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  1. Follow up question- How many ft/lbs do you torque the "outer" nut to on the budd style wheels? I've seen sources say 600ft/lbs for outer, 450ft/lbs for the inners. But most people seem to say 450ft/lbs for both. I'm asking because i've been having problems with my lugs coming loose.
  2. Try adding a centrifugal filter system. All Macks have had these for years and they work great.I think Amsoil makes an aftermarket system you can add to almost any motor.
  3. The Jake in my Mack has always worked great. I also use 2 gallons of Lucas at every oil change.
  4. No, I'm complaining that the last 10+ years of R&D have been too focused on decreasing emissions instead of increasing MPG.
  5. I agree, too much focus on cleaner emissions and not enough on improving MPG. A truck that gets good fuel mileage will, by definition, emit less pollutants AND save the operator $$$$$. I mean c'mon, 20 year old technology is still capable of getting the same if not better than a brand new truck. THATS CRAP!
  6. Check your codes. My truck did the exact same thing and it was throwing a code for the Econovance solenoid (sits in front of the fuel pump). Threw in a new solenoid and problem solved.
  7. The 427 and 454 are both 10.0 BTDC. The only difference between the two is the data file in the V-mac program. I probably have 250,000mi on my Blixxton in my 94 E-7 350 now and I still just love it. My guess is the Blixxton keeps the timing advanced throughout the RPM range because I notice a definite lumpy idle when I have the switch set to 30%. Idles like I have a hot cam in it, kinda cool! While I haven't had your particular issue, I have heard that re-pinning the connector has cured similar issues as yours. I have also heard of wires shorting out on the firewall behind the washer fluid
  8. I agree. You can't blame Volvo for tougher EPA regulations or the more competitive global market either. Both of which played a part IMO. Mack's management probably could have done better.
  9. I love my 94 CH w/E-7. Has 992,000mi and still running with the original motor, including the turbo and injectors. Still gets 6-7 MPG too. The motors built today would have a real hard time matching that kind of reliability/longevity. Where's the progress?
  10. Maybe I'm a glass half full guy, but I think Volvo really does know and respect Mack to a certain extent. I mean here we are some 12 years into this and Mack is still here. A guy can still spec a "Mack" truck that has a Mack hood, cab, interior, transmission, axles, and an engine tuned and programmed by Mack engineers. These aren't just re-badged Volvos as some would say. No one in this global economy can go it alone anymore and this marriage has gone better than many others. In fact, if Volvo owning Mack "is a crime" than what GM did to Saab should be considered man-slaughter! Remember the "T
  11. Had this problem also with the Holset compressor on my 94 CH. Went through 3 compressors before switching to a Bendix and the problem seems fixed 3 months into it. The Holsets all passed oil almost immediately. BTW, the Holset comp. were Mack grey, while the Bendix is blue/green.
  12. Sorry to hear you don't like the 444's. I really think they are the best drive tire for the money, but I don't go off road either. You may find they'll last longer than the Michelins though based on my experience. About the caps, like everyone else here said, they can be a great value, just be sure to use your own casings.
  13. Found out recently that the service bulletin with update kit has been discontinued for the Holset compressor. Not sure why. As stated above, I'm currently on my THIRD Holset now in 7 months and this one seems to be passing oil from the moment I left the dealer!! Thinking about asking Holset to refund the cost of their compressor and labor to remove it so I can replace it with a Bendix unit.
  14. David, could you find the part# for that filter kit? I'm on my THIRD Holset now in less than 6 months and am at the end of my rope trying to figure this out. Mack has tested everything Holset has told them to check (including the coolant lines) and can't find the problem. Does this kit reduce the boost pressure to the head of the compressor? I heard Holsets can't handle more than 30PSI or they will burn out. This could be my problem. Just searched through Macks Technical Service Bulletins since '94 and didn't find anything about this kit using 'holset' and 'compressor' as my search words......
  15. America losing its manufacturing base is mostly myth. America still builds more things by GDP than Germany, Japan, and yes even China. Many of the job losses people hear about in manufacturing are do to automation and other efficiencies of a post-industrial economy. Our industial base is still the envy of the world, thats why all the major global players have to come here to compete in the global economy that AMERICA MADE.
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