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    Farmer in ks grew up on Mack trucks and my grandpa owned a dealership

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  1. B70 in Kansas.

  2. B70 in Kansas.

    I talked to him and he said 1955 b70 and yes it’s the factory engine.
  3. B70 in Kansas.

  4. B70 in Kansas.

  5. B70 in Kansas.

    A guy got ahold of me and is trying to sell a b70. He says it has under 100000 original miles. 673 10sd duplex. He has the factory build sheets for it. The bad is he changed the rears to 3.90 airride the good is that he still has the original rears. He’s asking 7000. I have a couple pictures but they won’t load. I can help in any way needed. If somebody wants me to look at it or keep it at my place for a while whatever. I can text you pictures or the guys number. Mine is 785-623-1413
  6. If anybody would have a picture from the magazine I would reall like to see what it looked like in its glory day.
  7. The truck has been sitting since 1994. Rumor is it melted a piston.
  8. I forgot to add they said it was on the cover of overdrive mag the truck is silver with black fenders and the top of the hood is black with a stand up sleeper. If anyone could tell me why I can’t get on Bmt through tapatalk it would be much appreciated.
  9. From what I can figure looking at state stickers and calendars in the cab it’s been sitting since 94. It would make a good project just think it will be more than I want to tackle unless someone thinks I’m making a mistake not buying it. $5000 is what he wants. 79 400 big cam fuller 15 spd 4.17 rears on camel back no air ride cab. Well pictures won’t load and I can’t get on Tapatalk
  10. Starting a sittInch engine

    I am going to look at a superliner tomorrow and I believe it has a cummins in it. From what I’ve been told the engine has some kind of problem and has been sitting for 6 years. Should I even try to swing it over with some batteries or is there some steps I should do first? Thanks for any advice.
  11. Truck shows

    Would anybody know if there's any truck shows around the Denver area this weekend? We are in Longmont for vacation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. We use mystic here on the farm. Been getting along pretty good with it. We switched a couple years ago from the cheap coop brand.
  13. 13 speed Fuller

    These are a couple trucks up the road from me. Left is and 85 middle is a 76 I believe and the one on the right is from the 70's also. They run every day coast to coast. The guy that owns the one in the middle is a good friend. His truck has over 3 millions miles and has been rebuilt top to bottom twice. Must be making money or I guess he would do something else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Massive Load

    Just saw this morning they are for sale on truckpaper.