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    I am a retired trucker after 47 years of accident free drive with just shy of 4 million miles. I own a show Classic, antique cars. I have a 1969 AMC AMX, 2005 Mustang GT, and a 1985 Mack Superliner.
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  1. OK, no problem, and I do appreciate what you already sent. Thanks again.
  2. OH MY! BROVO Vladislav. That is absolutely perfect. If its not to late, do you have a closeup picture of the horn valve and bracket. I have a feeling the previous owner took out the bracket
  3. Do any R, RW, DM, etc members have their headliner pulled done to get me pictures of the location of the airhorn valve, bracket and location? The previous owner removed the lights, horns, and roof vent from on top of the roof. I partially pulled down my headliner to day, and I can not figure out where it would even go. Has to be near the grommet in the headliner in assume, but I can not find anything that looks like the original location Pictures or factory diagrams would be fantastic. If there are part numbers (valve, bracket, lanyard etc) for any of the items, that would be a BIG help as well. Thanks in advance, for any help, picture, or part #s.
  4. Sounds good Joey Mack. Might be good to stock up on that stuff. Thanks.
  5. Thanks MackTech. I guess the best thing to do is when I remove the hoses, cut it, and measure the inside diameter to see if its 3/8 or 1/2. Not sure what has been done to this truck before I purchased it, and what mods its been through. I know a lot has been done. Started as a tractor, then stretched and made into a tri-axle dump, air to the rear for pintle hitch trailers. Thanks again.
  6. I am getting ready to replace my front brake chambers on my 1985 Superliner. My question is the rubber hose size. Not sure if mine are 1/2" or 3/8" hose, but are about 18" long. What doesn't make sense to me is, why do they both go through a 3/8 fitting. What is the advantage of 3/8" fitting to 1/2" hose to 3/8" fitting over a 3/8" fitting 3/8" hose 3/8" fitting. No matter what size hose you use, it still narrows down to 3/8" I want to make sure I put the correct ones on. All my drop-down hose are so old, that all the markings and sizes on them are long gone.
  7. Last week one of my hood restraint cables snapped on my 1985 Superliner. From what I found, its part number 27RC250. I can't find one anywhere, and I don't see any cross reference numbers for it either. Anyone know where I can find, or have one they want to sell? If the other one brakes, I'm in trouble. Its a total of 38" forked clevis to forked clevis. Thanks...
  8. Looking for two decent, not cracked or repaired R-RW dash bezels in silver/grey color. I need the bezel that holds the tach and speedo. Part # 8MT519 and the top dash that holds the ash tray # 370R5114. If anyone has any laying around that need a good home, please let me know condition and what you want for them. Thanks...
  9. Yah, I spec one out with Alumitank. 25x59 Polished, shipped to the house was a bit over 1300.00. Might be the way to go.
  10. OK. That sounds easy enough. Thanks for the info...
  11. Just wondering if anyone has ever removed the steering column from inside a R or RW cab to repaint it. If so, any secrets? I want to pull the column and shaft, since when you open the door, it looks pretty nasty when you look up at the underside of the dash. I noticed there a four bolts that hold it in place on the slider. Any ideas or helpful hints would be appreciated. Pictures are what I am referring to, and not my truck, or the photographer...
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