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  1. Hey, I welcome all opinions on here. Each situation is different. I guess I didn't realize there was an ongoing situation. Maxidyne brought up some good points, some that might apply in my situation, but he doesn't know me personally, and the job I am taking on, so it's hard to cross over different applications. But I never felt like I was being flamed or anything. The amount of passion people have for the Mack brand is good to see, old and new models. This will be my first Mack, but my eighth overall. I am soaking up all the information given here without a jaundiced eye..:-)
  2. Just curious, the CH613 gauges that had the yellow background and needles, was that a special option of some sort? The 2000 CH613 Im looking at buying has the yellow gauges, and Ive noticed older models that had the standard black background with white needles, and the yellow ones. There doesn't seem to be a year divide on what has what. What was the rhyme or reason behind it? I even tried my general search kung fu to search this site, but nothing..lol. Just curious is all.
  3. Just personal taste. A small concern on gearing; with the 24 talls, probably 3:73, gears, I have to check to see if a Super 10 has low enough hear ratios to operate on sometimes soft dirt. I'll probably find out the first gear of the Super 10 and the T2180 are the same..lol. The tires could stand a chance, and maybe switching to 24 low pro would be enough to leave the Super 10.
  4. I think I've found my truck. 2000 CH, 220k on dealer reman 400, and turbo, Mack rears, but super 10 trans. Truck is pretty straight, runs and drives well. No Jakes/Leash, but I'll be in flat ground. No blowby seen. Affordable. It will get a T2180 in a couple of months. I was frankly shocked on how well it rode bobtail (24.5 talls probably some of it). Reliability is more important than mpg in this situation. I talked with a former Mack mechanic who know runs a tow company. He runs E7 mechanical for the reliability. He said towing emission trucks has paid for it. That speaks volumes.
  5. Very true. One of the reasons why I am thinking Mack. Overheads, etc, look easier to do than on Detroit. Injectors certainly cheaper and easier to replace. I am still dubious about the EGR systems, but it appears the 06-07 models had cooling enhancements, so could be worth looking at.
  6. OK, talked to Tidwell Transmissions in Dallas, the big guru on these contraptions. He states that the Gen 1 can be converted, it needs two holes tapped on the case to mount the high low, and the interlock pin boss needs sleeved and finished to do it right. He has done some of them. This is the Gen 1, not the later ones. Cost could exceeed 1,000, so easier to get a used FRO 10 speed and call it a day..lol. Or, fjh thinking is the same as mine, a Mack 18 speed would look nice in there. That might have to come later on. But anyway, thats what I have found.
  7. I am finding that using a generic search such as "1999 mack etech 400 site:bigmacktrucks.com" works better than the included search engine, if that helps any.
  8. I think there is a back mount and a mid mount. These are FRO 10 speeds. My mechanic thinks it's possible, and has the parts from a junked FRO. If I go this route, I'll report back.
  9. A top cover and shifter parts can be had for about $400 bucks to convert it back to a manual. Run a new air line from the box to the shifter, put a plate in the floor, add a boot, and pretty much done. I have been reading about it tonight, and found the original Gen 1 could be easily converted to manuals, a selling point to get fleets to try them out.
  10. Fair point, but there are not alot of pre-emission Visions around that are in decent shape. This truck also is within 8 hours of me, and happens to be about $10k less than anything else I have located to date. I have some room to modify a bit. Besides, I haven't seen a Vision with a Mack 18 speed ever, that I am aware of. I am also pretty sure the early Autoshifts are still RTLO transmissions, just with an electronic shifting cover on it, that could be easily switched back to a manual 10 speed cover and stick.
  11. Gen 1 Autoshift by the looks of it. So, yep, clutch pedal present and accounted for. My concern is does the bellhousing adapter for an Eaton setup utilize the same clutch rod setup, or do I just swap everything out? I am thinking changing the top shifter box and disabling the auto's pcm would be the most cost effective to get going, and watch for a 18 speed donor truck.
  12. Hello, I am looking at a 01 Vision, that has an Eaton Autoshift. Not my favorite thing in the world. I was wondering if to swap in a Mack 10 speed, or a 13/18, would I need an entire bellhousing, clutch system, shift rod, to make the switch? (Driveshaft mod is a given). Another idea is on the Autoshift, to replace the top electronic cover with a manual stick and shift rails, as I don't think the ECM depended on the transmisions info to run properly. Just wondering how crazy I might be thinking...lol...
  13. Curious, how did it change the ride and turning? Nice job on the conversion!
  14. I've been an end of life owner when I had trucks before. When it was just me, it was pre 03 Volvos, with S60 and VED engines. I dont want a hotrod; I changed the turbo on the S60 for fuel mileage. Maybe Mack e7 stock is the best route for that? I do some of my own work, a d the older Mack's seem simple enough vs a S60, as far as swapping fuel system components.
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