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  1. The 427 etech has a flatter tq curve. The 460s are more rev happy. The 460s pull the best at 1600-1850 where the 427s like 1400-1600/1650
  2. Took her for a ride today. Just easing in into it hardly smokes at all. Just a light haze of smoke at 1600 on a pull. About 875ish just a hair under 900 on the pyro. No aneroid on the pump but that'll probably end up going back on. I know yours is a play truck (from what i read right?) This will end up getting a 1.45 78 or 80 since its a work truck 15.3 pistons in it now. Came with the 16.9s as a 350
  3. Yea on the 99 we run one. Besides that it's stock otherwise. Definitely noticed a nice hp gain and about 0.5-0.6 mpg increase also. Imo do that 1st and if your not satisfied then go injectors/ turbo
  4. S475 1.32A/R for about 650-700 will work perfectly with stg3. Look into the blixxton programmer from rochester diesel. We run one on a 99 460. Everything else is stock on it and it pulls damn good. Check out this video. A 93 we just put a mechanical P7100 on with some work done to it. Not even close to stock https://youtube.com/shorts/guoqVaulZVk?feature=share
  5. Might have to play with her a bit. Going on the 1st ride tomorrow picking up a whopping 7000 LBS. Timing set conservative at 18°
  6. https://youtube.com/shorts/guoqVaulZVk?feature=share Fully mechanical pump on the 93. 12mm pump maxed out as far it can go. I know it's still a 12mm but the pump guy changed to a diff barrel/plungers The link to YouTube should work. Blacker than black Lol. Prob gonna need 78 or 80mm turbo. The S475 might be too little now
  7. Don't even bother with 427 tips. Go to Rochester diesel or K&S fuel and get injectors. You really won't notice anything different with 427 tips. Get the blixxton and stg2 injectors from rochester (they only make stage 1 and 2 for vmac1 and 2). You can run the stock turbo with the blixxton and stg2 injectors for now if you don't want to do the turbo yet. Install a pyro if you don't have one yet. Don't lug it below 1450 or the pyro will heat up. Imo go with the Borg W S475 1.32 with the other 2 mods and it will pull like a raped ape. Don't lug it below 1400 and it will live a long life. It's better with a 13 but if you just have a 9sp or 10 keep it 1400-1850. Lugging it with more fuel over stock will kill the life expectancy. It will pull down to 1200 but don't do that. I personally grab a gear at 1450-1500 but that's with a 13
  8. The blixxton is a MUST HAVE. Otherwise going stg2 injectors won't feel much different than stock. The blixxton allows the rack to open up all the way and allows it to open sooner than stock
  9. Going stage 2 injectors i would go with a S467 (67mm inducer) from YTS turbo. A few of the guys on here run one and are very happy with the response. We run a S475 1.32A/R with rochester stg2 injectors. I personally love it. It's a bit laggy below 1350-1400 but holy shit it pulls like a bear from there on up. Get the 300$ blixxton tuner if you don't yet have it. That will make the biggest improvement. It pulls 42 psi boost from 1450-1700 with the s475 You can buy a Borg Warner s475 for 675-700
  10. You have a lot of knowledge I bet that S480 spools instantly with that 1.18 A/R. Timing set in the high 20s running those high rpms? I know a lot of pulling 12V are set in the mid 30s We just converted vmac1 to fully mechanical. The guy that built it builds hot rod 12v cummins for sled pulling. I don't exactly what he did to the pump i do know he put a quick rate cam in it and different p/b still 12mm. We're getting it dialed in now. We need to adjust the fuel plate it's only getting 35psi now and 40 with old pump before. Anxious to how it pulls. Timing set at 18 but egt came up quick so it needs a few more deg 20-21 will do. S475 1.32, stg2 injectors from rochester diesel
  11. That seems about right with the blixxton. 33 is what we were pushing with one
  12. Imo going full mechanical is the way to go. Everyone that has driven a full mech says they pull circles around the vmac 1-2. Your already setup for the manual throttle anyways. It's gonna be a royal pain to change everything over to fly by wire
  13. Get rid of the econovance and mount a mechanical p7100 up to it and you'll have a nice mechanical E-7. Gonna need new fuel lines too since moving the pump location. We just did this to our 93. Set the timing around 17-18 deg to start but you'll probably like it right there The pic is upside down Lol but in my avatar that's the mechanical pump we had built. Working on getting the throttle and shut off cable working now. Probably be on the road again by next week You'll also need a diff style coupler on the end of the pump. I don't know the # off the top of my head but I'll get it. Bout 600$ from mack
  14. Not much you can do like you stated already have the blixxton. The throttle response is like that because of the EPA not wanting it to smoke too much down low. The blixxton I feel helps a lot imo. You should think about stg2 injectors and a diff turbo. That's what we did with the 93. We also bought the new blixxton for our 99 460 E-tech and that really woke it up. Still can't out pull the 93 tho. But with injectors and a turbo I bet it'll give it a run for its money then
  15. 15-40 Rotella. Change every 15k. Both trucks never use more than half a gallon between changes. Works good for us
  16. The s475 turbo i suggested is 600-700 brand new from Borg Warner. But you do need bigger injectors to run it. Stage 2 or 3 from rochester would work good with that setup. Or call k&s and ask what injectors they would use for the setup On a 93 with stage 2 injectors i see 42psi with that turbo from 1400-1750ish before it starts to drop off
  17. Instead of OEM injectors look up KS fuel or rochester diesel. Ks is cheaper than rochester. That's the way I'd go if wanting more horse. Leave maxi file in it. It produces a more usable power band than say a straight 460 file. If upgrading the turbo look at the yt467 or s475 BW Personally i like the big S475 1.32A/R. It's a tad laggy off the line (not too much) it pulls good down to 1300 and up top 1500-1750 rpm is where you see the advantages over the smaller turbo
  18. Your temps are fine. We run a little bit bigger turbo (s475 1.32ar) and have the same temps as you. As long as we keep it above 1400 the pyro stays below 1000. 1650-1700 on a hard pull she's right around 900-950 and on flat ground around 700
  19. I didn't realize e6 pump would mount up? When were swapping out the vmac1 for the mech pump were getting rid of the econovance all together. Takes some hp to turn that. Mount the pump and get new lines is all. As for the timing I'd stay around 17°. The guy that built our pump is very knowledgeable and he said right around there. Too far advance and you'll lose all the low rpm grunt. Better to be a tad retarded than too advanced. You can fool the computer on the vmac and mess with the timing. The TEM (timing event marker) drill that out and in large the 2 slots so you can have a tiny bit of play up and down. Forget which way is advance and retard. You can also take the tone wheel off and then rotate it just a cunt hair. To fool it that way it's the opposite of what you'd think.
  20. Went from full mechanical injection with the Bosch P pump (p7100) to the semi electronic Vmac 1&2 with the electronic gov housing. Fly by wire. Timing controlled with econovance. Ran off of oil psi with a gear on a swedge basically to advance/retard timing as needed, to satisfy the EPA. Then came fully electronic Etech with unit pumps ran off the cam. Really it's apples to oranges comparison the old E-7 to the E-tech. The best engine mack ever made was the mechanical E-7 and vmac 1&2. The E tech doesn't even sound like a mack except a tiny bit at idle.
  21. Fumble with the 1939 J our 93 was doing the exact same thing. Would randomly shut down but flip the key and it would start right back up
  22. Throw a s475 on and hang the F on. You got enough fuel to spool it
  23. Post turbo probe? I would keep try to keep it under 1050. Our says 1025 max and 99 says 1100 max. 1200 won't hurt it for short bursts but deff don't pull a couple mile grade like that
  24. Your boost sounds a bit low. Think it should be 28 at the min to 32. Don't have the book in front of me now. They have 2 piece piston. Steel top/alum skirt. Give mack the ser# to find out what comp pistons it has. They were all over the place in diff years. For example the 93's 250-400 all had 16.9:1 (conflicting info around) some literature says 375 and up 15.3 and below that 16.5 but mack had changes over the yrs. One book said our 93 was 16 5 and another 16.9. It ended up being 16.9:1 (591 tops) I doubt it's 16.9 could be 16.5 15.7 or 15.3
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