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  1. Forgot to take an actual picture of the pipes... but they looked perfect, and HUGE compared to the stock ones. Here's the exhaust I got for 200.00
  2. My 70 mile 1 way trip is going to be so much nicer now. Don't know where big John got that extra 5
  3. Your rear pipe number is different than mine.? I went off this The custom Grand Rock, CV713, single run, exhaust part numbers are as follows: MK-41112M2-5, 5" 2-BEND W/BELL FLARE & PYRO; ALZ (front pipe) MK-5110A-5, 5" 4-BEND W/LIST & WELDS OD/OD; ALZ (rear pipe) My Mack Dealership prices, w/mark-up, are as follows: $206.99 front pipe $221.03 rear pipe
  4. Called 3 places today asking for quotes for the front and rear pipes: 1. Carolina International Trucks, Florence SC 2. FleetPride, Wilmington NC 3. Truck Pro, Charleston SC **Carolina International Trucks — called back within 15 mins best price by far 843-468-9560 $250.00 FRONT MK-41112M2-5 $260.00 REAR MK-5110A-5 Fleetpride out of Wilmington NC came back with a quote of $305.00 FRONT $325.00 REAR. PLUS FREIGHT CHARGES TruckPro never called back
  5. Hey Mack Technician— thank you for the quick response. Questions: 1. When you wrote “Can’t recommend these trucks for purchase except to say I’d buy one because I have my previous coworker at the dealership who can still drop files into them and provide all other internal support and I’m very familiar with them” are you saying that the regular user (me) WON’T necessarily be able to get an updated flash file downloaded if my rig is running old software? 2. I can’t find the post which lists the upgraded injector part numbers to buy.. Am I mis-remembering what I read? Thanks for the recc. re. Josh Stewart. I’ll give them a call Monday. I’d love exact part numbers for the proper manifold turbo and injectors if you have them handy. These parts (assuming they are a direct plug n play replacement) are something I would be able to install easily if it will make the truck that much better = Thanks— UPDATE— is the 631GC5153M4 SA400 WithOut wasteGate what I’m looking for for my AI400 motor?
  6. Awesome information, thanks to all you experts for taking the time to share. I’m getting ready to switch gears and buy my first dump truck. I took the advice of a buddy and decided on a low mileage 2004 CV713 with AI-400 12.0L MACK 400 HP and MAXITORQUE 9 SPDS trans. I’m going to be running mostly dirt sand and stone at ~70K in hot temps. So my question is, should I avoid this engine? I don’t mind spending some additional money and upgrading a manifold, injectors, and turbo, but the part numbers from Grand Rock don’t bring any results on their search page so I’m assuming that it was a one and done single run custom job? The truck was a specialized oil field truck and has a new 17’ steel body, PTO and cylinder and looks clean in pictures. I’m flying out this Friday 9/27 to take a drive and check it out and if everything looks good I was going to hand the man a check and drive it home. Any advice would be very welcome— 1. is this engine a dog without doing the conversions described in this thread? 2. What exactly is the minimum I’d need to do to make it run properly? The last 6 of the VIN 008206 The truck is listed here on MV Planet Trucks. http://www.mvplanettrucks.com/admin/view2.php?ccode=156893884865881&startitem=&startpage=&endpage=&current=&category=&make=&model=&year=# My cashiers check is in hand and I have a Friday flight, but for $60K if this engine is going to irritate me for the next 3 years I can hold off. I have a little time to look for the right truck if this engine isn’t it.. As an aside, I could have gotten a 2016 Western Star for ~$80,000.00 locally. It’s listed here but sold now. https://www.tlgtrucks.com/peterbilt-sleeper-day-cab/GPHP1610/ Please someone tell me that even though its newer that this old 2004 Granite is still a better truck, otherwise I’m going to be kicking myself — Thanks—
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