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  1. Love the F 700!I was wondering witrh twin stacks and gold dog maxidyne or one of them ugly green ones.71 F was my first truck drove her a long time.She was good to me really miss them days
  2. Check end of rocker shaft to see if the soft plug came out.If it did it should be laying there.Valve adjustments are marked on flywheel.You can start anywhere just follow firing order from there
  3. Trying to install Blixton 200 on pre ccrs etech.Directions are sketchy for duaL driver injection.Should I jump green wire from inj. 1 to inj. 4?I dont want to do something stupid
  4. My son has been a member for awhile.I really enjoy the wealth of knowledge.I was weaned on a 71 F model.Been hooked ever since.Recently been having issues with a 93 E7 350.Did an inframe with an older engine kit which lowered the compression ratio from 16.5 to 15.3.I did this so I could increase HP without excessive combustion chamber pressures.Does anyone know what data file would work.Current file timing isnt right.
  5. I think its either the timing is not advanced enough or the 350 file is messing up. Today my dad bumped it up to around 16 so will see how it runs. Gonna re-torque the heads and set the overhead
  6. Go to Rochester and get a blixxton for 1200 they claim about 30-35% increase for power plus the sell stage 1-3 injectors and a bigger turbo kit
  7. My dad rebuilt his 93 350 with 16.5 compression to the higher horse 15.3 kit. Went with stage 2 injectors and a bigger turbo, the. BW S475. 75/96mm 1.32ar. It has the same specs as the 171702 that the 60 series guys love. And the blixxton he's had since he bought the truck. Here's the issue. It smokes (unburnt fuel greish color) until it gets up to operating temp but then clears up mostly. We don't have an A-B light that mack says to use for adjusting the timing but my dad has it somewhere around 10.5-14 he's not 100% sure where. 93 was a change over year so we've been having difficulties finding out if we have the +10 econovance or the +20 econovance? It almost seems like the timing is too far retarded. Between gears its a trail of black longer than the 53 footer. Even on a steady pull it leaves a steady stream. From Binghamton NY to Boston mass there's some good pulls on I88 and 90 and the fan never came on once and coolant never got above 180. Pyro got up to about 925-950ish. Seems to me if it was advanced too much it would run hot but it doesn't. I'm thinking it could need to be advanced some more. Or could it be that it has a 350 file in it still and we need an ecm off a vmac1 427 or 454 to get it to run right. Mack doesnt support vmac1 anymore right? And if we updated to vmac2 the dealer would put a low NOX file in it which we dont want that bs installed. Maybe someone here has dealt with a similar problem? Seeing 40 psi and wont go over 950 on the pyro compared to 1100+ before the inframe with the blixxton
  8. So are we going to have to order the injection pump and pistions off the 400 or 427 or 454? What one is the best option? We want rochester's stg2 injectors and whatever turbo will perform the best with dual 5in exhausts and bigger charge air pipes. How should the pump be setup and timed? sorry if the question seems dumb im just asking what my dad wants to know. Its been at least 15yrs since he had vmac last was a pos vision and he never tuned his 1993 400. He can do it all him self just wants around 525hp. He knows when to use the power and when not to. Were gonna be running nothing but hill country. Also getting rid of the up against dash 9 with 13 or 18 that can handle 1850tq. The rockwell 9 needs a bearing kit and from my dads magical ears we might have a bad valve but thats easy. If were pulling it apart will do the mods all at once
  9. Earlier Etech's liked to eat cams and the aset liked its turbos. Don't know if mp is still having injector cup issues or not. E6 if you lugged it way more than necessary would sometimes crack the last 2 cyl from all that low end grunt
  10. I don't know the price of what you posted but the blixxton is around 400. Rochester performance injectors 900 for the set and a s400 turbo off a 427 is around 800-1000 I believe. So I take it the 350 has the same cam as the 427 and 454 but the higher horse e7 has lower comp? It's a 93 ch that is very clean. It hauled million dollar race horses around all its life, never had any weight on it has 790k. It was cleaner than every newer mack we looked at. THe guy that's selling it has a 1990 ch condo with only 330k original miles with the 400 but hes not ready to sell that one yet
  11. I'm pretty sure it's a vmac2. my dad used to have a 93 400 with the electronic pump
  12. Looking at buying a 93 ch600 with the 350. We have a lot of hills around here and that 350 won't cut it. My dad wants to know if the internals of the engine are the same as on the 454. I know turbo and injectors are different but I was wondering if the cam, compression ratio, and heads are the same? I heard the 454 has a lower comp ratio. We were looking at bigger injectors, the blixxton module, and the s400 turbo off the higher hp e7
  13. My old man is looking at an 03 460 with 825,000 236k on an inframe 13sp and 3.55s for 21k, southern truck no rust and has all maint. records. Seller says its an aset motor. What do we need to look out for as far as the engine is concerned? Can we convert it to an etech w/old style turbo? My dad can rebuild an e7 with his eyes closed but has never been around their aset engine. Been told the vgt turbo has been a big issue and are cams still an issue for the 2003? More than a few people have told us to reflash the ecm with the 427 settings. A 427 with same spec's would out gun my dads last pre egr 460 on the hills. Most likely I'm gonna be the one running the truck for my old man, pulling a flat all around the north east. I've never driven a mack before. All my experience has been with Detroit dd15 and cummins isx, all epa10 engines Sweet forum guys my dad will love this site he's die hard mack
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