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  1. where can you get chrome headlight bezels that fit around the headlights on a late model mack rd? ive seen them on these trucks but can not find them.
  2. we have a 2000 mack rd and id like to change the bullet lights on top of the cab to led. can you do this and if so, which lights will fit? can i just get led cab lights that fit a granite and put them on this truck or is the fitment different?
  3. will 33 mm lug nut covers fit over 1 1/4" lug nuts?
  4. say for example a mack has a 400 motor which is 400 hp to the wheels. what does a cat put out to the wheels with say a 550 at the flywheel?
  5. how do you get more hp out of a 2000 rd with a 400?
  6. picked up a 2000 rd688sx 10 wheeler dump the other day with a 400 etech and 18 speed. it has a lot of power but was wondering if there's anything i should be aware of with this engine. also noticed from a distance while looking at the truck from the front and back that its leaning towards the passenger side which makes me kind of nervous. there arent any noticeable broken suspension parts and the tires on the drivers side definitely have more tread but it looks like it its leaning above the frame rails. any thoughts?
  7. i need a second heavy spec 10 wheeler and want a granite but theyre hard to find in the northeast with 58 rears. id like to just buy a granite triaxle, take whatever rears it has right out, shorten the frame and put 58s in it. is this possible to do? will the frame allow this?
  8. I have a 2007 mack granite with a 400. How do I get more hp out of the engine?
  9. 46s to 58s conversion

    mass allows 73000 as a registered gvw so it is legal as far as weight goes but I wasn't sure if triaxles were somehow constructed differently such as frame strength for example. the truck would be shortened so a 14 ft body would fit.
  10. can you take a triaxle granite dump truck that has 46 rears and swap for 58s and make it into a 10 wheeler dump?
  11. I need the poles. Just don't know which to get.
  12. Does anyone know how to install the small Mack dogs that mount to bumper guide poles?
  13. maintainence schedule need help

    What about transmission and rear end oil changes?
  14. we have an 89 rd690sx ten wheeler dump. it has a 300 8 speed 18 front 58 rears and runs heavy and does idle a lot. how often should components be adjusted and fluids changed?
  15. our 89 rd690sx ten wheeler dump has a 300 with 8 speed mack trans. the rpms will only go as high as 1800. someone told me the 690 series was a municipal spec truck and the engine it has was designed to run vacuums or pumps and things like that. our 88 is an r688 and the rpms go as high as 2200. is what i was told about our 89 690 true?