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  1. I just put new injectors in it from D&W in Binghamton and the guy told me don’t run bigger injectors because the tips tend to break off. My truck never sees more then 200 degrees on engine temp and swings maybe 28psi on the boost and it will see 900 degrees on the exhaust temp if I lug it to death. Just seems like it’s not getting the fuel it needs. Charge air cooler is new, intake manifold gaskets, intake to compressor tube, charge air boots are all done.
  2. So I have mixed stories about this engine E7-427 It’s in a 2003 vision etech vmac 3. Some say it can be bumped to a 460 as they have the same internals and then I hear I gotta do turbo and injectors. At either side I can’t find anyone in Pennsylvania that works on them besides Mack that is reputable. Somethings gotta be able to be done it’s the slowest weakest truck I have ever owned. Any info is appreciated.
  3. Looking for this part from a dynatard solenoid setup.
  4. Looking for gauge cluster and e7 460 vmac 3 ecm.
  5. Good shape with grey interior air ride. Will trade for late 70s early 80s
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