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    I am a retired trucker after 47 years of accident free drive with just shy of 4 million miles. I own a show Classic, antique cars. I have a 1969 AMC AMX, 2005 Mustang GT, and a 1985 Mack Superliner.
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  1. Last week one of my hood restraint cables snapped on my 1985 Superliner. From what I found, its part number 27RC250. I can't find one anywhere, and I don't see any cross reference numbers for it either. Anyone know where I can find, or have one they want to sell? If the other one brakes, I'm in trouble. Its a total of 38" forked clevis to forked clevis. Thanks...
  2. Looking for two decent, not cracked or repaired R-RW dash bezels in silver/grey color. I need the bezel that holds the tach and speedo. Part # 8MT519 and the top dash that holds the ash tray # 370R5114. If anyone has any laying around that need a good home, please let me know condition and what you want for them. Thanks...
  3. Yah, I spec one out with Alumitank. 25x59 Polished, shipped to the house was a bit over 1300.00. Might be the way to go.
  4. OK. That sounds easy enough. Thanks for the info...
  5. Just wondering if anyone has ever removed the steering column from inside a R or RW cab to repaint it. If so, any secrets? I want to pull the column and shaft, since when you open the door, it looks pretty nasty when you look up at the underside of the dash. I noticed there a four bolts that hold it in place on the slider. Any ideas or helpful hints would be appreciated. Pictures are what I am referring to, and not my truck, or the photographer...
  6. Looking for a nice left side fuel tank for my Superliner. Need a 25" round, and anywhere between 56 to 67" long. They are about 134 gallon tanks. Nothing dented, patched, and no corrosion please. Center fill top draw. The sending unit is 49" back and fits behind the two rear straps. These tanks where used on the RW, CH, CX. Since I don't really want it shipped, the closer to Pittsburgh PA. The better. Thanks...
  7. Bulb is good, switched it with the other side. Plus, I put on headlight bezels with an LED strip across the bottom. It will not light either being spliced into the black wire. .
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