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  1. Yea i can't ever remember seeing a Hogan mack until now
  2. You could get them in either set up. The 99 we have is set forward. Imo the set back axle is a better riding setup but the set forward is better setup doing off road/oilfield work
  3. We've been using Gliptone polish with good luck. Have coarse-med-fine-ultra fine and good ole fashioned elbow grease and micro fiber rag
  4. Cool video. Out of all the Ch styles i think the mid roof with fairings/cab extenders looks the best. They don't look right w/o the visor. Just got got done giving the a good wash and polishing
  5. UPDATE. And long post Monday were taking a ride to Trovei and sons (huge mack graveyard in port jervis ny) to see about getting pump, lines, pedal, linkages everything to convert the 93 to mechanical. We found a local guy that does nothing but P pumps. From stock rebuilds to sled pulling 12 valves. My dads already been on the phone with him, explained the setup were running. Running the 15.3 pistons with big injectors and the s475 he figures lock it up around 25-26. He mentioned going flat top plungers and maybe different cut delivery valves. Either way the pump is gonna be rebuilt. Hooked up the prolink while pulling a loaded wagon. Says it has a 400 file in it. Anyways under full load it was getting 16-17 right on point for the 93 400 specs. The 350 file has 22 deg of timing full load and the 300 has 25 deg at full load. We tried getting cook bros mack in Binghamton ny to see about putting the 300 file in it. Going down in hp you think they would.......nope. Another strange mack quirk. The 1993 tune up manual we have lists specs and pump configuration for all E-7 and E-9s for that year. The 250 to 400 E-7 all have the same compression ratio of 16.9, but in most other literature it lists 375 and up 15.3 and below that 16.5. We hadn't heard of 16.9 until that tune up book. Bear with me So thats a big jump 16.9 to 15.3 plus adding big injectors and the huge S475. To compensate for the "extra" space and more fuel in the combustion chamber shouldn't the timing be bumped up more? I would think it would need to be and the pyro is telling me that too. The exhaust heats up faster than it should on a pull. Almost like before the inframe with stock turbo and the blixxton. 16-17 degrees is too far retarded for the setup we have now. We would love to stick with variable timing vmac but so far no luck getting a file from VoMack. I know someone here works at Watts, forget who but if i give u a vin can you try to work your magic? We'd be down there in a heartbeat. Thanks in advance and ill post pics of the 93 tune up book if you guys want. It even has the data file # and all the tech specs on the diff hp levels for 93
  6. Got one online along with an econovance, both rebuilt. Since it was originally a 350 from the factory could the data file have something to do with it after upping the hp and going to lower comp pistons? The thing is that it only studders/smokes at light or no load. Once you step on the peddle it runs like a pissed off dog. No blow by and we haven't had to add a drop of oil on both changes so far
  7. No not even 20k on the inframe and injectors from rochester. Possible we got a bad one?
  8. No its the blue nasty smoke with a miss at no/low load until you step on it and the timing advances on the 93. Edit: it will roll coal until the turbo catches up but it clears right up The turbo question was for the 99 etech
  9. Yea we found that didn't really work either. Well not like we hoped, might of got a few degrees
  10. Its no 30% more horse like they claim. Maybe +60-75hp and 0.3 increase in mpg in the highest setting Its not user friendly either imo, ill post pics later when we go into work. Directions could of went into more detail.
  11. Or 380/410 that has 1660. 5173M4 im almost positive is on our 99 460. That turbo was put on a ton of E-7s as a factory replacement....don't quote me on that someone else will have to verify that.
  12. No emmisons or smoke checks out here in the woods of north east PA. Hardly ever get on the big road. Running frac sand locally Yea my dad is set on going full mech. Lines are about 900 give or take. We did tweak the base timing 3-5 degrees and didn't make a bit of difference. @AZB755V8 we don't want more power necessarily on the 93, just want it running right. Its hardly broke in with ~20,000 miles on the rebuild. Under light load or no load it studder's and smokes until you step on it and the timing corrects itself. I've been running it in the 1400-1800 range. I don't want to stress the bottom end and lug it. Not to mention the ancient RT double over .62 13 is only rated for 1450. Could be gremlins possibly in the harness somewhere? We swapped injection pump for a rebuilt one and a rebuilt econovance to rule that out, New TEM and pretty much every other sensor along with the blixxton. The pro-link with cartridge says no codes. The pump guy were going to has a very good rep. He'll know how to set it up to run optimum. Were both happy with the power it has now. Pump guy just got done building a pump for a 2500hp 12V. He mentioned something about flat top plungers and quick fill cam? It makes sense your not looking for max volume. With higher pop off pressure fuel would be going in too late and not getting a proper burn. Thanks for taking the time to reply, really appreciate it. I'll have my dad read over this tonight We found a mech 350 entire engine/pump/lines/manifolds for 1500$ a hour away. who knows what's wrong with it but they say it turns 360 deg.
  13. When the boost comes on it hits like a train. Most hills on 81 in pa it will pull it in 8th L @65+mph loaded 70k +. If only it were a cat or 60 series the info would be all over. My dad is going to put a mechanical pump and get rid of the vmac1. Since we dropped the compression from 16.9 to 15.3 (the 93 tune up book says it 16.9 but almost every other site says 16.5. So IDK) the timing is off. It needs to be advanced a little more with the big injectors, turbo and blixxton. We heard about a resistor to fool the intake temp and supposedly it will help advance it a little. Edit: finding someone to work with us isn't a problem. Its just getting info on little tweaks/hp mods is the hard part. We do all the work on the trucks, don't trust any new "mack techs". But we did manage to get the local cook brothers mack to sell us non vin low comp pistons instead of the oem. Wanted mack not aftermarket. The reason were going to a mech pump is to get the timing right. Too far retarded now. It shouldn't be rollin clouds of coal like it is now and even with that huge turbo the pyro will get 1050 on a long pull. No boost leaks any where, checked and checked again. New CAC less than 20,000mi on it same as the inframe.I know advancing timing will bring egt down and itll run better. Unless someone knows how to fool the vmac1 mech is the best option.
  14. Were looking for a R or superliner to be our spare truck. By the end of this summer will have the 99 the same paint scheme as the 93
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