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  1. I bought an 05 and put in an E7 exhaust, 5” GR pipes, injectors from K&S and a borg warner S467 with a billet wheel. What color is your engine? Mach Tech can probably help you out for some beer.
  2. Mack Tech pointed me to this thread I ended up using his same turbo which I believe was a borg warner S467 with a billet wheel. Its a little bigger than the s300 and definitely spools earlier and flows nicely. Im no expert but the larger exhaust manifold and GR pipes in conjunction with the turbo and injectors from K&S have really made this truck a pleasure to drive
  3. Ha, Old Milwaukee.. no surprise there;) I remember drinking many a Milwaukees Best... A year supply headed your way! 10-4 on the pyro!
  4. K&S injectors installed YTS Turbo in exhaust manifold on New rocker shaft bolts Dual 4” pipes replaced with 5” Grand Rock exhaust and M-132 muffler mounted Doing king pins tomorrow morning Still need a pyro, but for now I’m just going to plug it up. All in all coming along AWESOME! Who’s thread is this again? I’m sending you a beer.
  5. Forgot to take an actual picture of the pipes... but they looked perfect, and HUGE compared to the stock ones. Here's the exhaust I got for 200.00
  6. My 70 mile 1 way trip is going to be so much nicer now. Don't know where big John got that extra 5
  7. Your rear pipe number is different than mine.? I went off this The custom Grand Rock, CV713, single run, exhaust part numbers are as follows: MK-41112M2-5, 5" 2-BEND W/BELL FLARE & PYRO; ALZ (front pipe) MK-5110A-5, 5" 4-BEND W/LIST & WELDS OD/OD; ALZ (rear pipe) My Mack Dealership prices, w/mark-up, are as follows: $206.99 front pipe $221.03 rear pipe
  8. Called 3 places today asking for quotes for the front and rear pipes: 1. Carolina International Trucks, Florence SC 2. FleetPride, Wilmington NC 3. Truck Pro, Charleston SC **Carolina International Trucks — called back within 15 mins best price by far 843-468-9560 $250.00 FRONT MK-41112M2-5 $260.00 REAR MK-5110A-5 Fleetpride out of Wilmington NC came back with a quote of $305.00 FRONT $325.00 REAR. PLUS FREIGHT CHARGES TruckPro never called back
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