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  1. 2000 rd's volt meter is pinned all the way to the right as soon as i turn the key to on and while truck is running. any ideas? bad ground? everything electronic works as it should.
  2. the air build up rate in my truck takes a long time to reach 120. is it just time for a new compressor?
  3. 400 to 427

    can i just replace the turbo and notice a difference?
  4. 400 to 427

    can i get the same hp out of my 400 as a 427? of so, how?
  5. my 2000 mack rd with a 400 18 speed has a pyrometer temp that is running between 600-900 degrees while accelerating. i put a thermometer gun to where the sensor is in the pipe and it was reading the same as the gauge in the cab. turbo temp was around 725 at the time that i pulled over to check when the pyrometer was reading around 850. the temperature quickly drops while i start slowing down or run the truck around 1300 rpms. gauge says to not exceed 1100 degrees. is my truck running hot?
  6. how often to grease

    can anyone tell me how often to grease a 2000 rd688sx ten wheeler dump? 18 front 58 rears. how frequent and where exactly.
  7. how do you get this stance?!!

    you guys are right about the tire size and camera angle but im also referring to the space between the top of the tires and the front fenders without looking like its leaning backwards.
  8. i love how this cab/hood sits on the frame. it makes the truck look so tall. how do you make it look like this?
  9. 2000 mack rd with 400 builds air slowly and it takes a lot longer than it normally would for the coolant to reach 180 degrees which is when i start using the engine brake, usually never lower than that. any ideas?
  10. how do you mount the mini bulldogs on bumper poles?
  11. where can you get chrome headlight bezels that fit around the headlights on a late model mack rd? ive seen them on these trucks but can not find them.
  12. we have a 2000 mack rd and id like to change the bullet lights on top of the cab to led. can you do this and if so, which lights will fit? can i just get led cab lights that fit a granite and put them on this truck or is the fitment different?
  13. will 33 mm lug nut covers fit over 1 1/4" lug nuts?
  14. say for example a mack has a 400 motor which is 400 hp to the wheels. what does a cat put out to the wheels with say a 550 at the flywheel?
  15. how do you get more hp out of a 2000 rd with a 400?