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  1. My 85 RW633 Superliner has the square vents.
  2. Bulb is good, switched it with the other side. Plus, I put on headlight bezels with an LED strip across the bottom. It will not light either being spliced into the black wire. .
  3. I have been going crazy all day yesterday, trying to find the issue. Both left, and right turn signals on my 85 Superliner work as should. The right side marker on the side of the turn signal works as should. The driver side, I can not get the side marker to light up. Now as far as I can see with the test light, there are three wires. Green, black, white. On the right side, I have power to the green (turn signal), black (marker), and assuming the white is the ground with no power on test. Am I correct? Driverside, I am not getting power on the black (marker). I traced it all the way to the firewall, and no power in the wire at all, even out the four way plug. There is power at the junction strip. Is it possible to have a bad ground? and if its a bad ground! Will the turn signal still work, which it does? Thanks in advance. Anyone have a wire diagram of that junction block on the firewall. Mine is a mess, because of misc electrical stuff added, and removed over the years.
  4. I have my 85 Superliner on with Gulfway. Its $259 per year.
  5. Has anyone had any luck with finding a suitable replacement for the silver/grey vinyl upholstery fabric. I need some for my 85 Superliner to do my door panels and window sill arm rest. I have been told the original manufacture is out of business.
  6. Thanks John. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. I just saw your reply post. I did find a matching one for my truck.
  7. alex, Looking for a nice rust and damage free R-model driver side door for my 85 superdawg. Have anything laying around?
  8. Everyone I talk to say that those re-pops are junk. They sound like a tin can when you close the door. Thanks for the link. It is an option, but I hope an original comes along.
  9. Thanks, Yah, wasn't to bad of a job. The stinking thing came out in to pieces.
  10. I am in need of a rust free, damage free driver side door for my 85 Superliner. The closer to PA the better. Thanks
  11. I am in need of a exhaust bracket for my 1985 RW, Superliner. Left or right side will be fine, and the closer to SW PA the better.
  12. Has anyone changed out the hood hinge pivots on their Superliner. Both of mine on my 1985 RW are bad, with the driver side being the worst. I have new ones ready to install. Is this a one man job? Any ideas, or tricks I should know to get these changed. I want to do it before I put my new bumper on. Thanks in advance for any help or ideas. JDK
  13. Will be there Thursday afternoon sometime. Registered at the Wingate exit 54.
  14. Just put the freshly polished Alcoa's from Keystone Wheel Polishing on the rear of my 85 RW

    © photo © by Jack D Kuiphoff

  15. I am in need of a nice rust and damage free driver side door for my 1985 Superliner. If anyone has one they want to part with, or knows where I can find one, please let me know. Thanks, JDK
  16. Thanks Plowboy. I'll give Watts a call in the morning.
  17. I am in need of the L & R hood hinges, plus the lower brace that runs between them, to replace the badly rusted out pieces that are on mine now. If anyone has any for sale, or knows where I can locate them, please let me now. I really doubt that these are still available. Thanks, Jack
  18. I am in need of a exhaust bracket for my 1985 RW, Superliner. Left or right side will be fine, and the closer to SW PA the better. Thanks
  19. I'm sure its been talked about before. But I can't find much on it. I am trying to take the door panel out of my old rusted out door on my 85 Superliner. I have taken every nut, bolt, and screw apart that I can find. The panel is loose, but I can not get it out of the door frame. Can someone tell me and easy way to get it out, so that I can reinstall it into my new door. This thing has me puzzled I tried with the window up, and the window down. Now that its down except for about 2", I cant get it to move either way. Thanks...
  20. Anyone out there have a left hand exhaust stack bracket, so I can change my single stack Mack (Superliner) to dual chimneys. The closer to SW PA. the better. Thanks
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