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  1. That wimmin is from Winfall so you and Swishy probably should get to know her first. Some dead presidents might not hurt either.
  2. Glad you are doing well now. Poor Jeff he has been stuck with a new truck payment will you laid around (maybe with some Winfall wimmin) sick. You are going to have to run extra hard to make up for it.
  3. I'll be nice enough to hold the door so it don't hit them in the a$$. AL Sharpton can take the other 3 racist trouble makers with him. Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama. Lock the door so the trash can't get back in.
  4. My friend started trucking in the early 50's. He drove a lot of different trucks and always said his favorite was a LJ Mack. He said when he would stop at a truck stop it was a long table and for a nickel there were plates full of eggs, bacon, ham, fried tators. Help your self. One big bunk house like is in the video.
  5. A very good friend of mine who was a World War II veteran used to tell me stories of what trucking was like back in the good ole days. He always said I would have enjoyed it.
  6. Could be the rings were put on wrong. Very easy to do. If the heads weren't replaced they could be cracked. Just a thought.
  7. Sorry for your loss. Nice pictures all of them.
  8. Apple dog


    After election gave away billions in a worthless stimulus package. Has given billions to the enemy. 1.5 billion and 26 f-15 ' s to the muslin brotherhood. Has record numbers of freeloaders getting hand outs. A Healthcare system if left alone will bankruptcy the US.
  9. He probably had some racing stripes in his bloomers and didn't want the emt's to see them. About a month ago my engineer and me was coming back from Strasburg VA and hit a full grown cow standing in the tracks. All we heard was a bump.
  10. The only thing that would make this beauty look any better is my drive way. The stainless visor looks very good also.
  11. Here in the hillbilly I had the man running the snow plow say its to bad for him to be out in this weather. He turned around and went home.
  12. This is something to think about as you go through your day. It just shows how messed up the USA is.
  13. The picture was on Truck drivers USA Facebook page.
  14. I will find it later today and send it to you.
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