR whatever it takes to satisfy the crime? Bring Teamsterr back for the 4th time and make them sit with her!😀 Just sayin'
  3. Thanks for the info. What rears were in that ch? I’m going to have to assume that a current 435HP motor with 4.10 will be able to do what I need without working too hard. Nonetheless I am concerned a bit about fuel consumption on the highway. What were the rears in the Pete?
  4. I’m tossing around thee idea of adding a tri-axle and I’m stuck on the trans. I live in Eastern SC which is called Low Country because its flat. Sandy and flat. This truck will probably be doing dirt and stone but it may end up (god forbid) as an asphalt truck. What are the pros and cons of the 8LL/ Allison? I test drove the Allison and it was amazing off the line. Will this change when loaded? How about fuel mileage running highway speeds (70mph)? The Allison has 425HP 4.30 rear and the 8LL is 435HP 4.10 rears. My 05 Granite is 370hp with 4.64 rears and seeing 70+mph me
  5. I bought an 05 and put in an E7 exhaust, 5” GR pipes, injectors from K&S and a borg warner S467 with a billet wheel. What color is your engine? Mach Tech can probably help you out for some beer.
  6. Mack Tech pointed me to this thread I ended up using his same turbo which I believe was a borg warner S467 with a billet wheel. Its a little bigger than the s300 and definitely spools earlier and flows nicely. Im no expert but the larger exhaust manifold and GR pipes in conjunction with the turbo and injectors from K&S have really made this truck a pleasure to drive
  7. Ha, Old Milwaukee.. no surprise there;) I remember drinking many a Milwaukees Best... A year supply headed your way! 10-4 on the pyro!
  8. K&S injectors installed YTS Turbo in exhaust manifold on New rocker shaft bolts Dual 4” pipes replaced with 5” Grand Rock exhaust and M-132 muffler mounted Doing king pins tomorrow morning Still need a pyro, but for now I’m just going to plug it up. All in all coming along AWESOME! Who’s thread is this again? I’m sending you a beer.
  9. Forgot to take an actual picture of the pipes... but they looked perfect, and HUGE compared to the stock ones. Here's the exhaust I got for 200.00
  10. My 70 mile 1 way trip is going to be so much nicer now. Don't know where big John got that extra 5
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